Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday, Feb. 19, 2017

What a weekend! A good "makes us smile" weekend!

Friday evening we had BOXES and our LaChat Fun-Raiser. A huge big thanks to all involved!

Mary, Friday vol--5 bags Trader Joes Popcorn, 6 doggie snackers, 3 kitty snackers, case of Appetizers for Joene, 2 pkgs Sheba Sticks, 15 tubs Sheba, 2 mirrors for washer/dryer, 6-2pks of spatulas, coupons, washcloths, batters, 2 jugs HE Laundry soap
Vickie B--12 Woolzies dryer balls
Kathie3103--box tops & 2 porcelain kitty tea lights--beautiful
Kathy's mom, Nancy F--donation to FFRC
Plee--kitty snackers, 3 cases Purrfectly chicken
Sevren--phone dust plugs, very cute
Leggygal for CATATHON--2 sets pillowcases & leggydews
Diane A from MA--donation and 4 chicken $5
Bank of America Employee GIveaway Campaign--donation to FFRC!
Paula A from TX--donation to FFRC
Kora, visitor who had brought Shamballie to us!--3 kitty snackers, 12 cans Friskies
Jason W--donation to FFRC

And then came the LaChat Fun-Raiser! THis was such a great time with the LaChat family--rather eccentric ladies and a whole lot of fun! Hope they come back again sometime! lol  Here's the results from the Gallery Drawing:
Kittens:   46 tickets--$230, JoAnn Bi
Derecho:   69 tickets--$345, Kimkost
Z's:   20 tickets, $100, Kimkost
Trucker:    44 tickets, $220, Donna B
Coralie:    44 tickets, $220, Fran D
Walter:    70 tickets, $350, Tanzagirl
Paddy's:    37 tickets, $185, Schinn
Farrah:    30 tickets--$150, Oilsandsgirl
Mayor Anony:    19 tickets--$95, RoseSF6cats
Pania:    71 tickets--$355, Billie K
Tabitha:    76 tickets--$380, Vaun
Fabio:    81 tickets--$405, Shannon S

This total came to $3,035 which averaged out to $252.90 per portrait! Wow! And then we had another $30 added to that, bringing our total to $3,065.  I'm so happy about this---this will help our Feliz Navidad Fund.  

We also had consolation prizes which goes to: Lurker B, Canton, Kathie3103, Napa, Marsha Sth, Zoolove, Judeannlee, Elaine & Alan, Lynn Ra, Phyllis Bar, Jacksmom, Elskates, Knittenkitten, NanaShell, Snoopybaby for HappyFlame.      All of the items will be going out the door on Monday! 

And then came Saturday--an extraordinarily busy day.  We accomplished alot, which so pleases me.  It was our FFRC spay/neuter day.  So many people here to help--it was wonderful.

Many thanks to the following for spending their day here helping:  Dr. Darcy, Amber, Lynnette, Sue B, Becky M, Pablo, Gem, Dawn E, Connie S, Hannah and Andrew, Jackie S, Mary Braid.  And then Connie D, Barb and Gregg were in the Rescue Center.

Here's the breakdown from surgery:
Volunteer brought in:   1 spay
Dr. Darcy brought in: 1 spay/1 neuter
Public brought in: 14 neuters
FFRC had: 1 neuter/6 spays

We also sedated Phoebe to check out her throat since she's been "snorting" again. No new polyp but did have thick drainage. She was flushed and cleaned and will be on a treatment. Plus, Livingston did indeed have to have his tail amputated 2 inches--poor buddy. We do not know what happened, other than it was injured Tuesday late afternoon. Now, it can heal. Also, Dr. Darcy did 5 physicals for volunteers cats.

The above came to 16 neuters and 8 spays.  Now, (we need a drumroll!), our new 2017 total is: 48 total spays and 48 total neuters which comes to far! We are planning on much, much more! 

Dr. Darcy also took a look at Alice Mary. While we are pleased that she has gained a bit of weight, she just isn't "there" yet in her overall health. We have her on a new treatment program. I did actually see her playing this morning! 

We took on a new cat on Friday. Her name is Katharine. She is a beautiful muted calico Persian. She is shaved but her fur will grow back so very pretty! She is almost 6 years old. Katharine's birthday is 3/17/11.  We also spayed her yesterday. She loves to be head petted. 

To round out this busy weekend, today at 2:00 is our Annual Volunteer Meeting.  This weather is so unbelievably warm. Yesterday our temperature reached 66 degrees which should happen again today! If so, we possibly may have the meeting under the Shelter House---just unbelievable for February! 

Even the birds are happy! This morning, I heard what I call The Morning Birds---where they are chirping to welcome the day! A wonderful sound.