Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday, August 15

Samara is doing real good. I talked to Dr. P yesterday. She had a big serum pocket at the top of her pinned leg. We removed the serum and today now, it's a bit smaller.  This is to be expected and is ok.  He would like to see her on the 25th, a Monday. An x-ray will be taken. It is possible that the pin will be removed that day. She is being so very patient, being in Dodger's Pen for two weeks. She has a ways to go yet!

Little Trucker is up to 2.05--he's growing like a weed now! That boy can zip and zap quicker than most of the cats can. Little Cayden and Vernon still are good friends. They play like little wrestlers but seem to find each other for nap time. We are hoping that Cayden will keep that rear leg up when he's walking and playing instead of trying to use that partial leg as a full leg. Otherwise he would probably develop sores on it. 

Mahogany is doing great. She is such a beauty, as is Kerri Kat too. There's a possibility that these two will be adopted soon together! We also have Jasmine on hold, along with Mathew Scott and Carol. We also have a couple other applications but not a specific cat picked out.

We had BOXES last night.  It was indeed an extra special evening. Thanks to everyone for your box gifts, for your emotinal support, for your friendship.  We also learned last night at BOXES, that Yvette, is coming to Catstock! Yvette is from the Netherlands and we're thrilled she is coming! We spent some time on the topic of Catstock too--all the happenings!
Anonymous Friend--10 of the big bottles of Tide laundry soap--wow--thanks!
Brooke B--bonito flakes, had some for breakfast
Cheri L/RumbaRue from CA---card and Macaw feathers
Tiggysmom/Ruth Ann D from CO--note and for Catstock--many bling peace necklaces!
Zoolove/Pam--for volunteers--box of cookies, 2 bags of individual chips and 34 cat snackers
DonnaJB--MP3player, Canon Power Shot, Beads & Laces Kit and an Artifacts art set--really nice
Susan B from WV--2 bags of dry cat food, lots of variety of fun kitty snackers, variety of other kinds of dry cat food
David & Christine P--with kitties---1 case Fancy Feast kitten, 2 cases Fancy Feast cat
Anonymous Friend--case of Friskies
Anonymous Friend--case of Fancy Feast and Case of ProPlan can
LJ323--note, 2 ags of Gem Fruits (extra yum!), Jacci's huge Popcorn bowl!, hot/cold cups, 2 bags of TIde HE pods, Goldfish & Pringles for Volunteers, snackers for the kitties. And for Trucker--for the volunteers, protective equipment (ear plugs)!!
Margaret S from OH--donation
Brody from PA, 4 1/2 yrs old, loved Putter King and has a kitty named Pumpkin. Sent feathers for our project
Roberta S from OH--article in paper about5 Camp Libbey
Dawn D from GA--pymt for order
Daniel & Patricia S from IL--thank you card with note pymt for raffle
Henry R Peeps & Oh My Guinness--Happy B-Day card for Sylvan's 7th birthday with $5
Coralie P--a donation for FFRC and sending a kiss for feline Coralie!
Pat & Ellen--We had a special box!  A quillow (Laural Burch style), another quillow (Pickles, cartoon style), Luxury Mink blanket, queen size with lots of kitties on it, Seymour picture on canvas (him's a handsome fella!).  They also gave me a beautiful two books. One of FFRC resident cats and the other of our CH cats. These are two awesome books--colorful and just wonderful.  There is another set of these books that we will do a raffle for! 

Trucker and friends were able to enjoy their favorite snacker yesterday--chicken! This is such a special treat for all the kitties--just a wee bit to make them smile!

We have had two adoptions this morning. Carla Mae and Solomon have been adopted together! They are going into a home with another cat and a dog. I do believe these two cats will be well loved. And it sounds like they will be going to Dr. P's office, which we think is wonderful. 

We took in a new kitten yesterday. This is a little wee one, about 7 weeks old, brown tiger, long hair, female. We got a call that there was a stranded kitten by the recruiters office, under a layer of blue tarp.  Jimmy was going that way right then to help a webcam viewer and so he stopped. Sure enough, a little kitten. She's a little shy, but is already enjoying being petted. A second bath will be done today as she appears to still be a bit greasy. Another bubble bath coming up!

The Porchies are wonderful and all are accounted for. The new ones that we've added to the bunch are sticking very close and doing good. They all get along really well together.

Goat Poo Bingo will be coming up pretty soon for buying tickets! We'll let you know when we will start it--closer to the week before Catstock. The goats, Pickles and Butter will be put out in their gigantic bingo "card" at 4:15 and then we wait.  But, goats don't take long to do their "thing"!!  

Take care, everyone. Have a wonderful day. Give your pets an extra big hug. Enjoy your friends and family. Do something fun for yourself today!