Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesday, August 26

Jackson's saucy walk. Bella's talk to go outside. Emma Jo constantly putting her feet in food dishes and smirking at me. Cutie always watchful for a lap to crawl in. Trucker's watchful eye on the refrigerator for chicken. Kiara loves to watch the empty syringes being tossed in the sink. Moose enjoys flinging himself at legs---without using his claws. Abner going up to his mama and headbutting her---he still loves his mama. Seymour being stationed on the ramp watching the birds. Jatcat in her favorite "serve me breakfast here" spot. Mahogany plainly letting us know when she wants petting.  All these wonderful cats.....all with their own distinct personalities. Come, visit, get to know these cats!

We had BOXES last night. We are always so appreciative of these items.  You truly make a BIG difference to FFRC.
Melvin S--donation thru PayPal to FFRC
Kelly L--donation thru PayPal to FFRC
Gusti--donation to help with beverages for surgery day
Kelli/timbr--sunchips for the volunteers
Phil & Judy, Sunday volunteers--suet, crackers, colored paper, bleach, vinegar, clorox wipes, styroplates, case of water
Heather & kids (Phil and Judy's family)--snackers for the cats, Friskies can
Beth/eaglewatcher--10 bottles of Odo-Ban
Irene/ladydoc--lots of medical items--syringes, sterile water, sulvidene ointment, antiseptic towelettes, tape, ear instrument. Also phone message books, shoe covers, chuck pads, office items
Barb W from WA--40 lb bag of Precious Cat Litter
Carrie & Eric and family--bix box of chips for volunteers, labels, pens, juice jugs, tablets, candy, Friskies, Clams, Sardines, lysol wipes, cookies, flavored water, paper plates--lots of things for Catstock, the cats and the volunteers. Big thanks.
Joyce D from CA--Amazon gift card, James Harriot kitty book, Cat Tales Stories, 10 skeins of yarn
SVCathy--Reeses PB cup note book, 2 packages Reeses PB cups, ceramic Reeses Travel mug--awesome theme!! and LOTS of shirts for Catstock. 
Cindy H/mnsnowy--cat bed, flotable ducks, cat toys, mens tie dye shirt, feathers, bracelets and anklets that are so pretty
David & Christine and Mew, Nukie and Anya--2 boxes snackers, case of Fancy Feast, case of Friskies, 2 cases Fancy Feast kitten
Anonymous Friend--4 nice size blankets, 4 kitty beds, pillow cases, 2 rolls duct tape, potty bags, 2 big colorful blankets, bolt of Tulle fabric, rescue magazines, cat stock shirt, wash cloths, several sets of sheets for Kitty Kastle and 2 new towel sets for Kitty Kastle. So appreciate this.
Shannon, volunteer---coupons
Dexter and Katie--letter from Dexter. 2 ags of milkrings, new toys and snackers  Enjoy your new home, Dexter!
Tom & Linda C from IL--donation
Jean M/Annette20 from CA--donation for ffrc
Melissa & Paul R and kitty Sam--feathers
Donnajb--for Trucker--sponsorship
Mary L from OH--donation
Alan C from UT--donation
Marilyn V/Mayreee-milk rings, donation to help with Zertyle's medical bills
Shauna F from NY--donation
Mayumi from Japan--feathers
David P from Netherlands---donation to FFRC thru PayPal

Samara went to the vet's yesterday. Dr. P ended up not sedating her, but just looking at her. He thinks all is fine so far. She does have a certain amount of pain level when her toes on left foot are pinched a bit.  That's a good thing--shows the nerves are working.  Her back right leg that has two fractures is healing nicely as you can see she is now putting some weight on it. So far, she's been contented to stay in her pen, like a good girl, resting and healing. She is in her hammock right now watching everything going on.

Today is a special day. There's a birthday---Thomas is 5 years old. He came here on 2/25/14.  He came from Staten Island. We sure do love this boy. Happy 5th birthday, Thomas!

Just heard from Vaun's new family.  All is well and happy. Vaun loves her family, loves to be with them and enjoys the family dog!

Surgery day is coming up---this Saturday. This is simply a tentative list:
Boys that need neutered are: Abe, Moose, Scott, Cayden (?), Cameron, Jarvis, Forst, Integrity
Girls that need spayed are: Anna Josephine, Aubie, Brise, Carol (and hernia repair), Jasmine, McHoney, Murphy, Penelope, Samara (?), Shelby, Takara, Veora, Mich.
We also have many that need physicals. Some are new and arrived here already neutered/spayed. But, we need a physical on them. Some need their yearly check ups. 

I'm so happy about Sadie. Her one pill a day is making a huge difference in her. She is coming out from under the Kuranda Tower and napping in the open on a rug. Yesterday she accepted belly rubs. What a joy to do this for her! Good news---Debut is now in the Thumper Rooms and doing great. Very sweet.

You all are wonderful people and I'm so very grateful to our FFRCNation. A webcam friend sent this to me:
Together we hurt.
Together we hope.
Together we heal.

It's true--it really does take a group effort to do what we do. No one section of work is complete without all the other parts. I thank you.