Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday, Feb. 17, 2017

Tonight is the night! BOXES at 5:30 and then the fabulous LaChat Gallery drawing on the portraits by the cats. The LaChat family has been generous in donating these to FFRC!  See you this evening for the fun. There will also be consolation prizes! There's a cat-rumor going around that it's possible the LaChat ladies will be here again tonight!

We had BOXES Weds. evening--FFRC is so very thankful!
Zoolove--2 teal flip pans cookware with cookbook to go along with the rest of the set (catathon!)
SVcathy and Mr. SV Scott--2 hand knitted cowl neck warmers--beautiful. Yarn donated by Deb11111.
Lannml--24 rolls of Bounty paper towels
Richard B--5 packs of 3 rolls Sparkle paper towels
Marcia, volunteer--box disposable gloves, 2 packs of 9" styrofoam plates
Clark, Jessie & the gang--Happy Birthday card to JJ & the chicken $5

And more thanks--------
Sharon Y from UK--donation--extra hug for Spiker too!
Pat, Thurs. vol--handwarmers, face towels, 6" plates & snackers
David, Christine and Miyu, Yuki and Anya--donation to use where needed
Lorraine H--donation for FFRC. She adopted a CH kitten after seeing here at FFRC that these special cats live like any other--they need love and a family. Thank you for rescuing your kitty!

If you live in the Defiance area and need a good dog groomer, I would suggest Joy Brandt.  Her number is 419-438-3389. Her grooming business is called For The Love Of Dogs.  Joy is a wonder--compassionate and knows her dog cuts. She has much experience and is so kind to the dogs. She first opened her business here at FFRC and did many dogs! Now she's grown to have a place of her own. Try her--you'll like her and so will your dog! 

Tomorrow will be a whirlwind. We will start checking cats in from the public about 7:30. I believe these are our numbers:  
From FFRC:  6 spays, 1 neuter
From Public:  1 spay, 15 neuters
From Dr. Darcy: 2-3 spays
Plus we will probably be sedating Phoebe to check her soft palate. She has started "snorting" again.  Need to see what's in that palate before she can be adopted. 
We will also possibly be doing surgery on Livingston's tail. Somewhere, on Tuesday, he had his tail injured quite badly. Physicals are also needed on a number of the FFRC cats. We have pizza coming for lunch which will be most welcome. And we have volunteers that will arrive to help Lynnette and myself with check-ins and others to help with post-op watch. Afterall, we keep a very good eye on those that are recovering--very important. 

Yesterday, Jay was here from Fort Wayne. He set up the soap/bleach dispenser and program for our new washer. Now, all we have to do is to start the washer and walk away! After the water goes in, you may hear a new sound--it's just that pressure dispenser doing some of the work for us! Nice!

Mark your calendar for next Tuesday, Feb.21 at 2:00 ish.  Mich and Vern will be gracing us with their presence for a Flash Sale! Many new items not seen before! Should be fun!

All is good.  Cats and kittens are healthy. Have a few adoptions in the works. We're preparing for the Volunteer Annual Meeting on Sunday. Treatments are all caught up. Yesterday we were able to get quite a few cats groomed! Won't be long until we take on the Porchies and Covies and get their spring groom in. Hoping the Barnies and Firecats will also let us get them groomed.  

Take care. Hope to see you all this evening!