Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday, June 26

What a busy week.  First, I'd like to thank you for caring about Steve.  He's home from the hospital--had a heart procedure done.  Had a bit of complications, but all is well now. He's home , walking about and being ornery already! I'm so glad he's back home. 

We had BOXES on Weds. evening. YOU are appreciated!
Lucygoosey--Senses Comfort Zone for kitties. Scratcher, catnip crazy pants, soft leopard print kitty sack bed, case of Friskies, 40 lb bag of litter
Gerri--for store or Flash Sale---a bunch of mini USB fans!
Stinkygreykitty--for Adoption bags: 20 catnip Kickeroos and adoption stickers!
Jaz/Jan and sister Susan from UK--case of Fancy Feast & bag of Royal Canin Adult
Brook--Baza kitty tower with a kitty cave
Anonymous Friend--a memorial stone for "Dear Little Nathaniel"   big thanks
Charlotte L from WI--thank you & donation
Macncheese&doodlesmom--donation for the center & for the S/N fun in memory of macaroni
Barbara from CT--donation in honor of Ron Robares 70th birthday
Betz--yes, our dear Betz--sent by her son, a gift she had for Walter, Dakota & Elsie--furry mice.
Eaglewatcher, our visitor--660 lb carrying capacity hand cart

More thanks!
Heather H (Judy/Phil's daughter)--2 lg kitty snackers, 12 lg cans Friskies, 6 gals vinegar
Judy & Phil--3 x 5 cards, big envelopes, reinforcements, pencils, paper clips, pens, sharpies, shedding comb, tape, post it notes, rubber bands, cat toys, glue sticks, white out tape
Vickey--friend of Jenni C's--cat food, litter, toys
Gloria P from NJ--a friend of LostGirl--donation for FFRC
Ju-in-ji, Ingrid from Netherlands--donation to help with Djaq's surgery
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Laura S from PA--donation to FFRC

We had a visitor stop by--Betsy. She adopted Pollyanna and Tate about 10 years ago. Both are doing great and look just so happy and healthy! She brought some towels, blanket and a gift card to FFRC.

Big thanks to Joyce D for providing our pizza surgery lunch and to Gusti for providing the drinks.  Much appreciated. 

Yesterday was our surgery day.  It was 100% all FFRC cats. 15 boys and 5 girls
The boys that were done: Djak, Sanford, Wendell, Ozzie, Terry, Dominic, Thumper, Frilly, Keanu, Reeves, Thandi, Hamilton, Sarge, Kevin and Cagney.

The girls that were done: Vivienne, Bonnie, Keana, Bellissima and Freidricha.

Keana had her tail amputated--she has a small bit left which she can wiggle! She's doing great.
Friedricha had her tail done also--because we worked so hard on her tail last week, she had enough healthy tissue to leave a bit of a tail! So happy about that. 

We had some trouble though with Bonnie.  Bonnie went thru the surgery just fine. But within seconds of being on the post-op table,  her breathing stopped and then her heart stopped.  We immediately got her endotrach tube in and had her back on the monitor and oxygen hook up.  We also started CPR on her immediately. Emergency drugs were given. It took 45 minutes to get her heart beating again. Took a bit longer to get her respirations started.  Keep in mind--she was always on oxygen and heart compressions.  After 2 hours, we felt safe enough to take her off of the monitor and oxygen.  To make a long night short, she is still with us.  She is breathing on her own just fine and her heart is beating nicely. She is not out of the woods yet, however. Things are not normal.........yet.  I'm still hoping for a full recovery.  Time will tell.  In the meantime, she is being syringe fed.  We have had much discussion about what happened--it truly is not known what caused this trouble. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. 

Livingston also was looked at.  His bottom that he had had so much trouble with has flared up again.  He was "good to go" for days and then an abscess formed.  He's on very good meds for this. Our worry --  if the urethra becomes extra swollen, the urine may have trouble passing.  He's such a chipper fella---we want a full recovery from this sweet baby. He's way too small yet to surgically do a permanent repair. 

Soy Boy was also looked at. He's doing good---not a 100% but close! He's been back out at the Cove and is such a sweet boy.  

Because of the time it took to work on Bonnie, we had to cancel 3 of the spays.  We were not able to get to Millie, Blossom or Violet.  Those are the 3 smallest, so those were the 3 to put on the "next time" list. 

To add to the stress of the day, we had a breaker go down but it was quickly restarted. And the surgery light seemed to have "fallen from the ceiling" and clumked Dr. Darcy.  After getting the bolt back in, all is well.  All in all, it was a good day. Now the adoptions can begin!

I had a special surprise yesterday. Dr. Pettigrew came to visit! I was so happy to see him. He has been a part of this rescue center since the very beginning. It was with pure joy to have him here and to show him the Covies Playground and The House that Jonah Built. 

Here's our update on the surgery numbers for 2016. We have now done 267 surgeries--151 females and 116 males! I want to do more and more of these. 

Catathon items are flying out the door! We have about 90% of the items already in the mail and many have already been received!  We're still waiting for a few PayPals!

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