Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sunday, Jan. 22, 2017

Lots of happenings here! 

First, I want to thanks for making it possible for our Flash Sale to be a wonderful event! It was a Mich and Vern Flash Sale on Friday afternoon. Most things now have a name on them. I'm so grateful. This Flash Sale will help us with our operational needs---which is always ongoing. Many thanks to all the people who participated, to the people who provided the items that we sold, to the mods for helping to spread the news of the Flash Sale, to all the well-wishers!  These items will be packed up and on their way very soon.

We had two adoptions yesterday. 
Jack was adopted and has a new mama that is thrilled to have him. Jack just melted into her. It was a good match. 

PollyAnna was also adopted. She went to a wonderful lady who already loves this kitten so very much! She will have a cat friend at her new home. 

We've heard from the lady who adopted Woodrow. She says he is an absolute joy! And he is one spoiled boy!  Just what we love to hear. She also sent pictures showing a very happy Woodrow.

We had BOXES Thursday evening. Many thanks!
Justme/Kathy--for Ver--2 boxes of 32 Delectables Squeeze Up Cat Treats. He loves these!
Pat, Thursday vol--a Brush N Scratcher for Trucker & Magic, donation to FFRC
Shannon S--donation for the Spay/Neuter Fund
Brooke B --donation for FFRC
Vern & Mich--"stuff" for FFRC
Sharon/Pablo--8 gallons of vinegar!
Maite from Spain who has a cat rescue--donation for the Paddy Boys

Tomorrow is Peanut's big day! Hopefully he will come back without his leg pin. That means we can then get him up for adoption.  We also have a spay appointment for Teanna for Weds. We have a wonderful family interested in her but she needs spayed before she can be adopted. still has Magic's story up on their site. He asked for another one of his special sparkly balls for having to pose for his pictures!

Also keep an eye on   They would like to do a story on several of our cats! When you see these stories from FFRC, please share!  Sevaun has promised pizza for all the cats if their stories are shared!  I asked her how that was going to happen--how was she going to pay for it. She turned around and took off like a bullet--her credit cards falling from her fur.  Well, actually, she took off in a slow walk. We don't want to do too much exercise, you know! 

We have also taken in 3 new cats.
Darcy--a beautiful long hair muted calico. The sides of both eyes are black fur with gold going down her forehead and nose. She is so pretty.  Her weight is good. She was so hungry upon arrival. She also had runny eyes. Don't have an age on her yet. She appeared at someone's house and was there for 3 days, crying and crying. She was then brought to FFRC. She had quite a few mats, but those have been removed. She was rather stinky, but a double bubble bath took care of that! She is so very sweet and loves attention. Darcy arrived 1/20.

Xiluva--(pronounced she-LOO-va). Her name means Flower.  Xiluva is a black tiger, long hair. She was found by a family a week prior to bringing her in. They had never seen her before. She is only 5.06, much too thin for her body. She was famished and is still eating good. She is so very friendly. It "hurts" to hold her as she is so thin. We have a lot of work to do on her coat--many mats that are skin deep and will need shaving off.  She will be a big project to do--hopefully some today and some tomorrow.  We have her as 10 months old, her birthday is 3/15/16.

And then we have Anayaa--(pronounced Uh-NAY-aa)  Her name means complete freedom.  This sweet cat is black, a three legged female. We've been waiting a long time to be able to have her here at FFRC. She is one of the cats from the hoarding situation in Michigan. She is about 6 years old. She's had quite a journey to get here, from the very beginning. She got "tied up" in the procedures of the court before she was allowed to be adopted. She was originally suppose to be here about 6-7 weeks ago but there was an error made and she went to someone else. It was realized she had medical issues that this owner could not afford so was returned back to the shelter. And now.......she is here at FFRC and has complete freedom. I have promised her no more cages, no more pens, she is free to do what she wants. Anayaa has a rear leg missing and her other rear leg is rather strange. She also is in need of a dental. I would like an x-ray done to see what the "lump" is on her rib cage and of her rear leg to see what is going on there. She also has earmites which will be taken care of.  She's so very sweet--when you go into her room, she comes forward demanding a lap or lots of petting!

We have Lucas, Darcy, Xiluva and Anayaa all in the back Thumper's Room together. They are getting along just fine. Individually, they are all at different modes of healing--emotionally and physically. I think they will end up doing just fine---will take a little time to settle in. They sure all enjoy the attention and love. 

You all have a wonderful Sunday! is the time to get those cats spayed/neutered. Spring truly is coming. It's so much easier to do now then when you have a population explosion on your hands.  Thanks!