Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tuesday, August 5

Oh no---the FFRC Residents and the Covies have been negotiating. This could be trouble. I wondered what was up when I saw Mayor Anony and Sevaun come sneaking up here last night. I saw Jonah following up, being the lookout.  I was tired so I didn't investigate any further. All I know is there's a pile of snackers and a box of KFC chicken now at the back door and the BeanStalk is now in the Cat's Cove.  Hmmmm, I think there's been a trade off, but no one is meowing about it.  Hmmmm, wonder what is going on. After checking, yep, they did the great Trade of Goods.

(Now for the real story!  As much as we love the BeanStalk, we can no longer keep it clean. It's way too big to put in the grooming tub. So, it made it's way out to the Cove for them to have.....at least for a while! Let the fun begin in the Cove!)

This is Friendship week. This is what I find so amazing. GIve the cats and kittens a little time, and usually friendships form for the cats too! Even right now it's going on. Zelda is napping with Solomon and Missa. Freemont is bathing the heads of Trucker. August and Shelby are watching birds together. There's 6 kittens napping together, along with Nobbin, on the Princess bed. Anna Josephine and Carol are playing bat the ball together. I always enjoy watching the interaction between the cats. Definitely communication going on! 

We had some sad news this morning. Our sweet Hamlin Hope has went to the rainbow bridge. He was a little over 2 years old. Hamlin has been with us for about 6 weeks. Please know that this was not an unexpected happening. I have already spoken to his mama in Ohio and she also knows. The thought on Hamlin was that he did not have CH, but probably a tumor in his head. This would explain so many things. The last 2 weeks he has shown signs that things were progressing. This morning, he was there in his usual spot for breakfast. But, he didn't even pick his head up for me. His breathing was shallow. But, for the first time in ever, his body was very quiet and relaxed. When I went back later to check on him, he was in the process of passing. He passed quietly and peacefully. I have a certain amount of peace with Hamlin Hope's passing---I know that he no longer shakes and quivers with every breathe he takes. He was a joy to have and we're thankful to have known him. 

We had BOXES last night. Many thanks to you for your kindness.
Sandy L/northpolemom from MN--300 rings for prizes for Catstock
Michlyn from MI--box full of craft packets, hot wheels and other toys for Catstock prizes
Susan M/daydreamz from IA--20 or so bracelets for Catstock
Contessa58--2 photos of Purrgo and Takara made by using Pat B's photos. Awesome!
Hannah and family in IN--card covered with Hannah's stickers, kitty card with note, cosmic catnip-red pepper and carrot, 2 boxes of cat sip, kitty snackers
Madisonpepper--9 cases Appetizers, variety
Deb11111 from MN--4 cases of Friskies
FFRC Fans--For Bella and Friends--2 cases Fancy Feast, case of Whiskas pouches
Seb & Sylvia--2 cases Fancy Feast Kitten, 2 cases Friskies
Barb W from WA--2 bags of toys for kitties, catnip hot cat toy, washing machine cleaner for HE washers
Eartheyes--4 cases Appetizers, variety, case of Fancy Feast. Evo & Chicken Soup of Kitty Lover, case of FF kitten, case of Sheba, 7 cases of FF chicken, 6 cans Wellness, Eukanuba and FF
Henry R Peeps & Oh My Guinness--birthday card for Covie Hank and $5 for treats
Katie--thank you card 
Betz--2 cute pokie dot zipper pouches and funds for 18 cases of food for Cutie and Friends
Anonymous Friend--lots of Chief register tapes
Fran S from ME with Moonlight, Headlight and Daylight, In Honor of Aunt Susan/Schinn!!!  kitty bowl/matching collar, kitty tote, oven glove/toaster cover/tea cozy/2 towels, hot pads and apron--all kitty deisgn. Laurel Burch tote, black/tan, all wood bud vase hand turned by S. Hessing, 2 prints--Awaiting Inspiration & Snowflake. Suncatcher with a Siamese, Sterling Silver necklace, lots of awesome books, Calendar holder, bella plaque with hook, 3 kitty plaques with different sayings, group of difference magnets.  Thanks so much---very kind of you! 
Pat & Ellen from Defiance--donation for Farrah & a portion to be used where needed
Shelley & Ron--day visitors---gas card!

Lynnette's mom is in the hospital and will need surgery tomorrow. Please, good thoughts and prayers are asked for. Thank you. I know she will appreciate this. Special thanks to Beth who happens to be visiting right now. She has filled in superbly and has helped FFRC so so much. 

Check out zazzle.com/fofrescue---lots of great Catstock items now!  At the Catstock, we will have some really nice Catstock-appropriate shirts available for visitors in the Mail Room. They're really cool, man!  Peace!