Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Jan. 3, 2017, Tuesday

What a great way to start the year---a Transport Spay/Neuter day with HumaneOhio.  We checked in 32 public cats and 4 FFRC cats, making our first 36 count for 2017!  We have 18 females and 18 males. A great beginning! 

We sent the 4 kittens from the back Thumper's Room also to HumaneOhio since we do not have an FFRC Jan. date.  Tomorrow we will be sending Phoebe, Jasper and Cricket up for their spay/neuters to Bryan/Dr. P's.  

Facts about the Cat Overpopulation in the USA:
***Estimates for cats range up to 70 million for stray cats that live in the US
***The average number of litters a cat produces is 2 a year, the average number of kittens is 4-6 per litter.
***The cost of spaying/neutering a pet is less than the cost of raising a little of kittens.
***About 1 every 13 seconds a cat or dog is euthanized each year.
***Up to 4,948 kittens can be born from 1 unspayed female cat and her offspring in 7 years.
70% of cats that enter shelters are euthanized.
***Cats can come into heat every 2-4 weeks

ALL of this overpulation problems can be prevented. Spaying/neutering is the only permanent, 100% effective method of birth control for cats.  Is your cat spayed or neutered?  Now is the time---before spring comes again. 

You have probably heard that little Alice Mary had a seizure night before last. It was a moderate seizure. I strongly feel her seizure was due to all of her mucous discharge obstructing her breathing.  I've talked to Dr. Darcy and we have changed her meds, hoping to get better results.  It's obvious something isn't quite right with this sweet kitten.  She will be the topic of discussion today at the vet clinic and they will review her x-rays again. Hoping to get her to better health.  

Our voting for the Eagle Rare Life is about over.  The last votes will be done on 1/5. At the moment, we are very close to 150,000 votes! How amazing is that! We've already been told that we are in the top 30.  Let's vote to the end at: http://eaglerarelife.com/content/jacci-moss-0
Thank you!

We have thanks to give:
Donna B--donation in honor of Coralie and in memory of Brianna
Tabby & Tween--10 gallons of vinegar and dry cat food/dog food

An FYI---We still have about 6 FFRC cookbooks left from the 3rd Edition. 

This week we will be making 100 booklets of The One Hundred Story Book.  If you would like to get one of these booklets, please send $25 to FFRC thru paypal or by check. We will get these out in the mail as soon as we get them together! And yes....these are 100 stories of FFRC cats!

We will have another adoption this week! Our wonderful Koda will be going to his forever home on Thursday about 4:30. Koda is a wonderful teenager and just soaked up his new mama-to-be's love. So sweet.

Hoping our new washer/dryer will arrive soon. As you all know, the old washer has been acting up for a long time but with much work we've always been able to get it going again. Not this time---it's a dead washer at the moment. So......we are using the inside house washer for the laundry. 

Cricket has firmly planted himself here now in the Main Area. It took him awhile to come in thru the door but he's now up and having a great time! Skippy too is so much at ease. It took him a few days to feel comfortable. Now he's a pet-me-pet-me cat! Remember when Dusty came how he had such very thin fur?  Not anymore--his fur is long, healthy and so thick! He's such a gentle soul!

We now have names for the 4 newbies!
Jack--grey tiger, male
Jules--grey tiger/white, female
Whimsey--white/grey tiger, female
Pollyanna--white/grey tiger, female polydactyl 

Friends are those who will pick you up when no one else has noticed you've fallen.  Have a wonderful day to everyone!