Saturday, February 25, 2017

Saturday, Feb. 25, 2017

We took in a new cat yesterday.  He's a gold/white male about 10 months old. His birthday is 4/17/17. He arrived a bit thin and with a fairly good size bite wound on his back.  We clipped the area, cleaned it and started him on antibiotics and soreness meds.  Already today healing is taking place. New name is coming! He's a nice boy and sure seems happy already. Won't be long until he's out cruising and playing with the others!

We had BOXES last night. We so love boxes and are grateful!
KnittinKitten--case of 12 cans KMR
Gusti--for August, Lucas & friends--3 Yeoooww Bananas, 4 tubs of snackers.  Also cookies fo Millie, Maverick & Merci. 12 tubs of Clorox wipes
Mich & Vern--CATATHON--puzzle
Mary, Fri. vol--5 gallons bleach.  For CATATHON--2 piece luggage set, cute pink kitty purse, black kitty puppet

We had a fantastic 3-some adoption a few days ago. I waited to let you know because I wanted to make sure all was well.  A lady who lives in our county, just moved from out of state. She use to do shy kitten fostering for a shelter. Now that she's settled here, she wanted her very own kittens/cats. And she was willing to take on shy ones. So....little Theodore and Ethyl went home with her. But before that happened, she also asked for an adult who had a mothery personality to help her with Theodore and Ethyl. My first thought was........Chloe! She's always been a kitten mama!  After being in her home now a few days, all is well and happy. Kittens are settling in nicely and Chloe has discovered the comfort of the couch and chairs! 

We had also taken in a female cat named Tigger about 3 weeks ago. Because she does not like other cats being too close, we simply kept her in the back Thumper's Room all these weeks.  We had her spayed last week and found her a home 4 days ago. She went to a quiet home, no other pets and a big screened in connected porch. I've already heard from her and all is good---very relaxed and still loves her head scratches! A good thing for Tigger where she is happy and loved.

All is good.  We were suppose to have gotten a rather nasty storm last night but it really only amounted to some wind and rain--nothing too drastic. All the cats are accounted for outside at breakfast time! Millie the donkey has an abscess in her rear foot from a lodged stone. We are treating her daily and she seems to be improving. 

My computer is broken. So sad about that. Apparently in the electric flicker two nights ago, my UPS didn't keep things in line so the computer went down. Hoping to get it fixed today. So, if I'm a bit slow at getting back to anyone, that is why. (I'm borrowing Lynnette's computer for little bits at a time.)  So, this blog will be short!  Take care to everyone. Lots of colds and flu still going around. The cats are healthy and all doing great though!