Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Weds., April 20

Miau, Miau.  That's Meow in Spanish. Why do we need to know that? Because a wonderful cat is coming here to FFRC from Peurto Rico. So, what's the story?

There is a group of ladies who do TNR in Peurto Rico. They Trap, Neuter and then Release back in the cat's own territory. A while ago, they trapped a beautiful Siamese cat that was living in a cat colony. Initially, they thought they would just TNR her, but she was so sweet, they didn't want to return her out to the wild. She is a very nice and friendly cat. She loves people and gets along with other cats. She is also a CH cat--moderate level and uses the litterbox like a nice lady cat. 

We were asked if we could possibly find a spot for her in our Rescue Center. Her name is Polly. I wrote back to the lady and said Polly just so happens to be one of my favorite names for a cat so of course we would take her! lol.  

I learned more of her story. She was put in a foster home in Puerto Rico. They had tried and tried to place her there on their island with zero luck. This was their first encounter with a CH cat. "You can imagine nobody here wants to work with special needs cats. It is truly incredible. The island's euthanasia rate is 95%. It's practically impossible to adopt out a healthy adult, even less a cat with some sort of issue, so we reach out to the shelters in the USA to see if they get lucky there. So, I'm very grateful to FFRC for giving Polly this opportunity."

Our emails back and forth started a week ago. Polly has been spayed, vaccinated, tested for Leukemia/FIV, dewormed and is now flea-free. She looks to be a Lynx Siamese with beautiful blue eyes. Polly is 5 years old.

Then we needed to work on what flight to get her here and what airport. I told the TNR lady that Fort Wayne is our closest airport to FFRC. She has made all the plans for the travel. And this TNR organization is paying for her fare and all of her medical needs up to the point of which she arrives at FFRC. 

She will arrive at 11:50 tomorrow night, Thursday. She will travel American Airlines. All of her medical papers will accompany her, of course. The TNR lady will take her to the airport and be sure all is accountable on her end. I will be there to pick her up. Big thanks to Connie D for covering me for breakfast Friday morning so I can get a bit of sleep! 

We will love and care for Polly and give her a good life.  Depending on her mobility and use of litterbox, we may be able to find a home for her at some point (remember how happy Solee, Bender, Lorenzo, Charleston, Milo, Freemont, Cecil, Wrigley are!)

And why do we feel the need to do this? The answer to this is simple---because we want to, because Polly matters, because we have love to give her. She is a cat in need and we would like to help. It's as easy as that.  Welcome to Polly!