Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tuesday, May 17--where has this month gone?!

Yesterday was our surgery day. A great day. Anytime we can add more to our spayed/neutered count, I'm happy! 

We have now done 218 spays/neuters--114 girls and 104 boys.  Our next Transport Day is June 6, a Monday.  We hope to book 35 so we have a for sure 30 coming in. The one after that will be July 5, a Tuesday because of the holiday.

Yesterday, we had 2 public female cats and 2 male public cats that we did. And then we did 2 extra boy kittens--Dr. Darcy had a mama cat that belongs to someone. We told them we would take the 2 kittens if they get mama spayed, which we did!  We also spayed Veronica, Poppy and Helen.  We neutered Kieffer. Then we tackled the tails--Chloe's, Magic and Trucker. They all did just fine and recovery went smoothly.  

Trucker and Magic were out and about this morning but are now in June's Room taking a bit of an encouraged nap.  We would like their tails to heal without any problems, which is what we expect.  Chloe is doing wonderful as are the 2 spayed mamas.  Helen and Kieffer are all over the place!

The 2 new kittens are ever so cute! Both boys, about 8 1/2 weeks old.  The roundish gray one is called Theron (rhymes with heron).  The other one is a siamese fella, named Phineas (fin-e-us).  Names are from the Name a Cat list. Both are absolutely cute but a tiny bit shy. We have them in Dodger's Pen today so they are getting lots of petting and talking to.  They are already coming up to us and rolling over to have their tummies rubbed. By the way, their mama is black and she has a home!  They spent the night with their new friends Dakota, Helen and Kieffer.  

We had BOXES last night! I am overwhelmed with the support you all give us. It warms the heart and I am grateful. 
FaithyMD - OH  CATATHON Stuff for Kitchen , Garden &* Doggie basket
Phil & Judeeann - IN  Stuff!
Sandra E/Straycatlady  CATATHON  5 Movies
Sue T/Superpurr45 - NB - CATATHON or Raffle Drawer for 36 Keurig pods & a Keurig Elite brewer
Annette20 CATATHON  or FFRC kitties 3 bottles of OPI, Doris Day nail polish,   Pirate Ship, Zebra play mat with toys, bag of misc. toys, snacker roller, Bella horsehoe shaped kitty groomer, S shaped scratcher
Anony - CATATHON   2 colorful metal hanging fish, Hummer feeder, hummer necter kit, Bird Feeder Kit, Solar bird feeder    Kitty Feather mask, Giant Glasses, Frisbee, Pool rackets, Water Launcher,  Room difuser, Sea Shell soap, Lilac Sachet, 3 Puzzles, 3 Word search books,  Mickey Mouse playing cards

Larrissa - Netherlands  Artist Extraordinaire!  With help from LJ, NY, & Lostgirl--
Trinket box with painted flowers, Paint dyed, 6 sided Kitty Treasure box, 3 painted bowls, orange kitty, grey tiger kitty & Calico kitties are the center of a flower,  Stuff holder with Country kitty motif, 4 Trinket box w/ removable magnets: paw print w/moon kitty, Walter Walter, Walter w/ Black Harlequin w/Sevaun, Lion w/FFRC Nation, Black Harlequin w/Double Paddys, Framed Feather painting inspiration for the Country & City Cat motifs
2 Kleenex boxes Country Cats & City Cats,   Trinket Box  Ode to All Cats,  Shutter frame with kitty drawing inside
Derecho photo box with Country Cat motif, Trinket box with Sevaun,  Walter Walter Walter heat ornament, Tea Box with lying down Harlequin cat, Harlequin Tray, Grey Kitty Tea box & Grey Kitty tray.  All are just beautiful items! 

We have more thanks to give!
Billie K--donation for Happy Birthday Farrah & Derecho donation
Julie B--donation for Catathon to help!
Ju-in-ji--donation for Derecho's birthday
Sharon S from IL--donation to help cover some extra expenses from surgery events
Heather H--donation in honor of her mom/dad's 46th anniversary--Judy and Phil!
Brendan D--donation to FFRC
Mona C/CT--donation in honor of her friend Ron R's birthday.  Happy Birthday, Ron

Unfortunately, we have had to take Veronica out of the back Thumper's Room.  Last week she went after Sea Turtle and then Joline.  This morning we had a very bad situation with her going after Poppy.  We've been seeing this coming---each day becoming a bit more ready to "do battle". She really hasn't done too much with her kittens lately, so it's a good time to remove her from this situation. I have her in an upstairs bedroom and am actively looking for a home with no other cats. She will settle down in a quiet atmosphere.

Miau, our boarder, is doing wonderful. She is relaxed, playing and sure enjoying being on the move. Shawnee has been playing with toys in the purple office---so nice to see this happening! Janessa is back to being Janessa--she's on the breakfast counter again helping and yesterday she chewed on a box! 

We had a problem with Hensley this morning. His usual routine is to take a nice long nap in the purple office, on a single kuranda bed beside my desk. He suddenly leapt off his bed and went into a full blown seizure. Poor baby. Was so worried for him.  I immediately got a blanket all around him to keep his head safe. It took a while until he finally settled down. We have him in a pen right now for a long nap and then he will come out. I've let Dr. Darcy know but I highly doubt we would put him on seizure meds for just one seizure.  Will keep a sharp eye on him.

Trucker and Magic are doing wonderful. They've been out and about this morning. Both are on soreness meds as is Chloe for a few days, as well as antibiotics. Vivienne is out and about, under somewhat a watchful eye! She is allowed out but would prefer her not get too wound up. She's doing really well--starting to move that hip. And what a beauty! 

Next week we are taking on another CH cat that needs a home. I've mentioned her before---she is 7-8 months old, all white, a mild-mod CH cat and is in NJ.  Our wonderful friend and moderator, MKmouse lives close by. She will pick up Bonni on Friday, keep her for the weekend and then travel on Monday. Big thanks to MK for doing this for us! 

I just checked--Dakota is way way up high taking a nap--he was told to stay low this morning. He's a rascally boy.  And just saw Vivienne--she didn't listen either--she's napping on another high shelf. Those cats---they promise to listen, but don't! Gotta love them. By the way---Hensley is sound asleep. As soon as he wakes, we'll see if he'd like to come out and join everyone again.