Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday, August 4

It really happened!  Yes, Whisk went to his new home.  Remember the family that was interested in him a few weeks ago? Then they felt they shouldn't put him on hold since they were going on vacation. Well, they came back, called to see if he was still here.  The answer was -- Yes, he is.  Their answer was -- We want him!  Because they have today off, they decided to come last night to get him.  I received a text late last night from them---he was napping on the couch with them with a diesel like purr motor!  He's found his home and I have a strong feeling will be totally spoiled in a few days!

Jennifer (from Staten Island) went home yesterday. The little boy she left with us is doing great. His new name is Cayden which means fighter. He's a playful kitten--gets all excited over everything! He and Vernon are great friends. We will wait a bit for Cayden to be fully in tuned here with us, then have him evaluated in regards to that rear leg of his. He is a mild CH baby with part of his rear leg missing, from birth.  Trucker too has become their friend. But Tucker boy has decided he needs to be in the Main Area now. We put him in the back Thumper's Room for night time, but as soon as he knows we're up in the morning, he is literally wailing at the door. I so love to hear him.  He jets right in and just about flies everywhere. That boy can move--he has speedy wheels. His back legs definitely tend to be in the way and they gather up toys, but he never minds. He just keeps on truckin'! These are three wonderful boys.

The raffle is ON!  Check out the fb chatter's page for the pictures of the items. 6 awesome items. The raffle ends at 2:00 on Thursday. BOXES will be at 5:30 on Thursday with the Raffle Drawing at 6:00. Good luck to each and every one! We of course, will have consolation prizes!

Samara is doing wonderful. Her leg is almost the normal size---swelling is going down each day. She's more alert, but still napping alot. She's on minimal pain meds now. Her appetite is good.  Her front toes still want to knuckle under on that pinned leg, so time will tell us what will happen yet. She's a sweetie with such an awesome personality.

Penelope and Austin are doing much better. We will be removing Austin's tail sutures later this week. Penelope is feeling better and slowly putting on weight. She's always interested when we go out to Kitty City to visit her. Won't be long until we try her here in the Main Area again. Her fur is looking healthier too.

We have some thanks to give!  We are always a grateful bunch here.
Janet M--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Carol N--donation thru PayPal to FFRC
Shelley & Ronny--day visitors--cat can food, cat toys, Fresh Step Points
Phil & Judy--Phil was here Sunday--16 cans Nature's Recipe, Whiskas Purrfectly Chicken, 11 cans Sheba, 3 cans chicken, can tuna, bag of Purina One Kitten
Beth from Ft. Wayne, visitor--2 cases water, 2 gallons water, 2 gallons vinegar, 5 cases Friskies

If I ever miss someone or something, please, never hesitate to email me!

Catstock is coming up! It's Saturday, September 6th from 1:00 to 4:00. It's a community fun day. Here's a bit of a run down on it. Strawberry Hill will be our live band--they are super awesome. They play 60's and 70's. We are honored to have them here.  We will have 24 carnival games. We aso will have a fresh popcorn station, face painting, tattoos, horse rides, little tractor rides around the property. Goat Poor Bingo will be at 4:15.  The 50/50 raffle winner will be announced at 4:00. We expect lots of viewers and cam friends coming which is wonderful. Any of our cam friends/visitors that are  here for Friday and Saturday night is welcome to join our campfire in the evening. S'mores and Pudgy Pies will be done over the campfire. On Saturday, a lunch will be here for all of our volunteers and visitors. Also an evening meal will be available after Goat Bingo and clean up is done. We intend for this to be a weekend of thanks, friendship and fun for everyone! Are you coming?!!!

Another happening for Catstock is now a surprise to be revealed! Connie/warped and Joe will be coming. They will have their famous rugs for sale! But, there's even more! They have tons of items for FFRC to benefit from--Christmas stockings, leggydews, biggydews, warpedeedoos, carrier pads, circle pads, plastic bag holders, potato bags, catnip mats, cat beds and coasters.  WOW!  This will help us tremendously. Any item bought during the Catstock will be a "Cash/Check & Carry Sale" with reduced prices! Yeah! Depending on time, we would also like to have Michlyn and Vern do their style of a flash sale of these items. 

Ada Jane is doing good. Her weight is staying the same. She loves all the attention she gets while she naps on the jiggling washer! Jackson is now a Chicken King, thanks to Joni! He loves chicken so so much. Derecho too! Joyful is sometimes in the Thumper's Rooms and sometimes in the Main Area now--and seems to enjoy boy! Alma is making huge strides. She loves being in the Main Area and now stays up here for night time. I saw her, while leaning on a door yesterday, stay upright for 4 minutes! She was so proud--you could see it in her face! 

As some of you may know, McHoney took a nasty fall yesterday. It was out of view of the cam, but her crying could be heard everywhere. She was absolutely stunned and crying. After a close hug of 5 minutes, she started to settle down. She was put in a pen with a heater and there she stayed sleeping soundly for a few hours. She's much better now with just a little soft walking on a hind leg. Sure worried us. She's such a beauty--her coloring is so pretty. 

Did you know--there is potentially a world of friends to make....just waiting to be met!
The cats and kittens can know you very quickly--project that feeling of peace and acceptance for everyone and they will always be your friend!