Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday, May 15

Wow---what a great day yesterday was. We were able to get 31 physicals done on the outside cats. We weren't 100% on all of the outside cats but doing 31 was terrific! Here's a "nutshell" of who we did: 
PORCHIES:  Fabio, Cliff, Mew, Olaf, Azar, Zavatar, Whiskers, JimmyJames/JJ, Ceasar
Mom's Cat--Shamballie
COVIES: Mayor Anony, Lele, Leonard, Muffin, Oliver, Rowland, Rory, Sevaun, SoyBoy, Sylvan, Timothy, Barkey, Markie, Jackson, Victor
BARNIES: Kerry, Dude, Momma, Stripe, Grayby (the new grey tiger)

We're still missing about 11 cats but will continue to get them done.  All of the above received their physical from Dr. Darcy. We then gave them their distemper update vaccine, a wormer and applied Frontline to each. The findings:  all in good health. A few ears had wax and were cleaned. 

There's a few that needs a dental: Ceasar, Olaf, Mew, Oliver, Rowland and Rory. Ceasar's is more extensive but we think the others will be pretty mild dentals. Cliff has 1 incisor that we'd like to pull, here at FFRC. It is starting to ride up in where his cleft lip is. 

I've been concerned that Vivienne wasn't up to par---running a fever, not eating. I did give her fluids yesterday morning early.  We also started her on a "nausea cocktail"--it's a triple combo of an anti-nausea, stomach protector and an appetite stimulant. Seems to be working as she is now eating. Hoping we can get her back out tomorrow. It's important that she starts using that rear leg. 

We do have hard news on Cleo. Dr. Darcy confirmed that she does have a tumor in her head. It's not operable. She is already at the stage where it's causing a head tilt for Cleo. We do have her on soreness meds---started those early last week. For now, we will love her and feed her and do whatever she wants of us. But, there will come a time soon that we will help her cross over to the Bridge. I have never believed in waiting to the last minute to help a pet pass. Thank you for loving her and caring about her. 

We have many thanks to give. I'm so sorry I've gotten behind. Please know you are appreciated! 
BOXES Thursday, 5/12
Butterfly Class - Belgium  Birthday Card for Derecho from Y, K, S, N, K, E, N, S, H, S & Teacher, 2 FFRC logos by Kids with Derecho on it, Kitty snackers, 5 Happy Birthday Derecho Cards, Kitty Afghan for Derecho
Anony Friend-- CATATHON: 2 Adult Coloring books,  3 cans of Lysol wipes
Anony Freiend--CATATHON:  MIckey & MInnie Mouse Tote
Justme & Purple Mods - Microsoft Surface 3  Electronic Equipment Raffle
Anony Friend--Tub Temptation snackers, Lg. Bag Purina One
Jeannette/FurHavenKitties - CATATHON: Camping Cookbook , Kitty photo frame, Doggie photo frame Cast Iron skillet cookbook, 2 cast iron scrapers, 3 kitty spatulas, 2 bubble kits, Kitty kitchen scrubby holder, Kitty spoon rest, 3 skein yarn
Snoopybaby/Maria Kitty Card w/note CATATHON - Snoopy basket: Thank You Cards, Hanging card holder, Tote, Shirt, Peanuts color, read & stickers, ceramic mug, 2 ceramic food bowls, Hot Dog Toaster, Nesting food containers, Sno Cone maker, Cupcake Kit, Flying Ace game, Plush Throw, Back Pack w/pencil box.
Teresa IN - Donation
Janice K - OH & Quilting Club - Pillow cases & Cage Quilt 
Pat Thurs. Vol - 5 dish cloths
Mls - 12 gals  vinegar

BOXES Friday, 5/13
Jo603/Joanna - NH     4 bags snackers,  CATATHON:  Mickey Mouse Bat & Ball, Hedgehog doggie toy, Paddle with bubbles, 2-750 piece Wysocki puzzles, Bubbles/long wand, Box of Frozen themed Jelly Beans, Kitty shoulder bag, Mickey Matching Game,  Origami kit, 4 pretty topped pencils,   Nursery Rhyme embroidery kit, , purple pokie dot key chain, Yankee Candle room infuser,  4 colored markers, Lenox crystal bud vase, Lemon zester & veggie ribbon cutters, Make-Up kit,  Some awesome books for the book basket, Wood Kitty puzzle box
Eaglewatcher/Beth - IL  CATATHON: Finti Kindle cover
Dottie & Nate - CATATHON   2 - moccasin kits for the Craft basket
Joco/JoAnn - PawMart:  new editon of stories #8  and more of 6 & 7--$10 each
Timsprincess/PeggyS - CATATHON:  Breakfast basket:  GC to Walmart, pink basket, 4 pink bowels, pink bag clip, pink spoons, Better Oats Apron, 3 bags of dry cereal and 6 individual cereals variety
Brandon S - 0H - Donation
Clark Jessie & The Rest - FL  Happy 3rd Birthday  Camvie (May 17, 2013)  Chicken $5
Kristy M - MN - Happy Birthday Derecho - Donation in honor of Derecho
Lois & Val S - WI  Happy Birthday card

BOXES, Saturday, 5/14
Beth/Eaglewatcher - IL  3 cases Friskies & 3 cases Friskies in honor of Derecho's Birthday
Gusti/Rose - -2 bags Precious Cat Litter & case of Friskies
Billie K/BKarg - CATATHON 86 piece Art Set for Craft Basket
JoAnn/jz_nyc - NY    8 bags of snackers, CATATHON: Hello Kitty: 2 nail sets, pencils & playing cards                  Word Find, Minons, Disney Princess & Star Wars coloring fun,
Pablo- Pies from Buds in Defiance - 2 Strawberry & a peanut butter 
Anony - Peace Pole for Computer Raffle
Mich & Vern - MI   2 cases Appetizers, 2 - 32 count cases of Friskies
June/Painteddaisy   STUFF!
Ellie Sue - NY  CATATHON:  Variety of beautiful yarns  Bag of yarn for LJ
Web Cam Lurker - NJ   3 pkg Frontline, 2 Visa GC   CATATHON:  Games: Family Guy Clue & Operation with a Family Guy Tote,  Movies:  Family Guy Trilogy and 8 other movies variety
Char and her kitty Missy from Biloxi--- Mother's day card to volunteers and a donation
Vickie B--3 boxes of Woolzies dry balls
Lostgirl--Catathon: For the  Peacock basket-- decorative pouch for note cards and note cards, peacock mirror, music box with a pretty soap

If there's ever a name that I have forgotten or an email that I have not answered, please feel free to let me know. There's so much that goes on here that sometimes things are missed. Thank you.

Tomorrow is our FFRC surgery day. Because of the number of surgeries we have for our own cats, we are only able to take in a few of the public cats.  Here's the scoop:
1 public spay, 1 public neuter
Plus Dr. Darcy will be bringing 2 kittens that need neutered--not sure if boys/girls yet
For FFRC:  Poppy (spay), Veronica (spay), Helen (spay), Kieffer (neuter). Then we have 3 tails: Trucker, Magic and Chloe.
Dr. Darcy has already looked at these tails and has her plan for these cats. 

Because we need to use the back Thumper's Room as our surgery room tomorrow, we will be moving the 3 mamas and all the babies to the Kitty Kabana Room. The window that goes to the purple office will be closed, as will the door in between the two rooms and the little cat door. This way, they can have the Kabana all to themselves. You'll have to watch them on the other kittycam! 

If you've been seeing Farrah limping, you are correct.  Dr. Darcy has already looked at her. It's felt that she has not fractured her rear left leg, but it is indeed very sore. Farrah has always had a "clumsiness" about herself (don't tell her I said that!). She has probably taken a fall. She is on 2 different soreness meds. Because of the discomfort, she has been resting a lot and being still, which is what we want. Cage rest doesn't work for Farrah--she becomes frantic and very upset. Our sweet girl should heal with rest.

I think that covers most things for now. Have a beautiful day!