Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday, August 17

A little bubble bath goes a very long way!  Our new kitten that I thought was a black/brown long hair tiger, is actually a torti!  I was so so surprised when after her second bath, her gold colors showed thru! She is a beauty.  Her name is Mich.  Mich, Vernon, Trucker and Cayden are all good friends. So sweet the way they play and nap together!

We had two more adoptions! Missa went to her new home. I've already heard back from them and sounds like all is full of happiness! I'm so glad. She and Weeja will be very good friends, I'm sure! The second adoption was Vaun, our little Manx kitten. Another sweetie pie girl. It's wonderful to see these kittens being adopted into good homes.

We had BOXES last night.
Katie--For her Gold Award in Girl Scouts, she had a funraiser and brought to us alot of goodies!  Blankies, sponges, paper towels, Dawn soap, snackers, toys, litter, window cleaner, paper plates, lysol, bleach, lotion, hand soap, Mr. Clean Eraser, canned food, and a money donation!  She is a member of Girl Scout Cadette troup #20526. Thanks, Katie!
Buddy the Cat and Mimi in FL--coupons
Billie K--For Porchies/Covies--6 pkgs kitty snackers
Arden & Charmaine--3 big bottles of Tide HE and 3 boxes of chips and variety of goodies for volunteers!
Michlyn from MI--feathers
Pam T/zoolove--big box of Austin cookies & crackers
Callie & Harry -- day visitors--vinegar, chlorox wipes, snackers, 2 cases water, plates and Bounce
Mary H from Archbold, Friday night volunteer--11 laser lights for adoptions, Fancy Feast, Lysol wipes, 4 jugs of HE laundry soap, sponges 
Cristina F from Italy--donation for baby food meat and canned chicken!
Barbara C from GA---donation for FFRC thru PayPal

I wanted to say a big thanks too to LJ for an afghan she went for us to raffle. It's a brocade afghan, with blues, orchids and other colors that is just stunning! 

Our next raffle will be the awesome 2 books that Pat/Cathouz donated. They are really wonderful!

Snappy is back! We are so glad that he is once again among his FFRC friends. This boy has had a bad experience and was tossed outside and told to find his own food.  The neighbors took pity on him and would feed him. Still, though, he lost 2 pounds. He has been brought here to us because it was known that he was an FFRC cat. He's been in the back Thumper's Room but it was his choosing to come up already to the Main Area. So, after an adjustment time for Snappy, he will go up for adoption again. I try so so hard to find the perfect homes for our cats. Obviously, this didn't happen for Snappy for which I'm very regretful. Next time will be the right home for our boy.

We took in a new kitten this morning.  Rarely do I put a kitten in a crate and leave outside (protected) for the half hour it takes for a Capstar to work. This poor little boy had many many hundreds of fleas on him. Unfortunately he also had lice--thousands of them.  He was initially sprayed with Frontline which kills lice.  So, after a 30 minute delay while the spray and Capstar worked, he had two bubble baths. It takes a long time for the nits to loosen their hold, but at least we know the nits are dead. The fleas too are dead. Now to plump this boy up and help him to be happy and healthy! He's black and white.  His name is Jarvis, a Name a Cat.

Tomorrow at 11:45 we will have another adoption. Mathew Scott will be going to his new home.