Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Weds., Feb. 8, 2017

All the surgeries from Monday went just fine. In addition to the spays/neuters, they did a needed eye enucleation and removal of a polyp. All cats were picked up by 6:15. Most of the females were in heat---a reminder that NOW is the time to get those spays done. Don't wait!

We have some thanks to give!
Mary & family/friends who were here last weekend--brought many wonderful fleece tied blankets for the cats. It was nice to have you all here.
Michael JW--donation to FFRC
Sevaun--made a donation to FFRC--apparently she had made a bet on the Patriots winning the Super Bowl game. (my opinion--she picked the Patriots because it starts with the same letter as her favorite food--Pizza!).  Thanks, Sevaun!

It's done! The naming of the Washer and Dryer. The votes are in. The winning names are: Walter's Washer and Sir Driesalot. I am so grateful for this fun-raiser. We sold 207 tickets which came to $1035.  We then had a $200 donation for this event which brought us to $1235. We will apply this to the bills tonight (Steve's "job" that he does for FFRC!).  Thanks to everyone for the votes and having fun with us!

Our new girl, Mabelline is up in the Main Area now. She has discovered her "spot"--she likes the bed on the steps by the door going into the house. Why?  She wants in!  She did slip in yesterday and decided she likes house-living. Hopefully can find her an awesome home--such a beautiful cat and loves to be petted. I'm sure it feels very nice not to have itchy fleas anymore. Her skin is starting to heal. 

Spiker so loves his pink poof bed inside the blue pool. It must be so comfortable for him and keeps him safely "in" while he's sleeping. Felicity was seen climbing and hanging onto the palm tree this morning. Love her little sassy walk she has! Franklin Tommy has discovered he can get on top of the laundry table in it's new position. He so enjoys the soft warm laundry. Pania is on top of the new tree--the one with the arms sticking out--she climbed up there by herself.  She's had her share of Bonito flakes this morning.

We have an appointment at the vet's office on March 1st for Anayaa and LaRue. Both have teeth that need removed. LaRue's jaw alignment should be much improved after her dental. She will be able to close her mouth better. We are still feeding her a gruel mix. She sure loves it and tells us when she is hungry. 

We will have BOXES this evening! 

Have you visited the website lately at    Check out the Birthday Calendar (it's under the tab About Us).  And very soon, the Derecho's Chat will be changed and updated! Keep an eye on it! 

A short blog today. Have a wonderful day.