Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday August 29

The Raffle last night was beyond words for me. You all blew me away with your kindness.  Thank you are such two simple words, but I say them with much sincerity. I am very grateful. 

Here's the wonderful breakdown of our Raffle. 
Item A,  FFRC cat book -- winner Linda/roostergirl -- 145 tickets sold
Item B, FFRC CH cat book -- winner Piperjo -- 183 tickets sold
Item C, Pink Butterfly Afghan -- winner Romeomom -- 44 tickets sold
Item D, Laurel Burch Tote -- winner Sandra Hes/momcatt9 -- 113 tickets sold
Item E, White popcorn Afghan -- winner patcat -- 111 tickets sold
Item F, Kitty Afghan -- winner knittinkitten -- 91 tickets sold

Wow--this cam to a total of $3,435.  Then we had generous people contribute to the total! They are:
LJ323, Romeomom, Eaglewatcher, Joco, Aunty Fi, Donnajb, ColoEagle and Eartheyes.  This really helped our total. The Grand Total bumped to $4070. I am grateful. 

We had consolation prizes too---that's always fun!
Patcat---kitty butterfly mug
Sandra De--Bob's boxes with kitties
Stanley Eck--butterfly puzzle
Hannah S--rescue leggydew
Littleonemine--rescue leggydew
Gillian Ri--flower/butterfly tote
Ellen, volunteer--Hello Kitty Bed
Stanley Eck, Paintedaisy, Quinceysmom and Geremy Kec--catstock t-shirt
CNH, Madisonpepper, Plee--bracelets by Hannah

Then we had an extra wonderful gift given.  As many of you know, our washer has been giving us fits. Sometimes it clicks & grinds, sometimes not. Sometimes it leaks, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it works, many times it doesn't. So aggravating. We have it working again right now, but having to use much smaller loads which then takes most of the entire day to do the laundry, even with doing many loads inside the house. Our friend, Deb11111 has generously given us a gift to be able to purchase a new washer. I'm so very thankful. 

We also had BOXES last night. This FFRCNation rocks!
Dawn T--purple bubble wrap, coupons, 2 rolls duct tape, snackers for the cats, case of Appetizers, case of Fancy Feast, post it note holder, cat key rings with bling!, pens, big clips, eagle statues
Linda C/angelface--6 boxes of Kleenex--opened and used right away for grateful tears!
Pat C, Thursday vol--lots of cat & dog food and litter from Walmart, 3 pairs handwarmers, dishcloth and a gorgeous Cat on a Fence Afghan
Wanda E--donation for 2 portraits--you do beautiful work, Wanda!
Stephanie S from UK--donation of the money raised in August for the keyrings she sold!
Sarah P/romeomom from MO--donation "just cuz"!
Sean & Ann from PA--this week's visitors--individual pretzel bags, 2 dz. baby food jars, case of Friskies, 3 bags Rachel Ray dry cat food, 3 dz. Meow Mix cups, cat toys, jumbo Mr. Clean, Dawn soap, HE Tide, 15 Clorox wipes, big bag Precious litter, lots of cat treats, juicy juice, 3 dz sheba cans, 3 dz Cheezits, 2 boxes dryer sheets, TP
Beverly H from PA--bag of towels and bag of can food
Brian & Kim W. from PA--2 cases Weruve can cat food

I've made two phone calls now to check on Snow-King and Athena.  The first call told us that Athena was looking out the patio doors while Snow-King was still glued to the couch. But, things have now progressed--they both are enjoying the birds at the patio doors!  We will have quite a few adoptions on Sunday and Monday. These will be kittens that have been on hold, waiting for their spay/neuter. We always want a night here after their surgeries to be able to check them the next morning. 

Slick is doing wonderful. He's eating, purring like a diesel motor and loves his tummy rubbed. Sadie continues to improve. What a joy to see her relaxed and in a cat bed. The Covies have been out of the Cove three days already this week and still have Sunday to be out. They love it and always come back for supper, like good kitties. The Barnies are also doing great--they love the hay bale piles. Snappy has been in now for 24 hours. We're trying our very bestest to encourage him wanting to stay inside. Aubie is flat out laying on top of Camvie. Both are purring so loudly and napping. Sweet dreams to these two cats. 

Get's almost Goat Poo Bingo time!  You say what?????  Yes, that's right.  Goat Poo Bingo. This is a Catstock fun event. We have a board just for our webcam friends, whether you are a lurker or a chatter! If you'd like to participate, just go thru PayPal or send a check out now to FFRC.  Buy a Bingo square or as many as you'd like.  The Bingo squares are $5. The numbers are 1 thru 25, but NOT number 13.  #13 is reserved 100% for Derecho and the other cats at FFRC.  The Determinator Derecho said so! At 4:15 on the day of Catstock, Butter and Pickles, the goats, will have access to the Giant Bingo "Board". The first square that is pooed in, is the winner! It will be a 50/50 Bingo.  50% goes to FFRC, 50% is divided between however many people bought that square. The fun begins now! I will frequently show the board to the cam so you can see the numbers and participants.  Get ready, get set, go.....let the poo begin!