Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday, June 6

Ohhhh, what a beautiful day.......a great big beautiful day!  And the's a spay/neuter Transport Day!  I am thrilled to be a part of this! We had 27 cats that were loaded up ont he Transport Bus early this morning--22 females and 5 boys. Our total numbers are growing! We are now at 136 females and 109 males making that a total of 245 that FFRC has been involved with. We were hoping for a few more today but sometimes the owners have a difficult time catching the ferals. We understand that. 

Because our next FFRC surgery date (June 25) will be completely full with our own FFRC needs, we won't be able to open that up to the public for this month. With all of our kittens closing in on 2 pounds, we will have plenty of our own to do. 

We are very grateful for these folks and their donations--
Tracy L--donation for FFRC
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
David D--donation to FFRC
Susan G--donation in memory of Adrian & Malcolm's Princess Patch to be used where needed

Cliff, our Porchie is 8 years old today! He arrived when he was just 1 year old. Cliff is our orangie boy with the cleft lip. He is a bit shy but once you start petting him, he loves it! 

The kittens are up in the Main Area! All 16 of them! We have to keep special track of Nathaniel. The rest of them are already exploring every nook and cranny that they can find. We even have Chloe, the protective mama, out. So far, so good.  We will probably take them back to the Back Thumper's Room for bedtime though. It's much bigger than the Cat's Corner Room and that will give them a peaceful night of sleep. Dominick, Reeves and Thumper are definately the big boys running around. We weighed all the kittens this morning and I'm happy to say that they've all gained weight.  A real good recovery for them from when they were under the weather earlier.

Charles is doing great. He's taking his meds like a good boy. He's right now down exploring a bit. Such a very handsome boy---he seems to have some spotty dotties on him!

All is going well with Hensley and his meds. No new seizures. He takes his meds nicely too. Alsie has been retrieved from way up high about 4 times already today. I think she just enjoys seeing us worrying about her!  She's one of those extra sensory girls!

The Covies are doing wonderful. They get their Cove blasted weekly for cleanliness. And The House that Jonah Built is scrubbed several times a week.  Their yard was just mowed and so it looks extra nice! They love to sprawl out on the cement when the sun is there. 

The Barnies are also doing good. They willingly share some of their sleep beds with the chickens. Such a funny site! Maverick and Mercy are out in the large yard today, mowing the grass!

Joey is climbing all around my desk! He's such a doubly handsome boy. Farrah is sound asleep on my desk. Reeves is climbing up my back.....again!  Shawnee is watching the kittens playing here in the office. Vernon seems to be enjoying the kitty commotion from his favorite chair.  All is good.  

Please remember to walk for ResQwalk. And to vote daily for the Eagle Rare Life contest. We are now at 3,548. And you can now pre-register for the Catathon--just go to our website at   Thanks to you all for your support!