Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thursday, April 28

There are now 7 cats on my desk. Truly, what can the day be but a good day! And also comes Jessie! 

We had BOXES last night. We always love boxes and so appreciate the senders.
Widdletigger--Catathon: Books--5 Skippy John Jones, 2 Cat vs Dogs, 2 How to speak to Cats
Katie L from Canada--Catathon: kitty hiney playing cards
Billie K--Catathon: Vera Bradley-2 zippered Totes Get Carried Away & Grand Traveler
Purple Cat, mod--Catathon: 12 cans CA Diamond Almonds, variety, made in the town she lives
Joco/JoAnn--Catathon: Queen microfiber bed sheets & plush mattress pad
Gem, mod--sheet of International Stamps
Arden & Charmaine--2 lg. bags Purina One dry
Lostgirl--12 cans salmon, 2 boxes appetizers, 4 bags Purina One
Cheryl from WA--coupons
Dianna C from OH--card with donation to Feliz Navidad Fund
Dianna R from S.A.--Catathon: kitty blanket, bird platter, dove garden stone, peacock & garden bookmarks, peacock paperweight, peacock cutting board
From the FFRC kitties with help from Gusti & Priya--Mothers day card signed by kitties and a donation to FFRC.  Thank you. 
Annette, vol--Catathon: 1 weighted cloth cats & a cat pillow

And we have even more thanks to give!
Donna B from GA--donation for Coralie and the Feliz Navidad Fund!
Garland K from Maine--donation for Feliz Navidad Fund in memory of Blanche Merrill
Marcia S from MI--donation to be used where most needed
Christine H--donation for the Feliz Navidad Fund
Sonnykat--donation to help pay postage for raffle items, in memory of her mom

Polly was out almost all day yesterday! And each day she is more and more relaxed. She very carefully steps into the litterboxes and makes it inside just fine! So proud of her! She is slowly but surely investigating each room. So happy for her. 

We are probably going to open up Cat's Cove next weekend. Ashlyn will be giving it a thorough blast of cleaning, top to bottom. Then it'll be dried, beds put out, food/water bowls placed and the doors opened! The beloved Covie will be open soon!

We had noticed a few new cats out on the farmyard and so set traps for 2 nights (before the rains started again). We were successful in trapping the 4 cats that we were hoping for. So grateful they went into the traps. One (grey tiger) was already neutered. The other 3 (white/tiger, dark orange and a buff orange) were not neutered but we made arrangements to have that job done. So, those 4 are now vaccinated, wormed, tested, flea prevention applied, antibiotic injection given and ears cleaned. They all looked healthy and are now back on the farmyard. They are welcome to be there. We just want to make sure they are all neutered/spayed that are out there. All 4 have been seen since their "event" and are eating at the food stations.

We took in a new cat yesterday. She had been hanging out at a family's barn for the last month. They were concerned because her fur looked like it was "draping down".  So, she was brought in. It turned out her fur was just so matted, that the mats were hanging down. We removed all the mats right away, vaccinated, wormed and tested her and realized that she was also spayed. The family wanted to take her back which we were agreeable with. And then we noticed that she was declawed all 4. So....this girlie could not be outside and they decided she should stay here. She's a beautiful long hair black/white female that is ever so sweet. She has fairly large areas of fur missing where the mats were but that will soon grow back. I imagine she feels so much better and spent quite a bit of time afterwards just grooming---it must've felt so good! 

The Porchies are all doing great. Cliff loves the sunshine (when it's here!). Ceasar loves to nap with his Porchie buds. I don't believe he goes back to the big red barn at all anymore. Azar has been here many mornings lately--loves to eat. He is one large size cat. And then during the day he must go back to his second home! Whiskers is a friendly boy--loves his chin rubbed. He's told quite often that he is very handsome.

I've been asked by several people if I would post the different baskets and big ticket items that we have going for the Catathon. We deeply appreciate the help to fill these baskets. We'd love to have everything in by the 3rd week of May as Jenni will be taking pics of everything then to get them "out there" for you to view. They will then go in our website.  We normally have aprox. 42 Baskets and approx. 16 or so Big Ticket Items. I will list them here: (and thank you for asking!)  The ones with *** means are in extra need of filling.

Adult Coloring
Baby Boy ***
Baby Girl  ***
Bird   ***
Board Games   ***
Books   ***
Boy Fun   ***
Camping Fun #1
Camping FUn #2
Cat Desk Accessories
Cat items for Cat
Cat items for Owner
Christmas   ***
Craft Items   ***
Crochet/Knitting   ***
Disney   ***
Dog   ***
Ferole Arts
Girl Fun   ***
Hello Kitty   ***
Hitty Hiney
Laurel Burch #1
Laurel Burch #2
Mickey Mouse
Mod Fun
Movie Night & Goodies
Peacock   ***
Puzzle   ***
Relaxation/Spa   ***
Sewing   ***
Troyer Country Basket
Vera Bradley
Volunteer Basket
William Sonoma
Wizard of Oz

BIG Ticket Items
"Stray Cats" Picture
Warped Rugs
Lodge Cast Iron Cookware
Wind Chimes (pawprints)
Tiffany Type stain glass kitty
Frozen Ice Castle
LJ afghan
Andrea F afghan
Travel to FFRC

Please realize......things are subject to change a bit as time goes on! 
Remember too, we will have a Catathon Raffle the week before the Catathon with 7-8 items.

All is good here. Today is the last day (ended at 9 this morning) for the Raffle for Feliz Navidad Fund. We will do that drawing during the afternoon of Operation: Feliz Navidad.