Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thursday, Feb. 23, 2017

Another day of 50's and 60's.  While it is so nice, I know that with the longer daylight hours and warmer temps, cats are going into heat.  Please......won't you help?  If you have a cat not neutered or spayed, please do so as soon as possible.  It is so much easier to take care of 1-2 cats then wait till fall when you may have 20 or 30 some.  

We have added another HumaneOhio surgery date---it is 3/28. We will then have 3 surgery dates for March--two with HumaneOhio and one with  FFRC.

We had BOXES last night--we are so grateful for the support given to FFRC.
Brooke--6 Yeoowwww bananas--some are already being enjoyed by the cats!
RoBotMan--3 hars of Janes Multi Use Seasoning to try--Steve will have fun!
Vicki B--6 bags of Roy Canin Baby Cat/Mother
Mayumi--FFRC's Tokyo Branch--gift for mom for BD (many thanks!), case of Bonitor steaks & 2 tubs of Tulle. The cats send their thanks!
Kathy/Justme--14 boxes of Bondi Licks--another favorite
Sev--fruit phone dust plugs
Sue/macandcheese&doodlesmom--Heart card with donation
Cheryl L from WA--coupons
Elaine & Alan from FL--kitty card with donation in memory of LittleKat and a card with note for the LaChat Family with a donation in their honor! (I shared the card with them!)
Dewitty--card, 2 plush kitty beds, mirrored suncatcher for Kabana, well wisher cards with stamps, 3 lg bags snackers & 2 tubs of snackers, special treats for Alma, Sea Turtle, Octavia & 6 hand towels

An extra big thanks to Leggygal--our suppler of Leggydews and Biggiedews!  We received 5 boxes of these precious blankies. Also a box of the adoption bags with the drawstring tops--so nice to put all the goodies in these for adoptions! Many thanks to Leggygal--we will show these items on the cam at different times!

Also thanks to:
Keiko--a donation for Alma's birthday for chicken! I'm sure she will share.
Sven S from Germany--donation to FFRC
Clark, Jessie & the rest of the cat family--donation in honor of Alma--chicken $5!

We had our Mich and Vern Flash Sale Tuesday--I am so very grateful to these two wonderful people to come all the way here to "do their thing"--they are the Flash Sale experts! Many thanks too to all the people who provided the items for the sale, the purchasers of these items,  the viewers and the moderators for making this a success.  This sale brought in a much needed $1703. I am so thankful.  February and March are hard months for FFRC financially. This will help us get to those bills. 

Alice Mary had a bubble bath this morning.  At this very moment, she looks clean! No guarantees though after she eats! She ate really good yesterday. Katharine is coming along. Each day I can see that she is relaxing and checking us all out. She is also becoming more adventurous about roaming around---a very different world for her here. I think she will settle in nicely. Olivia is doing great. She was so fun to watch yesterday! She spent so much time just running and running! It must've felt so good to her! She is quickly feeling at home. Today we will see when Olivia's nasal surgery is. She does have some heart irregularities right now but Dr. Darcy feels that is from her very narrow passageways. As soon as this is corrected, it should also correct that irregularity.  The krackles in her throat area too are associated with her nasal passageway and so too should be fine after surgery. 

We had an adoption on Tuesday. Sweet Harvey went to his new home. His new mama has lots of time and love to give him--Harvey will so enjoy this. Nothing like your very own home and own person to love! 

Lucas went to the Cove on Tuesday. It was obvious that he wanted OUT, OUT, OUT--spending much time at the windows and doorways. He had been an outside cat.  From the moment he went to the Cove, his whole demeanor changed. He's relaxed, happy and completely at home there. It's so nice to see this. The other Covies act like he's always been there. 

It's obvious the cats know the weather is changing! When we leave the dogs out in their Bella's Pen, many of the cats that are allowed outside follow them out. This morning there were 6 different cats that went out. This spring we want to put out some big kiddie pools, with dirt and grass for the cats! We might possibly get catnip to grow too. 

The purple office room is full of cats--Xiluva, Zelda, Magic, Katharine, Lucy Ann, Farrah, Annabelle,  Polly,  Anayaa, Jessie and Lamula--all are relaxed, awake, grooming or playing and enjoying themselves. We been able to keep most of the windows open which is nice.

Have a wonderful day! 

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