Tuesday, May 10, 2016

May 10, Tuesday

Alma played forever this morning with her catnip rope toy. The second she left it, Abe was on it! They're share-buddies! Everyday, Alma takes a bit of time to climb her palmtree that we have right by her area. She still does those special meows to let us know when she wants a specific thing--she communicates really well! 

It's still coldish and rainy. As soon as we get a warm, no rain day, the Cove will get it's opening blasting-clean job. Then the door will stay open and the Covies can also go in and out of their Cove as they please. Yesterday, when there was a bit of sunshine, there were 6 of them on their large jungle gym--they certainly love this!

Miau is out and about. She made it clear this morning that she was ready to explore. As soon as the door was opened, she came out. It will still take her a couple days to feel at ease. Janessa is doing much better! She was up on the counter this morning for breakfast and is feeling back to being at home again--much more relaxed. She was even playing with Dakota this morning.

We had BOXES last night. I'm so grateful and also for the help with the Catathon items. Lostgirl--Catathon: 3 hardback books, peacock pillow, peacock necklace & a book necklace
Anonymous Friend--Catathon: Minnie Mouse toothbrush & flatware set. Mickey Mouse flatware set & jelly bean dispenser. Princess Book with stamps & colored pencils. 
Annette/ABCats & Jeannette/Furr Haven Kitties--sister help!  Catathon: Santa puzzle. Plus a stepping stone or wall hanging "You were my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye" with Bella's name on it.  Love this.
Dianna & Amy from OH--kitty snackers, 2 cans tuna, salmon can, 8 cans Fancy Feast, 6 hars baby food, paper plates
Sonja A/DizzyD--Catathon: soft comfy book readers wrap.  A kitty card and cute band-aids
MKmouse, our Mod!--Catathon: 2 bags Stroopwafels, troll doll, 2 mickey flower pot mugs, 2016 Flower Festival Butterfly ornament
Cheryl L from WA--Kitty card. Catathon: 2 amish style aprons (that Cheryl made), kitty pillowcases (for bed basket), Christmas pop up display. Frozen puzzle, magic towels, play pack. Mickey popcorn bags, games with stickers. Beverly Lewis book for Jacci
Gina/catlvr14--Catathon: puzzle, Frozen puzzle, Princess Crayons, Star Wars Crayons, 2 animal rescue coloring books, cat hiney cozie, doggie treats, Panda food storage baby containers, Lion baby bib, Hello Kitty toothbrush, Yardley Lavender soap, 365 journal
Pat L/plee--3 cases Fancy Feast, 1 case Friskies
Clark, Jesse & the Rest--Happy Birthdays to Blake & Grady, Azar and Roland.  4 of the $5 chicken money too!
Zoolove/Pam--case of baby food. Catathon: a wonderful laptop & printer!!  Also 3 garden stones, hummingbird/flower stakes, hummingbird wind spinner, 2 lighted garden stones, 2 kitten in a shoe for garden, 2 flameless candles, Christmas balls, lighted NOEL with cardinals, 2 sparkle lights to shine on house, Vera Bradley Tote, 2 nesting kitchen bowls
Tom C from IL--donation to FFRC
Margaret D from CT--donation in memory of TinyToes
Tracy from Bryan--donation to FFRC
Melissa L from NY--donation to FFRC
David W from CO--a very special thanks to you for your donation to help with FFRC's needs
Renee C from Canada--donation to FFRC to be used where needed.

Hensley and Vernon have been using June's Room as their sleeping/take-it-easy area and they like it! There's a big quilt on the floor--good for snuggling. Now, when Vivienne comes back from her surgery tomorrow, we can keep her in the big Dodger's Pen for a while during her recuperation. I keep telling her to go run and play today! She should do just fine!

Dakota, Elsie and Camvie are playing with an empty bottle on the floor--it moves and they move with it in unison! But, Dakota is in the lead! Shawnee is sitting on a Kuranda Tower up high overlooking the play action. 

As you probably know, next Monday we have our own FFRC surgeries to do.
Here are our scheduled cats.  We will only be doing 1 male cat and 1 female cat for the public. The reason is that this is our busy time of year for FFRC and we need to get all of our surgeries done.  These are scheduled:
Chloe--remove damaged tail
Trucker and Magic too.
And now....let's talk about tails!  Chloe's tail has multiple fractures that has caused her to have a very kinked up tail. She will do much better when it is removed and then it also won't bother her anymore.  We also have Trucker and Magic scheduled to dock their tails--they will be removed but will leave a bit of the tail on each.  I talked about this last week at boxes one night. The reason we are electing to do this is quite simple--Trucker has zero feeling in his tail. Magic has almost zero feeling in his. They both have had their tails stepped on so many times but without any feeling--they are not aware of it.  The real issue comes down to cleanliness. As clean as we are here, there are times when there is poo, pee and puke (yep, the famous 3 P's) on the floor. Both of their tails travel right into these 3 P's. It is then dragged on their tails to other parts of the Rescue Center. It's a matter of health and hygiene. They do not use their tails for balance. They do not even raise their tails up at all--they simply drag behind them. Our vet has talked to me about this quite some time ago and I am now on board with this. I have spent much time watching and observing--they really are tails that are completely useless to them. For sanitary sake, this will be better. Plus, neither one enjoys having their tails washed--it's a battle. Also, when Keana gets a bit bigger, her injured tail will also be docked--her tail had been injured at a very young age--it now doubles back on itself. We will probably do this at the time of her spay. 

Paddy Purr and Lucy Ann are laying on the desk. Hensley is laying in my lap. Joyful is at the top of the desk and Asha is behind me on a Kuranda Tower. From where I sit, I can see Miau--she is looking out the Kabana window! All is peaceful.