Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sunday, May 1

What a wonderful, glorious outcome for our Operation: Feliz Navidad event.  We had so hoped to combine fun and education for the afternoon! I know we had many laughs here on our side of the cam! The volunteers sure had fun and I did too! And the cats loved having everyone here!

Here's a view of how things went!  For the event, we had an intro, then Skit #1, followed by an intermission of news called Meows and Bits. Skit #2 happened, followed by the raffle and then stories of cats from years ago that needed extra care. 

Raffle drawings:
XBox     sold 110 tickets--$550   won by Jamiekat
Kindle     sold 162 tickets--$810     won by Lannml
iPad Air     sold 550 tickets--$2750 (wow!) won by Knittenkitten

Then we had 2 surprise donated Raffle drawings--both for iPadAirs!
1 for the Mods--won by Donna/Napa
1 for the Vols--won by Becky (Monday night)

We also had many consolation prizes that had names drawn! 

Okay---for this next part, you all maybe should sit down.  I have tried as much as possible to be sure these totals are absolutely correct.  Here is the day by day totals:
1st day, Sunday      $175
2nd day, Monday   $350, total $525    
3rd day, Tues.         $955, total $1,480
4th day, Weds.       $1,320, total now $2,800
4th day, additional  $425, total $3,225
5th day, Thursday   $1,480, total  $4,705
Fri. & Sat donatins  $810,  total $5,515

And then, you all exploded!!  We had an additional $3,390 added. These were bump ups to the totals and earlier donations!!  This now brought our grand total for the event to..........better sit a whopping $11,315.  

I am at a lack of words sufficient enough to say my thanks. Let's just say---I'm a very very happy and relieved cat rescue person who feels much peace with this and great thankfulness. You all are truly an awesome bunch of people. Your support to FFRC is overwhelming to me. I'm not finding enough words to say how grateful I am........but, my heart is full and overflowing. I thank you all. 

Big thanks too to the following volunteers who came out and helped with the event:  Faithy, Julie, Gem, Jocey, Kathy, Ann & Isacc, Pat P, Peggy, Barb, Linda, Mary Braid, Connie, Megn, Angie, Bill and Elizabeth. You are all wonderful! 

This will continue to be a blog of thanks!  We had BOXES on Weds. evening!
Pat/Plee--Catathon: sewing tote & clutch made from woven measuring tapes, 7 pieces of critter fabric, breast cancer straight pins & head pins, Kit for a fleece throw, 6 reams of Holiday paper with enveloeps
Mary, Friday vol: 8 hand towles, 6 bottles Mr. Clean, Sharpies, scissors, postie notes, Trader Joe's popcorn, 3 boxes Kool-Aid juice, Joline packets and Meow Mix cups.  For Catathon: 2 nesting balls made from yarn, kitty shirt, picture frame cat lady plaque, cedar kitty treasure box, umbrella with kitties, 2 mini kitten cuddles.
Sabrina G from Archbold--case of Friskies, lg bag of Party Mix snackers
Katie L from Canada--kitty hiney mug
Shawn/HappyFlame--Long Distance Volunteer--2 shirts--one a kitty and a kity/unicorn shirt
Donna/Napa--for Catathon: MA Trading Comp--Boston Freedom Train booklet, Boston walking map, playing cards, stuffed red lobstah, Atlantic Labstah gummies, Boston Harbor Tea, Boston Mug, roll of Necco Candy & Boston Baked Beans (for mod basket!)

Larissa's Mastermind for Catathon: the ArstyFarts Basket, United Artists of FFRC Nation:
     LJ--Flat kity & a soft crocheted bed
     Deptford--glass kitty pendant, blue glass heart pendant, lg. glass kitty--so colorful!
     Buffy--kitty bookcover, D. Steel book, 2 hanging FFRC kitty prints, micro embroidery kitty banner
     Wanda--$125 gift certificate for a drawing
     Larissa--canvas tote with painted harlequin kitty, framed painting of her signature Harlequin Cat

LJ323--visitor--24 Laid Back kitties for Flash Sale! Hand sanitizers, Octopus drying rack, 2 lg. kitty pads, 2 soft blankies, kitty bed, 8 cans chicken, 2 bags Sunkist Gems
Kerswill-visitor--for Catathon: baby girl & baby boy outfits, Laurel Burch framed kitty print, deck of cards, kitty note cards, cat decorated wooden spoon, 2 goat milk soaps with kitty imprints, tiger pen,a beautiful apron, 2 Zook dolls along with manyoutfits for each doll from The Secrist Doll Company. Also her beautiful beaded necklace with a kitty on the front which is a pouch--made one bead at a time.
Susan C, Defiance--donation
Colleen P--box tops and coupons

We are also thankful for these paypals:
Janet M--donation to FFRC
Lann from IA--donation to help defray postage costs for yesterday's raffle
Eugenia S from Russia--donation to FFRC
Nigel W from UK--donation to FFRC

Yesterday morning we had a lady and daughter come to the Rescue Center with a donation from Defiance St. Paul's Methodist church. The 3,4,5th graders collected items for us! Some of the things were: toys, scratchers, paper towels, baby wipes, snackers, sponges, Clorox Wipes, class cleaner, Fancy Feast, 2 kitten milk, trash bags, dry and can cat food

We had an email from the lady who adopted Kit, one of Cleo's "babies". She says that Kit has been a perfect angel for her mom and they've been good for each other. She likes to give kisses. (Remember, Kit is the one who picked this lady to be hers!)

The new long hair black/white cat now has a name! It's Glory.  She's still having some skin issues where those horrible mats were but we're working on it. She is a sweetie and loves the attention given to her!

We took in 2 little kittens on Friday. There was a mama and 4 kittens but Thursday evening, mama took 2 of the kittens and did not come back for the other 2. After waiting many hours for her return, these two babes were brought here. One is all orange, an American Short Hair. The other is dark orange/white. Both so cute. They are about a week old. We did draw blood and they are negative and have had their firs worming. We introduced them to Chloe and she immediately took them in. Now the 4-some are snug as if they were always together!

Oh oh--the pool has exploded with kittens. Veronica's kittens are now in and out of the middle pool quite easily and just starting to scamper around. They are absolutely so cute and think they are as big as lions! All 3 mamas are still good friends--simply wonderful thing there.

Remember that Amazon link that you can order from, on our website page?  For the month of Feb., we received $562.94 for your efforts of doing so!  Thank you! 

Lynnette was awarded a Smoke D.O.G. Award for saving lives by having working smoke alarms in her home.  Did you know that a fire doubles in size every 45-60 seconds and can consume everything in a room within 2 minutes?  A working smoke alarm doubles your chances of escaping a situation like this.  

You all have a wonderful, bright day. And please....give yourself a big hug from me! I am grateful to you all for helping us carry out our mission here at FFRC.