Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Weds., Feb. 1, 2017

What goes sudsy, sudsy, lots of spinning and draining and lots of tumbling?  Yep---a washer and dryer! And in TWO days, our new washer and dryer will be here!!  We are all so excited. I cannot hardly wait! We'll be meeting that truck in the parking lot! It may be a whole day of installation, I understand. That's ok---may just have to pull up a chair and watch all of it!  We will be putting all the cats and kittens into rooms. The reason is that the doors will be opened and closed alot--don't want anyone to get hurt or get out the door. How so exciting. This is as much YOUR washer and dryer as it is FFRC's! 

We have thank yous to give---you truly are appreciated!
Timsprincess--donation to FFRC
Debbie S from NC--donation to FFRC, to use as needed
Lynda S--donation to FFRC
JanefromTN--donation to be used as needed
Sarah J--donation for FFRC
Beth/Lurker Bea--5 big bags of Precious litter!

We've moved the 6 cats/kittens from the back Thumper's Room to Kitty Campus Room yesterday. Today they are in Cat's Corner Room.  They seemed reluctant to come into the Main Area, so this will help.  A little closer to being out!  These cats are: Darcy, Xiluva, Lucas, Anayaa, LaRue and Theodore.  I do believe LaRue's mouth is starting to feel better now. She will be going up to the vet's next week for a check on her mouth. 

Farm News:  we took on 5 new hens that needed a home. They are 4 years old. They actually arrived last week. We kept them in the chicken coop for 6 days and then opened their door. They are now out and about with the other chickens. Little banty rooster thinks those newbies are his! He doesn't realize they are about 6 times bigger than he is!

We had something very exciting happen to FFRC. We received a phone call a few days ago from Church and Dwight in Old Fort, Oh. They deal with many items, including Arm & Hammer litter. They asked if we needed any.  What???  My first thought was-------is this for real?!  And then I realized we were being given a wonderful gift! Larry and Martha L went and got it yesterday--4,000 pounds of Arm & Hammer.  I am so so grateful. We will mix this in with our Precious Litter that we love to use!  I'd also like to give thanks to Lynnette, Anthony, Steve, Larry, Martha, Angie M and Pat/bedheadsdad for helping to unload. It all fit nicely in Shed #1. 

Today is our  In Memory of Paul's 5 afghans sale. All afghans are made by that afghan master Rosemary from South Africa.  The sale started at 8 am and ends at 10 am tomorrow morning (if there are any left!)  So far, C and E have been spoken for--at 8:00 sharp!  Check it out on our fb pages, Twitter and FFRCNation.  Keep track of updates as I'm hoping all 5 of these will go fast.  

The House that Jonah Built--wanted to give an update on our 3 CH cats that live as Covies. They are all 3 doing wonderful. It truly was the best decision to let them have the Cove as their home. All 3 love it and are happy.  August got some special chicken this morning. Jersey went after the snackers and Jackson was the first to dive into the breakfast plate! It's nice and snuggly in THTJB.  On fair days I see many of them out and about in their big playground. 

Remember to mark your calendar for 2/13--it's Show Time at 6:00.  It's the beginning of a very different Fun-Raiser! You'll want to get a drink, people snackers and pull up a comfy chair.  And be ready to do alot of laughing! This particular Fun-Raiser will go towards our Feliz Navidad Fund.  It will start immediately after the Show (can't say what kind of show yet!) and end at 9:00 am on 2/17.  And then join us after BOXES that evening (2/17) for the names of who will receive these beautiful "pieces".  It's amazing!

Some other dates for Feb.--
2/6--HumaneOhio transport surgery 
2/11--TICA cat show in Maumee 
2/13--6:00 ish--the "premier showing of ???"--come and see!!
2/17--Ending of Premier Showing.  Boxes at 5:30/tickets done at 6:00 pm
2/18--FFRC surgery 
2/19--FFRC's volunteer annual meeting
And maybe somewhere in there we'll be able to have a Flash Sale! 

Have a wonderful day. Just think.....2 more days to the new washer & dryer! 

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