Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday, Feb. 10, 2017

Tomorrow is the Cat Show! It's Saturday and Sunday in Maumee at the Rec Center. Lots of breeds of cats to see, tons of vendors, yummy food, judging going on too that is fun to watch. 

We had BOXES on Weds. evening. I am grateful to you.
Zoolove--for Catathon!--cookbook for cast iron and an 8 piece set of Enamaled Cast Iron pans! Also a box of Buckeye candy for the volunteers, case of babyfood
Justme/Kathy--cam equipment!
Sophieandlucysdad/Mike--lots and lots of Party mix snackers, 4 cases appetizers
Mr. & Mrs. Medic--2 cases Fancy Feast
Judy & Phil--1000 6" plates, 12 rolls paper towels, 4 bottles Mr. Clean, 4 Clorox wipes
Widdletigger--extra wide Yoga mat, 24 rolls paper towels
Elaine & Alan from FL--30 lb Precious Litter, 4 cases Friskies, 1 case Fancy Feast
Sandy OH--Chief Tapes
Phyllis W--vinyl basket truck for laundry--it's magnificent & has a "lift" in it too!
Tom A from IL--donation to FFRC
Trudy S from OH--donation to FFRC
Sharon H--donation for Anayaa and Giovanna's medical bills
Gusti--donation for dental surgery for LaRue
Thomas W--donation to FFRC
Nona from NY--donation for the spay/neuter fund
Sandra S from IA--a lovely note to those who make or create things for FFRC!
LJ--6 double sided rugs, 5 bags kitty snackers, bag of Fruit Gems, a phenominal Kitty Fur picture called "Kabana Line Up", with 10 cats on it--will be for a Fun-Raiser

To all those that have female cats "out there". is the time to get them spayed. No waiting time is left. In the last week we have heard of many that are in heat and pregnant already. And if you have a boy that is not neutered--it's just as important for him to be neutered.

I would like to pass on a part of the note that we received last night at boxes:
Dear FFRC--Just a note to thank the FFRC family who are so talented and make such beautiful items for all of us to purchase during the Flash Sales and enjoy while at the same time contributing to the operation of FFRC. Your talent and time and love are greatly appreciated.  

Darcy, the cat, is cruising about more. She is so beautiful. Love her cream tipped tail.  A couple times now, Walter has found the front of the washer to look at! Chloe has discovered the location of the laundry table and loves to nap there. Joyful frequently comes out and "talks" to me while I'm at my desk. Great news--LaRue was seen snacking on some dry kibble last night. That surely means her jaw is healing!  Polly loves to play with those crackly sounding catnip toys. This morning, Lamula, Harvey and Q-tip discovered the short cord hanging down from the ceiling fan. What fun it is to bat it around. These three siblings are so sweet and cuddly. 

Have any plans for Monday at 6:00pm (FFRC time)? Hope your plans are here at FFRC! We will be honored to have the 3 ladies of the famous LaChat family. During next week, you will have an opportunity to participate in their collection. Oh what fun!   Sevaun has already ordered pizza for all the cats to enjoy while checking this event out!

I understand Josh will be here with the wonderful new replacement part for the dryer! So excited about having that dryer working.  I understand a few folks were worried about the washer leaking--no leaking here going on! We did have a bit of water overload from the grooming tub which resulted in the water going under the dryer.  

Buck was also here for a bit yesterday and maybe today. He is working on replacing the door frame that we had to take apart for the new dryer. It will sport a new door as the old one will not fit the new frame. Pippi was of great help to Buck yesterday--having her nose right there checking out his work skills! 

This blog is in memory of our sweet Ada Jane who would've been 22 years old today.