Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Weds., Feb. 15, 2017

Our LaChat Family Portrait fun-raiser is in full swing! We have 12 beautiful portraits done by these 12 cats themselves: Pania, Kittens, Derecho, Z, Trucker, Coralie, Walter, Paddy Purr, Farrah, Tabitha, Fabio and Mayor Anony.  Each wonderful, very distinctive portrait has a picture included showing the cats dong their painting (no worries--done with cat safe paint).  The Fun-Raiser ends on Friday at 9:00 am.  Friday evening at 5:30, we will have BOXES, followed by the DRAWING at 6:00.  Check out our FFRC fb pages for info.  It'll also be on a video on our cam periodically.  

I would love to give out a special thanks to the 3 LaChat Ladies who did the presentation of the portraits:  Lady Gem, Lady Fifi and Lady Agnes. 

I'll share all 12 of the stories below!  Grab a chair, drink and snackers! And enjoy! 

We also had BOXES Monday evening--many thanks to you all, our support team!
Dewitty--2 cases Friskies
Dianna C from OH--milk rings, plastic dishes, potty bags & case of Appetizers
Gina/Catlvr--pop tabs, potty bags, 4 beautiful shawls (for Flash Sale)
Linda S--10 crocheted really cute hats & 2 scarves (for flash sale)
Auntie SonJa for Vern (VNB-very needy boy!)-10 boxes Bondi Licks.  He says he's not sharing!
Sevren from UK--cat figures for the headphone jack on many mobile phones (for flash sale)
Mary G from VA--Valentine kitty card with some homemade red catnip heart toys
Theresa from IN--donation for FFRC
Phyllis B from MI--kitty valentine card & 2 chicken $5 and coupons!
From FFRC kitties--Kitty Valentine with 2 chicken $5
For Paddy Purr from his biggest fan, Schinn & Cleo & Ralph--Valentine card with donation for Feliz Navidad Fund
Sherri/Neuromom, David W & Dave's kitty--Valentine Card & one made by David himself for the kitties & 3 Chicken $5.
Kelly I--donation to FFRC
Gusti--donation to FFRC to cover drinks for everyone for surgery day on Saturday

Do you live in or near Cecil, OH?  Do you have a cat that is not neutered or spayed yet?  Check this    They are having another Neuter Scooter day on March 13. You can register for an appointment on this site.  Hurry--spring is fast approaching. And remember those kitties born in March and April can very possibly have kittens themselves in the fall.

Update on our Maybelline.  It hurts me to have to tell you that she passed away.  We are not positive of what virus she came down with---we have no history of her past at all. Whatever it was, it hit her fast and hard. Rest assured we kept her comfortable. Dr. Darcy helped us with the treatment plan. As soon as I realized that something wasn't quite right with her, she was put back in quarantine. She was such a gentle soul girl--I was so wishing a long, happy and healthy life for her. I'm at peace though that she didn't pass away by herself outside, from where she was found. Thank you for caring about her.

Here are the first 5 stories from our famed cat artists:  (Please keep in mind that this is what the fabulous, famous LaChat sisters had to say about each painting, along with daydreams from the FFRC cats!  Read and enjoy---all for fun and the love of cats! 

#1     Pania"Tip Tip Tippy Toes" - This amazing sightless Australian artist painted this detailed landscape portraits of trees, mountains and waterfalls with just the tips of her fingers. Pania states that she feels the different color by the texture of the paints. Her colors blend from bright vibrant colors on one side of the canvas to earthy naturalistic colors on the other side with a fluid tendency.  Thus reflecting the transaction from land to water and additionally, day to night. She mastered this brushless painting method after losing the sight in both of her eyes, due to an at-home hot waxing body treatment gone bad. Pania has had to sell some of her most beloved pictures just to pay her $350 medical expense to remove her bad eye.

#2     Kittens – “Whiskers on Kittens” – This watercolor was done by a vast variety of delightful charismatic little kitties. Their pleasant mood is evident by the constant  movements and changing of colors. Look at how the elements in this painting are arranged and the relationship between the different parts and how your eyes move around the composition. Absolutely magnificent!! This motion reflects the enchanting delicious environment that the kitties all live in and replicate their love of life.  It is not a coincidence that all of these particular artists started their lives at FFRC. This wonderful institute takes pride in producing only the very best artists. They want to ensured a long, happy, healthy, productive life of painting. They do this by providing each new participant with free medical care. But this service doesn’t come at a small price. Each new student incurred a base medical portfolio which consists of an evaluation, medication and several relaxing soaking baths, all this at a minimum cost of $350 each. This shared origin only adds to the charm of this painting!

#3     Derecho – “SUN RISE, SUN SET” – As you can see Derecho was going thru a mellow period in his life when he painted this glorious picture. See how the muted colors flow dramatically from one color to the other? IT’S BREATH TAKING ISN’T IT?  No kitty has ever passed through FFRC without spending time cuddling up to Uncle Derecho! However, I got it from a dreadfully reliable source that when Uncle D came to FFRC, he had been hanging with a – shall we say - unsavory group of thug kitties. His coat looked dreadful! He was immediately treated with a Capstar and then given several luscious soaking baths and medicated for those horrible nasty little flea creatures. His past still haunts him and to this day, he still must dish out in excess of $95 each year just to keep those reached pests away.  Just thinking about that whole dreadful bodily infestation thing makes me itch!

#4     Z’s – “I Z U”- This painting was donated by our neighbors who live in a nudist colony, called Hanging Gardens. The identity of the exact artist is not known, but it is quite obvious that he or she is quite talented and a gentle sole! Look at those delicate strokes and the strong contrasting colors! These create an unmistakable entertaining focal point. The funds from this stunning picture will be use exclusively for medication for skin care. Our very own FFRC spends $1900 per outbreak each time that a nasty little fungus makes its way into the rescue center. And trust me those naked neighboring Z’s understand about skin conditions. Several months ago during an extremely sunny and hot period, they all decided to forgo the suntan lotion during a friendly weekend beach volleyball tournament. Ouch Darlings! I mean OUCH!!

#5     Trucker“Keep on Truckin” – Trucker has a unique painting style, it’s called Body Painting. This particular method is quite controversial in the more established artistic communities. But Trucker has captured the glorious intense colors of his true inner spirit by using his entire body to express his reaction to today’s worldly conflicts. The beautiful upward strokes show his hope, but the downward blurred muted tints indicate a spiraling attitude. A freak accident in his early childhood involving an attack of a flock of crazed pigeons left Trucker on the verge of death and without his hind legs. The injuries were severe leaving him questioning whether he'd ever be able to paint again. But after extensive reconstructive surgery totaled well over $1400, Trucker has become one of the world’s most influential artist using the unique bold style of Body Painting

#6     Coralie– “What’s New Pussy Cat?” Coralie is such a talented young artist. Her paintings reflect her own life; powerful and yet timid, distressed yet joyful. Notice the uneven curvaceous strokes?! And  how the colors blend perfectly together as does the two aspects of Coralie’s personal. Her’s is such sad story, during the day, she is a meek and shy accountant, but at night, she becomes a orange tiger. “Kissy Face” as she is known at the Pussy Cat Lounge, waits tables for tips (and fun!). She also has a dirty little secret that we read about in the tabloids.…the truth is, she was never spayed due to the extraordinarily high cost of $217 for a complete spay procedure from a reputable veterinarian. The article goes on to say that at one time she has actually contemplated seeking a cheaper procedure from a back alley clinics, but chooses not to take that chance. She was quoted as saying that at any time she has 5 litters of kitties at home. To make matters worse, some of those babies are have litters of their own. In a matter of 7 years between Kissy Face and her kitties, they could have…Oh my!!...they could have over 420,000 babies.  Darling, you need to do something about that right now!

#7     Walter – “Visions of The Mother Ship” – Walter is a “special” artist! Walter likes to refer to himself as “The Ruler of the World Beyond”. Walter, oh excuse me, The Rule, visualizes other worlds and subsequently applies these visions to canvas for all to enjoy. He uses swirling and flowing movements to create bold futuristic images.  The Ruler uses strong vibrant tones to enhance the dry strokes of his brush. The texture of these paintings gives the illusion of hair being incorporated into his paint. There will definitely never be another modern day impressionist like Walter The Ruler!
#8     Paddy Purr– “My Wild Irish Nose” – This is our Irish Paddy’s futuristic abstract self portrait.  This is only one of his extensive collection of modern paintings in which include his impression of love, anger, and pain and one of himself while hiking the Appalachian trail.  Not surprisingly, most of these were done while he was partaking in self grown cat nip. His colors are vibrant and free flowing. Paddy’s story is a very familiar one, of cat nip addiction due to his inability to eat or breathe because of his button nose. His surgeries have been expensive, costing $450 each.  Afterwards, with much love and care from the medical staff at the Betty Ford Clinic, Paddy was been weaned off of his nip. Paddy no longer has the urgency to do self portraits to relieve himself of his nasal demons. He is now a professional furniture tester.

#9     Farrah – “Field of Dreams” – What a divine masterpiece! Farrah is definitely a gifted impressionist! In all of her works of art, she shows her superior talent, but this one is absolutely amazing!!! See how she chooses a color pallet that emulate flowers of different depths?! By using tints and shades of reds and pink hues, she catches the calm and content atmosphere of pastures of flowers blooming in the warm sun shine. Despite this calming mood, Farrah longs for this level of tranquility. Her story is a sad one as her past is quickly catching up with her. When she was a younger frisky kitten, Farrah “self medicated” herself. Thus she became hopelessly addicted to Bonito Flakes.  Farrah must be medicated daily at a dreadfully high cost in order for her to maintain her focus and mental stability.

#10   Tabitha – “Aquaphobia” – In this portrait, Tabitha shows her anxieties and distain for large bodies of water. The colors are dark and dank and emphasize her nightmarish phobia. It is impossible to see and appreciate the texture of the sea and storm clouds unless the there is light shining in from the side that catches the ridges and casts small shadows. When the light  does reflect off the course crease of paint, it is absolutely breathtaking! As a result of Tabitha’s concern for even the smallest amount of water, she has had to relinquish her beloved water bed and instead sleep on a duvet filled with soft fluffy paper towels. Tabitha is contemplating opening a boutique that caters to the elite whom choose to use linen constructed solely of recycled paper products.

#11   Fabio – “Fabio After Dark” – Oh my! We all love Fabio, his long silky hair blowing in the breeze, and of course his come-hither eyes! As you can see by the opaque colors and the coarse uneven texture in his brush strokes, he is trying to creating his signature romantic yet tender atmosphere. Don’t you Darlings all agree?!  This beauty doesn’t come at a cheap price, Fabio is constantly being spotted at Resando Farties Hair Spa purchasing large quantities of hair care supplies. Not only does he dish out large sums of money for these organic hair and skin products, but he employs his own personalized groomer who comes to his villa daily and does deep hair grooming. Ohhhh  that lucky girl…running that comb and her fingers through his magnificent locks…….

#12   The Mayor Anony – “Commander in Chief” - Anony’s self portrait demonstrates hurried dramatic swirling strokes. The vivid clashing colors along with the anxious upward movement of his focal point reveals a hidden inward struggle. This painting is quiet lovely and honestly, it needs to bring in a tidy profit. There have been quiet whispering that The Mayor has been connected with the misusage and embezzlement of financial contributions during his prior Mayoral campaign. These are just allegations, but I’m not the only one that has noticed a hint of imported caviar on his breath.  HUMMMMMM!