Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday, August 8

Goose bumps, shaky knees and pure happiness and gratefulness. Yep--that's what the Raffle did to me last night. What an awesome event we had..............all thanks to you! Here's what happened:
Humandew--won by Karen Bar
Derecho Afghan--won by Jan T and given to Derecho!  (He says a big thanks!)
Nine West Purse--won by Kerswill
Kerswill afghan-black/blue--won by Sonja A
Pet Carrier--won by BarbaraW
Signature Quilt--won by Nancy/iPurr

Thanks to all of you for every single ticket. It was a great evening with surprises! We had quite a few consolation prizes to give out too. We drew 11 additional names for these prizes. 

Our total from the Raffle came to 663 tickets that were sold! That means we made $3,315. Then the fireworks started! We had 19 additional donations from our viewers that wanted to add to the total. I was totally blown away. This accumulated enough to bump our Grand Total to $5,600.  Simply amazable. 

The people that bumped the total up were: Donnajb, romeosmom, jobo, napa, debbiedear, LJ323, farmgirl, aunty fi, dkweiler, betz, oilsandsgirl, electra, annette20, catatonic, michlynn, maddy, deb11111,  patty S and Elaine B.

How simple a word is----a thank you. But, my thank you is filled with much gratitude and love. YOU all make a huge difference to this Rescue Center. Please know that you are appreciated. A moderator told me today---So many good people are a part of this village. This is so so true. 

We also had BOXES last night. They were awesome and so gratefully received.
StarryLightmeow & Pondracer--snackers, case of Purina Pro Plan
Rebecca & Willow--awesome card.  For Catstock--lots of toys and prizes to use and fun things to help us decorate. Also neon face paint
Dawn926 & Carol--5 blankies, 6 feather toys, pink kitty socks for volunteers, toys for the kitties.  A cookbook for Steve, 8 boxes of Capstar, 3 bottles of Frontline!, purple surgery towels. A kitty angel for Albert's Garden. Also a kitty and a mouse luminary with flameless candles for Steve and me.  These are really neat--they change colors and stay on 6 hours then turn back on in 18 hours!
Dawn Marie T from FL--KMR liquid and powder. Case of Fancy Feast Fish & Shrimp
Deb11111 from MN--20000 9 inch styrofoam plates
DonnaJB--2 cases Fancy Feast turkey. For Catstock--toys and prizes!!
Pat, our volunteer--3 pr hand warmers for our store
Brooke from OH--note, 2 Yeoooow catnip bananas

Yesterday I mentioned the bird feathers. Note of importance: please remember, if you send in feathers, they must be feathers from a farmyard--not our songbirds, etc. Those kind of birds are protected by law. But, farmyard feathers are ok. 

We all talked about Walker last night. As many of you know already--Walker has went on to a Happier Home. His neurological injury was quite severe and started affecting his respiratory system last night. This is not easy to endure. We consider ourselves a no-kill here at FFRC. But we also believe in a gentle euthanasia when it is deemed. The word euthanasia means a Good Death. In very special situations, this is done. When death is imminent, when death is in the process, we will give that gift of euthanasia. Walker was filled with love and kisses for the whole day that he was here. He was also given kisses that were meant from all of you folks "out there". In his case, the quality of life was chosen over the quanity of his days. We gave him one big day of good quality. 

People ask me all the time---how can you endure this. It is never easy. If it should ever become that, I would leave the Rescue World. But, in my heart, I know that won't happen. Each life is precious and treasured. I prefer to give love, soak it up coming and going. Then there's never any regrets of giving that joy of loving. I promised long ago to be honest with you folks. Being honest means sharing the good and sad. It can draw us closer,. The support you all give each other is awesome. I see it all the time from you. You share in happiness and sorrow. Keep positive. I prefer to look at what we have, not what we've lost. But, to always learn from our loss.

We had two adoptions this morning! Sisters Jordan and Journey were adopted together. They went to a family with 3 kids who love cats. A wonderful, loving home. I do believe these two sweeties were smiling when they were going out the door to start their new lives! 

Trucker, Trucker, Trucker.  I told him he was in big trouble this morning. Yep, Trucker. He was on the orange stand that is about 2 1/2 feet tall. I put him there to eat his chicken sometimes. He always goes to the edge when he's done, meows and is lifted down. Well, this morning, in his usual impatient way (lol), he JUMPED down. He really did this--I couldn't believe it. He looked up at me and took off like a shot. I do believe he had a smug look about himself. What a rascal! Big News!  Trucker now weighs 2.01. He's on his way! 

We have a beautiful garden. Big thanks to Peggy for designing it. She's worked so hard. Angie too has helped alot, along with Luke and Jimmy. It's an extension of Albert's Garden and is on the side where all the birdfeeders are. Peggy will grow the flowers, I'll maintain the rocks! When you come and visit, please be sure to check it out.