Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tuesday, September 2

Just for fun...but in all seriousness too. 

THINGS YOU DON'T SAY TO A CAT RESCUER:  (I truly have heard every single one of these here at Friends of Felines' Rescue Center), by Jacci Moss

Do you have any unspayed cats I can adopt? My kids want to see babies born.

I have mice---I need a cat.

Can I give you my unspayed cat and take one of yours that's already fixed?

Why on earth would you spend money on a health test for a cat? I just put them all together anyway in my barn.

You don't have an adoption process, do you?  That's dumb. 

I want to adopt a cat but want to make sure he will like my cat I have at home. I brought him with me and just put him in your office with those other cats.  (when told to get his cat picked up, he said why?  when asked if his cat has fleas...yes, he does)

My cat is peeing everywhere. Will you take it?  I'll take one of yours that knows how to use the litterbox.

Will you take these kittens that my mama cat had? I still have some of her first litter from spring time.

My cat is really old and not any fun anymore. Will you take it?

My cat has a huge sore on it's stomach and I don't believe in having vet bills. 

All cats are the same. Can I just come in and take one and go without anyone bothering me with questions?

I don't worry about how many litterboxes I have---they can go outside to potty.

I really want a cat but can't afford one.  Will you just give me one?

Why do you want to know about my other cats?  They died---they just died. I don't know why and I didn't take them to the vet.

It's always better to have a litter before spaying a girl cat.

I only want a female cause they won't spray.

I want a cat for my aunt's cousin's friend.  No, they don't know I'm here.  No, I'm not positive they want a cat.  If they don't, I have a friend who might take it. 

I have allergies and can't hardly tolerate them. I don't even like cats. But my girlfriend does. So, if I have a cat, she might like me better. 

I will NOT neuter my tomcat. Then he won't be able to hunt or defend himself.

I want a cat that is orange.  Don't care about anything else, as long as it's orange.  And with a white front paw. 

I have a new boyfriend and he doesn't like cats, so I'm wondering if you'll take my 3 cats. I don't want them anymore. 

I can hide the kitten in the closet upstairs until my daughter's birthday, it's only 3 days away.

So my other cats aren't neutered that I have in the house---what does that have to do with this one that I want to adopt? I promise I will take it to the vet if it gets hurt.

Do you have any 3-4 week old kittens that I can have?  I just want to bond with it when it's tiny. You want a vet reference too?  Why? I don't have a vet. 

You might want to check that grey tiger white cat by the door.  I just hit it with the door when I walked it and he fell over. He's still down. 

Sure I have vet references. I spent $650 on my last cat--it's collar was so tight it needed surgery to fix his neck. 

Yes I have vet references. Last year I paid my vet over $200 to try and save my cat. He died though. Vet said he was so dehydrated and had too many fleas, so he died. 

And yet people still ask me................Why do you have an adoption procedure? I will turn down anyone that questions our adoption procedure.