Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday, July 10

On the fence of the parking lot are the Morning Glories. There must be thousands of them that bloomed today. Hannah and I wanted to go out early morning to watch them open. We went out at 6:40 but the thousands were already open! So tomorrow we will try at 6:15. So would love to see them bloom! It has to be a glorious sight! 

We had an adoption yesterday! Our wonderful Byron was adopted. He went into a home with teenagers, which I think he will love! Byron made it---he has his home! 

We have thanks to give! Our BOXES were awesome last night!
Pat/Furkitty & Ellen/Cathouze from Defiance--6 Danish cheese!, dozen jars of baby food, case of appetizers, case of Whiskas and a big bottle of HE laundry soap
Gillian--6 beautiful kitty print scarves to be used anyway that will help
Donnajb1951--Prizes for Catstock--skateboards with peace, flower power and smiley faces
Rebecca and Willow from UK--British card with GBH (great big hug) and note, 6 boxes Bondi Licks--these are in memory of Tom, Gillian's husband who passed away. Very nice.
Gusti--kitty card, wash cloths, 5 bath mitts, FFRC cookbook to share, fish kitty tunnel. For Catstock or wherever needed--6 German cookbooks, 6 activity books for kids, lots of neat books!
Scott & Cathy D--for Catstock--8 boxes of jelly light up rings---Catstock style!
PSW--grumpy cat stuffed animal to use for Raffle prize
Pam T--7 bags kitty snackers
Laura/Medic101--2 cases Fancy Feast
EMT--case of Fancy Feast Chicken
Plee from SC--4 cases Fancy Feast grilled
Oilsandsgirl--24 large cans of tuna
Mary H, volunteer, from Archbold--2 reams white paper, 3 purple towels and spatulas
Shawn--homemade card in memory of Hamlin and Walker
Joni W/Cara & Caitlin--4 buckets litter and 2 bags ofkitty food
Hannah S--gift wrapped in peace and flower power paper--peace sign pendant, 4 braided bracelets, some are to be given to our website friends!
Wanda E--donation thru PayPal for portrait orders completed!
Beth/eaglewatcher--colostrum powder
Mary Ann B from SC--a donation in memory of Walker. 
Billie K from TX--donation for chicken for everyone!

Jessie Sr. is doing great. She's really shining in her personality. So much more relaxed. Hillsborough has gymnastic legs--many times when I walk by him, he leaps up in the air as high as my knee, taps me and runs. He is so much fun. That Matthew Scott is a handsome boy. He has such a great personality. Vaun and Veora had arrived with such rough fur. Every day you can see it getting softer and healthier. Takara too....she had so many parasites that it made her fur stiff. She's a softy now! And so beautiful.

Nobbin is eating from a plate on the floor. He's planted both front feet on the plate so he can get every morsel. This morning Milo was laying on the window ramp, full out, feet all the way back, just relaxed and watching outside. He loves to be cuddled. Ming is a self-toy player. He prefers playing by himself. It's amazing how he has come out of his quietness and whatever depth of trouble he had been in. He loves to play now and to be noticed. 

Today we will have a short blog. I have adoption applications to work on! That's a good thing! Have an awesome day.  Happy Birthday, daughter Dawn!  Love you.