Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday, August 31

Surgeries are over.  Wow---what a very long, bit stressful, day. I have full confidence in our surgery team, but always a part of me sighs a big breathe when each surgery is completed and done. All in all, we did 9 male surgeries (1 belonged to a volunteer) and 12 spays (including a hernia repair).  We also did 18 physicals.  A very busy day. Our next surgery is scheduled for September 27 in the afternoon. 

We have already had one adoption today! Sweet Jasmine is on her way with her new family, to Florida. She's been a much waited for kitten. More adoptions coming today yet.  

We have some thanks to be given!  
Faithy & Bobby--school album, book with 3-D pictures, coupons and a book on shoes for a volunteer!
Jennifer P from NV--donation to FFRC
Ladydoc--a generous donation to be made for the incoming new washer! How so very kind
Chris/dewitty--a wonderful donation, partly for her bracelet from Hannah and the remainder to go in our Feliz Navidad Medical Fund.  This is a bonus for our fund. 

Yeah!  FFRC received a PayPal from Amazon for $446.19.  This is for July to signify the Amazon sales made using our FFRC name for Amazon. Wonderful! Thank you. 

Goat Poo Bingo is on the go!  We'll keep updating and showing it to you as the PayPals come in! How fun and exciting. 

We have a new kitten that just arrived. She's only 5 weeks old and has met with much hardship for being so young. Her name is Gusti--a Name a Cat name.  Gusti is a grey tiger/white, but there's a bit of brown intermixed in with the grey stripes. Very pretty! Her ears were occluded with ear mite debris.  This will be an ongoing clean out job on these little ears. She also was loaded with fleas--way way too many for such a baby. Her tummy was loaded with worms which we've already started work on that. Unfortunately she also has severe scaring of her right eye, yet her left eye is worse. When she "makes weight", her left eye will need to be removed as it is completely unusable. Gusti is a purr-er already and a loverbug.  From yesterday on, her life will be better---we promised her. 

Dr. Darcy also looked at Cayden yesterday. As you know his one back leg is only a partial leg. After watching him so much and keeping in mind he is a CH kitten, we've decided to do a "wait and see" with his leg.  Right now, it's not hindering him.  It's actually a bit of a help, as he touches it down once in a while to stabilize himself. As long as there's no sore developing, he's doing fine, just as he is. 

We also talked about Trucker quite a bit. He weighs 2.11 pounds.  Big enough for surgery, but we are shooting for when he's 3 1/2 to 4 pounds.  Both back legs are completely non-usable and a hindrance to him. One rear leg will be removed first, followed by the other one a few weeks later. But, if a sore develops on his legs, plans will change. We are already keeping an eye on one area. He's so zippy fast, he puts a lot of wear on his leg skin. He's such a happy boy!

Have a wonderful Sunday. Vernon is sitting here on my desk, tucked in a little basket. Such a sweetheart.