Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday, Feb. 13

I've received word that the LaChat Family is now in town, in Defiance! We are very excited to meet them! We will have an opportunity to view their extra special collection this evening at 6:00, right there on the cam!  Please join us for the fun! If we have boxes that arrive, we will do BOXES at 5:30.  And remember........the fun of the collection will continue this week!

We had an adoption on Friday. Little Q-tip went to his new home. He went with a person that we know--do believe he will be rather spoiled kitty! 

We had BOXES Friday evening.  Many thanks to you.
Zoolove/PamT--13 lb Nellies Laundry Soap
Justme/Kathy K--a new arm for one of the cams
Miranda--12 oz. powdered KMR
Deb11111--24 cases of Appetizers!
FFRC Friend--8 lg rolls Viva paper towels
Scott & Cathy/SV, our Mod--2 yoga mats--we sure enjoy using these
Carol C from MA--card with donation
Melissa L from NY--donation to FFRC
Realty 5 of Def.--$189 donation from a house sales (they believe in helping the community)
Ferole--framed photo of Jacci & mom
Lana H--donation to FFRC
Julie P from MN--Valentine card/note with donation in memory of her sister Patty & gift of 2 angel pens

This Saturday is our FFRC surgery day. For FFRC, we (so far) will have spays for Darcy, Lamula, Xiluva.  And then we have Theodore that needs a neuter. Since this is our low numbers month  (no babies yet) we have opened it up to the public for a Snippity-Do-Da Day. Our limit on this day is 15 public males which is already full.  We also have physicals to do. Will be a busy day.

Our friend Connie S posted this the other day and felt the need to pass this on: 
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Anayaa is here with me--she is becoming quite the lap cat. She also sure loves soft cushie beds. On my desk at the moment Paddy Purr, Elsie, Zelda, Harvey and Trucker.  It gets a bit squishy sometimes and hard to see what I'm doing,'s always a great way to get work done! 

Farmyard News:  the cats are doing very well. It really hasn't been a rough winter at all though. All buildings are being used, including the grey barn, Porchie Haven, FireHouse, the new A-frame feeding station, Covie Haven.  We have left the Cove open this year as Muffin still wants to stay in there---she has claimed The Castle inside the Cove,  as hers and that's where she wants to eat and sleep. So....the door to the Cove has stayed open this winter.  The farm animals are also doing good. Just got in another 100 bales of hay and 30 bales of straw for the horses, donkey and goats.  

Janie was just here in the Purple Office, playing with Peanuts and Cairys. It's so sweet to watch them play.  Cami (my black dog) is hanging in there. She's had some rough days recently but seems to bounce back. She is still a happy dog!  Lucas is rolling on the floor with a catnip toy--complete with drooling! Joyful was in the Main Area today--way up on a green catwalk just watching us work. Giovanna is becoming healthier--her coat is starting to get a bit of a shine and she just loves to purr. Life is good! 

See you this evening with the LaChat Family! I'm very excited to see their collection.