Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tuesday, June 28

Flat cats---that's what we had yesterday with the Porchies.  Temps in the 90's and very high humidity caused the Porchies to lay flat on the cement to keep cool.  They also received ice in their water bowls. Fabio knows how to do it the best though--belly up!

An update on Bonnie.  As you know, she had major problems after surgery. Sunday she was maintaining her own respirations and heart beat but still critical. Sunday night and Monday early morning was better. Then she began a series of many seizures that went off and on for hours yesterday. Dr. Darcy was consulted and meds were given.  I was so worried about her but tried to stay optimistic.  Last night while being held in the house, she seemed to finally relax naturally. Then she decided she wanted down and proceeded to eat! I was thrilled.  Steve put her to bed in the house late last night and said no more seizures. This morning she ate her own breakfast and has been walking about. No more seizures so far today. She is right now napping alongside Poppy.  So.......we shall see. Oh.......and she purred this morning for me---a beautiful sound!

The "tail" kittens are doing great. Keana is stretched out on my desk napping with her spotty belly showing! Friedricha's tail also looks good.

And an update on Livingston. His anal area abscess is still there (perhaps it's cellulitis), but we have pee!  Sometimes we just have to celebrate these things! He's playing and eating good--both good signs. I haven't noticed any drip-drip-drip from him--he's using the litterbox and is going a proper amount now! 

On Sunday, we had 4 adoptions! Reeves left first--his new mom and dad were so excited to take him home. He's going to be very loved and so welcomed in their home!Reeves is now known as Crochet. A good name!   Ozzie also went to his new home. His new mama couldn't hardly wait to take him home---another super home! And then the family that wanted to adopt Thandi came. They wanted a second cat and after much thought, they decided Abe would be their pick! I'm so happy for this---Abe, an older cat, is such a great boy with lots of love to give. A very good day for these 4 cats.

Monday we had another adoption--Thumper went to his new home! He had been picked out several weeks ago. Such a handsome boy with super soft long fur. He's going to be a well spoiled and happy boy!

We still have more adoptions coming up!

Elsie is now 1 year old. Sure doesn't seem possible! She arrived here in August 2015 when she was just 5 1/2 weeks old. Her eyes had to be removed which we did on 10/31.  That girl secretly has 3 and maybe 5 more eyes hidden that no humans can see!  She goes absolutely everywhere her big heart desires. A very special girl.

Hensley is doing super good. We haven't seen any more seizures since he's been on his PB medication.  Vernon also has been on his bestest behavior.  We all just love how he soaks right in when he is held. I think that Tabitha's starting to work on being adopted---she's been coming out more to be petted by visitors. So nice to see this. And she's a licker--licks everyone's hands! 

The frequent visitors to Bella's Place/doggie outside run are: Trucker, Magic, Vernon, Paddy Purr, Cayden, Franklin Tommy, Gustave, Walter and Hensley. Sometimes they spend hours there with the dogs! 

Speaking of dogs--I've been asked who that little cute sweet dog is. Her name is Joy and she's a oldster Pug. She belongs to our visitor, Donna JB who is visitng FFRC. Two great visitors! 

Thanks to Billie K for her donation to FFRC, in honor of Elsie's birthday.

Pippi has set a record---she is now the fast sprinter cat ever was. I saw her go from the purple office to the Welcome Room in about 4 seconds. She is amazing! Meow still have about 4 weeks here with us at FFRC--her mom/dad are visiting their families in China. That wonderful Chloe is sporting her new "bar is closed" stylish clothes. And she doesn't seem to mind at all.  Cutie is doing great. She likes to take full advantage of any lap available! Lucy Ann was playing this morning with a feathery toy--so nice to see.