Thursday, May 5, 2016

Thursday, April 5

Our 2 surgery dentals from yesterday did great. Kiara had 2 teeth removed--a pre-molar and a molar, both on the lower jaw.  When Joline arrived in May 2013, she had severe teeth problems which resulted in most of her teeth needing to be pulled, which we did. This helped tremendously with her stomatitis. She now has had her remaining 4 teeth removed. Both cats are doing wonderful and are on oral antibiotics and soreness meds. Both are eating just fine today. 

We had BOXES last night. I am very grateful for what you do for this Rescue Center.
Moosegal & Bob with Emily, Lena & Makala Sue--Catathon: 3 prs silver kitty earrings, kitty stone with saying, kitty bangle bracelet, leather kitty coin purse, 3 kitty magnets.  For the kitties: 3 handtowels.  And Mother's Day card with kitty allowance
Cheryl L from WA--Catathon: 4 boxes kitty notecards, Statue: kitty looking in a mirror, 4 book magnets, kitty sale/pepper shakers, kitty stickers, kitty filing folders
CD_cats/Christine and David with their 3 kitties--Catathon or Raffle: Kindle Fire!!!
Mistykitty from PA--Catathon: 5 puzzles & 2 squeaky doggie toys
Lostgirl--Catathon: 2 Christmas hot pads & 2 Christmas mitts
Faithy, vol--4 bags CET chewies
Ellie G & Darrel with 8 kitties from GA--beautiful sage green and cream shell afghan
Contessa--box tops for Caryn & girls
Charlotte L from WI--donation to FFRC
Nona from NY--harness for Trucker (he's practicing with it today!)
Clark, Jesse & The Rest--Happy 1st Birthday to Vivienne & 12th to Joline & 2 chicken $5
Anonymous Friend--Catathon--Christmas basket: 3 Jim Shore statues, 1 blue mountain carousel, 2 Annelee Mice. For wherever: Lenox bunny Votive holder & Easter eggs
Starrylightmeow/PondRacer--donation from Simba for their 10th anniversary!

Today is a Mini Flash Sale!  It starts at 1:00 (actually I'm told at 1:01pm!!).  There will be a bigger Flash Sale sometime soon. 

There it is again....that gentle tap, tap, tap on my leg. That would be Hensley again. He does this often. That means he wants in my lap while I'm at my desk. He always promptly takes a nap! 

Mendy, Fatima and Franklin are such playfriends--they love to do this race-thing everyday. Back and forth--it's so interesting to watch the interactions of cat play. Polly is doing so wonderful. She's very comfortable now in her surroundings. Will probably be staying in the Main Area soon even for night time. She loves to have her head rubbed.  Next Weds. is another surgery day at the vet's office.  Abe and Asha will be going up for their dentals. Vivienne will also be going with them for her FHO--femoral head ostectomy.  She's doing good but this surgery will prevent problems for her as she gets older in regards to that hip. 

Azar has been here almost every morning for his breakfast. He is such an awesome cat and so very tall and big! The Porchies are doing great. The FireCats are also doing good. They love their FireHouse. On the first of the month, we were able to get 90% of Frontline on the Porchies, Covies, FireCats and Barnies.  We do Frontline for May and June because of ticks. 

Another Volunteer highlighted!
Angie L--Monday night volunteer, among other things!  
How long have you been at FFR?  16 years
How did you find FFRC? We knew Jacci from the Wildlife Orphanage. But, we found FFRC because a bird flew into our car and broke its wing. We brought the bird to Jacci and fell in love with the kitties and began volunteering immediately.
How many pets do you have? 8 cats--Clara, Sam, Chloe, Erie, Packer, Zoe, Canto, Remi--all are FFRC rescue kitties
Do you have a hobby? gardening, hiking, crafting, canning, spending time with grandkids
What are the things you like about helping at FFRC? The kitty time. Love petting, playing & loving the kitties. Also the volunteers & webcammers--so many great friends and friendships have been found. 
Name some of your favorite cats at FFRC--Twinkle, Bella, June, Patience
An experience you especially enjoyed?  Kitty Christmas of 2015 when Connie D dressed up as the old lady and meeting so many new friends and new volunteers

Keep an eye on the cam today--we'd like to put a cam part-time on the back Thumper's Room!