Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday, Feb. 27, 2017

In a few short 21 days, Spring will officially be upon us! Our weather this winter has fluctuated so much between very cold, light snow to actual warm springish air. Our maple trees have buds on them and the chickens have already increased their egg laying. The peacocks are in full feather glory. 

I am so grateful for you all in helping FFRC in so many different ways.
Pat C, volunteer--2 boxes litter, can food & snackers, 3 ear warmers (for PawMart)
Nona from NY--funds to help us establish some grass pools for Bella's Place this spring. The cats will love this! 
Needtoretire--donation to help with our spay/neuter fund
Kelly L--donation to FFRC

I want to personally thank you for your help in celebrating my mom's 93rd birthday. The mods have so nicely "put it out there" that if you'd like to do something for mom's birthday, to donate $5 for chicken snackers for the cats! As of this minute, she has received $590 for this! Mostly in 5's!  On Tuesday when she turns 93, I will tell her all about this. It will please her to know she has helped the cats! Thank you!

We had 2 adoptions this weekend! First to go was Polly, our CH cat that came from Puerto Rico. Her new mama loves her so much--the bond was already started before she was actually adopted. Her mama has sent pictures showing a very happy Polly. She likes the couch and checking things out the window.  Makes me happy to know she's in such a great home.

And Cricket was adopted yesterday to our friend Donia. Before she and Noah left FFRC, Cricket was already very much Noah's boy. Her other two FFRC cats Juby and Saffron have already met and befriended Cricket. Another good adoption. 

Katharine came out today and was in the Main Area! She is so very sweet. She also has decided she sure likes our FFRC food and ate a very hearty breakfast. Hensley who has lost some weight recently has had a surge on his appetite too. It was nice to see him eat 2 breakfasts! Pania still loves her Bonito flakes in the mornings. Joyful too was in the Main Area quite a bit today. Seems so much like she is enjoying being out in the action. Coralie and Merri still go in their cabinets almost every morning after their breakfast--it's nap time then! 

Our new boy Arley is quite at home already. He has quickly made friends and has investigated every inch of the Rescue Center.  Tabitha was curled up in her paper towel cabinet napping this weekend. Anayaa too is fully an FFRC cat now---is so very comfortable and is eating much better. She knows what to do when she wants another plate of food---she does the Anayaa stare and then the meow! We are at her service!

Jones and Sea Turtle are both doing wonderful. They've had a few down times this winter but for the most part, they are feeling good and happy.  The Covies, Firecats, Porchies and Barnies had a special treat of turkey this morning---they gobbled it right up.  They all look real good.

Our washer/dryer are doing good.  It did take us a bit of time at the beginning to figure out how to make them work efficiently. We have it pretty down-pat now. They are very different than a normal washer and dryer.  The dispenser that puts in the soap and disinfectant is also working good. 

Thanks to all of you who go thru (our website) to order your Amazon products. We just received a payment of $551.12 for FFRC. This is like FREE money to us! Much appreciated---February and March are our two hardest months to keep up with the bills.  

This week we have three cats going to the vet's office. Anayaa and LaRue go on Weds. Both of these cats need a dental with teeth extractions. Then on Friday, Olivia goes for her nasal surgery.  They will also check her heart out. Olivia's energy level is good. I do believe her heart irregularity will be gone after she is able to breathe easier. That is our goal. 

The kittens and cats are all doing fine. Happy felines! have a wonderful Monday!