Saturday, April 23, 2016

Saturday, April 23

Hola Amiga!  Hello friend, to Polly! She is here, safe and sound. Her travel from Puerto Rico to here was pretty much uneventful, other than a 1/2 delay in Chicago. We arrived back about 2:00 am and got her tucked in a pen with fluffy blankets, food and water and a kiss good night. Yesterday, her first full day was a quiet day for her. We had her on the floor 3 different times--just a short bit to stretch her legs. Starting today she will be out much more, in the front Thumper's Room. Her appetite has picked up --she ate a good breakfast this morning. She's a real sweetie. She appears to be a moderate CH, similar to how Merri walks. And she has used her litterbox everytime! She seems a real gentle soul. 

We had BOXES last night! Many, many thanks from us to you!
Diana C & Amy H from OH--potty bags, Mr. Clean erasers, kitty snackers, case of FF chicken
Clark, Jessie & the rest--HB to Pania and Jessie--they love their cards & the 2 chicken $5's
Ann at Dr. P's office--thank you card for finding a home for Bobbi and a donation
Tom C from IL--donation to FFRC
Don & Joy from NY & their kitties--book: I Knead my Mommy & Other Poems 
Katie L from Canada--for Catathon: handmade kitty coasters for the Hiney/Butt Basket!
Beth/eaglewatcher--18 hand towels, 4 big bags Purina One Dry food
BIllie K--for Catathon: bath tissue holder, kleenex holder & bird house feeder
Joco--For Catathon: 2 My pillow travel & 2 My pillow regular size for Bed Basket
Eric & Carrie M--6" & 9" plates, 10 cans Friskies, Fancy Feast Broths, treats for vols
Jatcat--shirts for Flash Sale
Deb11111--6 bags Purina One dry cat food
Merlys R & Charles & Wendy B both from NH--donation in memory of Blanche M for the Feliz Navidad fund

We have more thanks to give!
BIllie K--donation to help get Polly all settled in!
Gusti--donation to cover gas & parking fees to get Polly

We had an adoption this morning! Beautiful KinneyKat was adopted by Deb11111. She will join a family of other Persians. What a wonderful cat she is. She has blossomed so much since she's been here and I imagine she will turn into a very social, extra sweet cat under Deb's care. 

We took in another little baby yesterday--about 4 weeks old. A little boy, black and white. He had fallen into the wall of a barn. After retrieving him, he was brought here to FFRC. We tested him, wormed & capstarred him and gave him a bath. He was then placed in with Veronica's kittens. Mama took right to him and is giving him love and attention.

We've heard from the lady who adopted Janessa. All is good. She also sent a picture of her napping in the window sill, in the sunshine.  She says that Janessa has adjusted well, is very playful and follows her everywhere!

Since Bella's Place (the dog kennel) is all fixed up, we have been slowly trying a few cats out there. Trucker and Magic have now both been out numerous times and they love it. Very busy cats out there! And today, we let Walter go out. He was quite amazed at this new place--very curious and gave it a good check over. We'll continue to try some of the resident cats out there, especially when that sun is shining! 

Monday starts the Operation: Feliz Navidad Raffle. All monies donated will go towards the Feliz Navidad Fund. The Raffle has 3 awesome items--A--XBox One, B--iPadAir, C--Kindle
This drawing will be during the afternoon of the event! It starts at 2:00 pm!