Saturday, February 4, 2017

Saturday, Feb. 4, 2017

The Washer and Dryer are here! Wow--what a day. So very exciting and interesting.  The 3 men arrived late morning and were here till very late evening. Three wonderful men--I had a ton of questions and they nicely answered every one of them. The Washer is in place--in the 7 1/2 inch concrete floor with supersized bolts. It can hold 35 pounds of laundry and little soap! The agitation of the spins is quite amazing. That, along with the hot water will kill any virus, bacteria and wash away all dirt. Quite impressive. The dryer is huge and can handle the full load from the washer. However, the Dryer was not able to be completed last night. It's in place, hooked up, but we need to check a number with our propane company on Monday. Josh, the owner, will be back on Monday to complete the job. 

I am 100% grateful to you all for making this purchase possible. These are two great machines. Josh says they should last at least 25 years. That's astounding. I stand back and look at them and am in awe---one for their great giant size and two for the "coming together of our FFRCNation" to make this purchase possible. I am so thankful.

We've had to do a bit of rearranging to accommodate the washer and dryer. But....change is always good! We've even moved the Cat-Go-Round Wheel. Still very visable. The laundry table is moved along with the condo pen. It all works out and the cats will soon be use to the new arrangement. It's even Pania approved!

I know there were some concerns about the safety of the cats. First, we had all of the cats behind closed doors for safety. All except Alma and we told her she needed to stay put in her cave/bed area. And of course she did and actually watched with great interest. Considering the cats were in rooms and behind shut doors for many, many hours they did great. But they sure were glad to be out and about last night again! 

I also understand many are concerned about the cats and the washer/dryer. assured that there is no way possible for them to get inside these machines--not from on top, not from the sides, or backs or bottoms. Each machine is completely enclosed---100%. I have tripled checked and then checked again---they are safe.

We do know though that the top of the dryer will become hot and so do not want to put towels or bedding up there. I am quite sure and confident that the cats will know and sense this heat and stay off.  It's not going to cause a burn but it will be too warm for them to nap up there. They can however lounge all they want on top of the washer.

We had BOXES on Weds. evening. Big big thanks to you!
Justme/Kathy--cam related equipment
Jauet & Kitties from Netherlands--7 pkgs of Stroopwaffles (yum!), 6 poo kitty toys
Miranda--tub of Yeoooow Catnip and pkg of Greenies
Alan & Elaine B--kitty card made by Alan, donation in memory of LittleKat
Eaglewatcher--wall holder for cam
PJPanda & BadKitty--bag of Bonito Flakes
Anonymous Friend--50 single bags of Lays chips
Mark s--20 pkgs of wash cloths

We had an adoption yesterday! Our sweet Dusty boy was adopted by a wonderful lady. When she came in, Dusty spotted her and that was that, as far as he was concerned---she was going to be his new mama. He followed her room to room and let her know his intentions. And.....she adopted him! 

We took on 2 new kittens--unnamed yet but will have names soon.  Both came from Dr. P's office and both have severe eye problems. They were outside, stumbling around as their eyes were pasted shut. Dr. Darcy has already done a surgery ont heir eyes in hopes of saving them. TIme will tell. And in the meantime, we are medicating them and giving them lots of TLC, as they are a bit shy. One is black, a female.  The other is beige/white, a male. They are 10 weeks old. Their birthdays are 11/21/16.  They came in with lice, fleas, herpes, earmites and conjunctivitis. Whew--but....their leukemia/FIV tests are negative. We will continue their care and hope their sight can be saved.

We also took on a new adult cat. Thursday I was going out to my mom's house and looked at her furnace. And there was a cat! A beautiful short haired calico with gorgeous eyes. She had tons of flea dander, thin fur around her lower back and tail and very hungry. I imagine someone dropped her off. She's a sweetie and is starting to move about in the back Thumper's Room.  I don't have an age on her yet or a name. 

We sure had a surprise on Thursday afternoon. Sweet LaRue was slurping up her gruel and so enjoying it. Our volunteer went in to pick up the bowl later and discovered a pin in it---it was the pin used for her jaw fracture repair. The wire seemed secure yet, but it warranted a trip to the vets on Friday. It was decided to remove the wire as that too would probably come off, without the pin there.  Her jaw seems to be stable enough not to do another repair surgery. Cats are absolutely amazing in their healing ability. While we all can plainly see her lower jaw is not in alignment at all, we were already told that this was a very difficult fracture to try and align. It does appear LaRue will have to have 3 permanent teeth pulled as they are in the way of how she tries to close her jaw. This would cause her pain and that can be prevented.  This little girl is such a sweet girl and so loves to be held and have her back scratched. 

FIVE---yep, that was a great number! We sold all 5 of the afghans on Weds, all before noon. Wow--I was so happy and relieved. Thanks to Rosemary for these stunning afghans and to those that purchased them. It was a great event.

I am sitting at my desk with Paddy Purr, Magic and Trucker, Coralie, Lucas, Phoebe and Hensley here all about me--sure makes for a great way to work on a blog! And Polly is on the floor going crazy with a catnip banana.  Chloe is up on a Kuranda Tower watching Polly having fun. Take care and have a wonderful weekend!