Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thursday, August 7

The sun is shining and pouring in the windows. There must be dozens of cats that have found all the sunbeams and are napping in the sun. There's something so peaceful about that.

The new gold/white cat that is on the farmyard has a name. It's Patrick. He's a dandy--very sleek, sweet dark orange/white. We now have had 4 cats dropped off this summer that has chosen to stay.  Blake, Greydon, a brown tiger cat and now Patrick.  I know the three boys are neutered, but haven't been able to trap the tiger cat yet. We will prevail!

We had a cat returned last week, after having the cat for 10 years. She is also blind. We were fortunate to be able to take her to a "cat resort". They only take a very few selected cats, most of who are blind. It's private owned and very small and personable. The reason we decided to do this instead of keeping her here? She's very unsure of herself and not comfortable at all about this many cats. The resort she is at is low key and very small. She will always be safe there and loved. I'll keep track of her.

We also had a new baby come in yesterday. His name is now known as Walker. This kitten was found on the road two days ago. He was found by a family that took him to Dr. P's in Bryan. Whatever it is that happened to him is thought to be from a trauma. He has much neurological problems. So, we are syringe feeding him and doing therapy on his legs. Dr. Bill has already seen him and have adjusted him. He weighed 13 ounces yesterday and is about 6 weeks old, but is very small for his age. This morning I heard a very slight purr!

We had BOXES last night! The support given to FFRC is amazing to me. I am in awe of what you do for this Rescue Center.
Billie K--World Market order of goodies!  Thanks ever so much!
Diann G from IL--card with donation
Jatcat--80 pockets for lamination
Kikimycat/Ellen--3 pink blankies, jewelry for Catstock---very cute---flower power and peace! These are really nice!  Get well card and gift for my mom (extra thanks!)
EAglewatcher/beth--2 cases Friskies and crab shovels for the sandbox treasure hunt for Catstock
Jobear--potty bags, laser lights for adoptions, spring toys, 3 postie notes and 6 journals
Barb W--Clorox wipes, case of baby food
JoAnn--6 cases baby food
Janet C from VA--2-16 lb bags of Purina One, 2 cases Friskies Pate
JZ-nyc/joann B with Misty and Jenny--2 cases Friskies
Sharon M from NY--article by David Lynd
Vrs1cats/Vaun--4 cases baby food
Gusti from Germany--2-16 lb bags of Purina One
Kikimycat--2 cases Friskies, 3 pk Lysol wipes, box of 30 gal garbage bags
Michlyn & Vern from MI--purple Fire log pincher made in Michigan for the backwater fire circle!!  Love it.
Pat & Ellen--small styrofoam plates and bleach
Terry B from MO--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Wanda E, our portrait friend--made a donation for the memorial stone she made---beautiful!
Maximino H--donation thru PayPal for FFRC

A viewer friend has an idea. Maybe some of you could help? It's a surprise for later. But, if you have any feathers (pretty, interesting feathers from any bird). if you'd like to send them to FFRC. In addition, to entice you, she will make a $1.00 donation for each envelope of feathers! Let the feather party begin! If you are sending any in, on the envelope, mark feathers so I won't open them on cam! Thank you!

Solomon is growing as is Carol. Two really sweet kittens. They have the art of playing mastered! Coby is everyone's friend and dearly loves to be held like a baby. Luige was running the orange wheel yesterday like a pro. He was so proud of himself! Milo is doing great--he seems to be a friend to everyone.

Cayden and Vernon spent some more time in their playpen yesterday here in the Main Area. They seem to really enjoy it. And it's nice that the other cats can jump into the playpen and all get to know each other. Cayden is getting the hang of how to move about better with that back leg. Vernon was so cute yesterday--he traveled all the way up to the door that opens into the Main Area and sat down and meowed. I think he's really watching Trucker! His big brother!

A short blog, but it's an extra busy day. Have a wonderful day today. Remember, the Raffle is over at 2:00. BOXES will be at 5:30 today and the drawing will be at 6:00. Fun times ahead!