Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thursday, August 21

The votes are in and our sweet Derecho is now the Leader of the Kitty Condo Association. I'm sure if he needs help, Coralie and Asha will be happy to assist him in this grand and at times difficult job. Thanks for joining in the fun and for casting your votes. If you have any questions, Derecho is on duty!

We had BOXES last night! Many thanks to you all. 
Billie K--7 tier Kuranda bed
Adrian--key chain holders so we can make more of the keychains with some of the cats pictures!
Anonymous Friend--Royal Canin Cat Encyclopedia
Pat & Ellen from Defiance--megaphone for Catstock!, case of Friskies, Iams & Fancy Feast, new cat trap and a very loud Cow Bell to be able to holler for help! 
Aunty Fi--gift for Clayton
Nancy L from WI--feathers
Caren F--catnip, 3 cases Friskies and a big pkg of AA batteries
Jo Ann--loads of cat snackers and a multitude of snackers for the volunteers---chips, popcorn, nuts, Nature Valley barsGreat Aunt Julie/tigercat from IA--toys and case of Fancy Feast, big bag of Purina One, 4 boxes Purrfectly Fish
Joey3100--2000 6 inch paper plates
Beth/eaglewatcher from IL--we finally got the replacement popcorn popper and it works!!, Beth sent lots of prepackaged popcorn ready to make in the popper!, 12 cans Clorox wipes, 6 boxes Bounce
Jacksmom--4 jugs Tide HE, 3 cans Clorox wipes, 4 boxes dryer sheets
Timbrwolfpup--2 bags Welches snacks, 40 bags of chippies for Volunteers and crackers, rice krispie treats, cookies, etc.
Susan345--30 bags snackers for volunteers
Donnajb1951--2 cases 9-Lives, 500 six inch paper plates, 6 cans Clorox wipes, 200 paper snack trays
Gillian from UK--6 boxes Bondi Licks
Nona S from NY---feathers
Mark & Rhonda S from IL--feathers
Anonymous Friend--coupons
Macncheese/Susan M from MA---ty note and donation
Charlotte & Brutus--card and note--raffle pymt & donation

We took in a new cat two days ago. She's 6 years old and a grey Sphinx--a real beauty.  The past owner is moving. Also she requires major medical care and the owner could not afford it. Her name is Zertyle (rhythms with Myrtle). Unfortunately, she has not been spayed which has caused her her medical problems. She has a pyometra which is an infected uterus. There are two kinds--a closed and an open. A closed pyo is cause for an emergency spay or they may die. An open pyo at least means it can drain. She is on full antibiotics and will have her spay tomorrow. It's a bit more complicated so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. She's a sweetie and loves to give head butts.

Let's talk about Alma! I know it's hard to watch Alma bounce at times. It is for me too. BUT.....when this girl first came in, she couldn't/wouldn't even walk. Then she figured out she was no longer in a cage. We tried using a strap around her tummy to help her--she did NOT want that help. We tried putting her in a walking frame--that was a no go and she would NOT use it. We tried protecting her--she went beyond the bounds we made safe for her. We tried keeping her in Thumper's Room where things may be a bit softer. She soon was at the door that goes into the Main Area. It was a miracle, to me, the day she wanted to come in the Main Area. And she's never gone back. She LOVES it up here. Yes, she bounces and thuds. Yes, she bangs and makes noises. Yes, she fumbles. But, we're talking about a cat that sets no limits on her abilities--she CHOOSES to go where she goes. She loves her freedom. I know we could go around and pad this, pad that, pad everything. But that is a bit impossible. Cleaning would be a nightmare. And besides---think about it. How many times have you seen this wonderful girl bounce? Has she seriously hurt herself? No. I swear she has rubber bones! She is very calculating as to what she is doing. Might she get hurt sometime? Yes, but we'll fix her up! Does it take much determination to get into that ship? You bet it does---she has to carefully aim her body to get in there. Does she do it--yes. I would never take that joy away from her. So.....let's let Alma be who she is....a very determined cat that has made huge strides in her world. She's gone from a cat with much fear and very little movement to a cat that sets no limits on herself. I so appreciate that you care about Alma. She has a lot of aunties and uncles out there that care! 

Mich, Vernon and Cayden are spending more time in the rescue center.  They are doing great. Trucker was again yowling his head off at 4:30 this morning. He wanted in the Main Area and he wanted up NOW!  This little kitten totally cracks me up. So demanding....and we do it because it makes him happy. He zooms in like a streak of lightening and immediately starts playing! 

Jarvis is a funny boy!  He has such a small neck and a gigantic tummy. Plus he still has a thousand nits sticking to him--makes for an odd look. Don't worry---the lice nits are all dead--it just takes forever to get them all off. He eats and eats and eats. Poor fella came in so thirsty and hungry. 

We took in a new boy last night. He was found at a car dealership. He was very dirty, hungry, thirsty, has a bad eye and so very tired. He's white and orange, about 9 weeks old. His name is Integrity. He has slept a great deal already.