Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tuesday, April 12

1,2,3,4,5,6---that's how many cats are helping with this blog! Have room for one more to squeeze in! 

We had BOXES last night! Big thanks to you all!
Faithy--For Catathon: a Perfect Cooker (kitchen basket) also 3 mini shovels for the garden basket that says: Dram, Laugh and Love.  Also 3 cute girly pens, 50 x 60 tan soft throw
Anonymous Friend--case of babyfood
Mary, Fri. vol--TP, coupons, 2 Soft Soap.  For Catathon: craft items
Katie/Goofy, our visitor--kitty toys, lots of snackers, potty bags (no holes!), 3 cases Fancy Feast
Ellie/Fed Ex lady--baby food jars, 4 pkgs paper plates
Connie D's family Dianna/sister--2 cases Friskies, 2 lg. bags of snackers
Beth/eaglewatcher--kitty postacards with this months model as Clarissa
Pam/zoolove--Purr Pillow,  kong Wubba, 12 doses Frontline, case of KMR
Widdletigger--Catathon: camping items--meal kit, marshmallow sticks an over-the-fire popper, super hammock
Catlvr--poptabs.  Catathon: crochet/knitting basket--needles, tape measure, 16 skeins yarn
Stephanie & Jesse day visitors--dry cat food, Fancy Feast, kitty wipes & TP
Annette20--Easter card with donation
Pat, Thursday night vol--donation for the spay/neuter fund
Brenda/yarnlover--Catathon: Book 67 reasons Cats are Better than Dogs, pillow with cat saying, Trivet with Auglaize River/FFRC address on it from National Geographic
Phyliss B/kittiesmom--Catathon: Travel Monopoly, Minons Memory game, 12 movies

This past weekend we had another 2 adoptions! Makalah Sue is now home in Penns. with Emily and Lena. Rooney also went to her new home. Rooney is going to be queen of the household as she will be the only cat! 

We've had an update already on Makalah Sue. Cheri and Bob says she has no fear--goes everywhere. She's playing and is enjoying herself! Sounds like Lena is a big mama's girl. Emily loves the windows and bird watching! 

 We've also heard from Clarissa's new mom. She says Clarissa choose her and that she is being licked alot! This made me smile as that is what Clarissa would do to us here at FFRC. Clarissa is also sleeping on the bed with her new mom!

Elsie just zipped up the climbing pole here in the Purple Office, following Janessa. I have to watch with only 1 eye! They are trotting right along the cat walks at the top.  No fear at all in that girl. 

We have thanks to give:
Madisonpepper--donation to FFRC, in honor of chatter ipurr2 for helping her. 
Napa/Donna S--donation in honor of Pania's 4th birthday (special breakfasts for Pania!) 
Graweyr--donation to be used where needed
Jaroslav from Czech--donation to FFRC

For the month of March, ResQwalk has donated $50.49 to our account! Yeah--this represents lots of miles by you, our FFRC helpers! Thank you. Total of what we have earned thru ResQwalk, simply by walking, running and biking is $391.17.  Wow!  Keep those miles coming please! It's free, good for you and great for the cats.

Please mark April 30th on your calendar!  Probably about 2:00 ish.  It's a fundraiser called Operation: Feliz Navidad.  You just might see big roundworms, an eye enucleation, roundworms, Dr. Catscan, HUGE cats, advertisements with Meowy News and Facts,  x-rays of  a fractured bone that results in an amputation, blood drawn with a GIANT neeble.  Oh no--there's also a HUGE flea and tick.  What is going on???  And to add to the fun, there will be a Raffle for Operation: Feliz Navidad. Starting on April 26 and ending on the 29th (9:00 am), we will have 3 awesome items involved. The 3 items are an XBox One/360, 500 GB, an iPad Air and a Kindle!  Three wonderful items! All tickets will go towards the Feliz Navidad Fund.  There will also be stories and pictures of past cats that have benefited from the Feliz Navidad Fund.

You may ask what is Feliz Navidad Fund.  A special cat arrived here at FFRC on 12/17/09. She came in with severe problems due to hypothermia. But....she survived and lived 4 years here as my personal sweet pet. Hear her full story at our event and understand why this fund is so important to FFRC. Monies for this special account is used for the over and above medical needs of incoming/present cats. 

By the way--there is now 7 cats on my desk--another one squished into the pile of fur! And Elsie is back safely on the floor playing with a stuffed toy.