Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday, April 15

A huge sigh of relief. A huge thank you to you all. And a check written to pay our veterinary bill! I am so very grateful.   

We had our Raffle last night. Many thanks to all who participated and to those who provided the items that were in the Raffle. Thanks to the mods for your help and promoting this event. Thanks to Canton for your FB info and to Dawnstar for the Raffle video. Thanks too to Diana and Katie for taking care of the tickets. We are a very grateful bunch here!

Here's the scoop:
Item A:   Go Cat Stroller   31 tickets sold=$155, won by Vickie H
Item B:   Rolling backpack carrier   30 tickets sold=$150, won by SoleeandDaisysdad
Item C:   Purple afghan   49 tickets sold=$245, won by Judeannlee
Item D:   3 Rings & Coffee   45 tickets sold=$225, won by Hencass
               also had a surprise! 3 people won a single ring: Kimkost, Jamiecat & Mary Braid
Item E:   Trivets   56 tickets sold=$280, won by FaithyMD
Item F:   Carrier x 2   64 tickets sold=$320, won by Cantoncat & Anonymous Friend
Item G:   Water lily afghan   80 tickets sold=$400, won by Zoolove
Item H:    Hello There afghan   129 tickets sold=$645, won by Joco

Total from above is $2,420

Then we had our wonderful Bump Up Friends--you all are extraordinarily wonderful!  Jo63, Dewbus, Eaglewatcher, EarthEyes, Farmgirl, Joco, Pat Thurs Vol, Lannml, Elliesue, Mich, Bbsmom, Faithy & Dixie and Pawlapurr.  This added another $1,160

Our Grand total now was:   $3,580

We are able to pay our veterinary bill in FULL with a bit to spare! Thank you so much--what a relief!  A very good feeling.

We also had consolation prizes, of course! Those winners were: Nancy Sku, Diann Bal, Wickedwings, Mary S, Ferole, Jacqueline Me, Sunniejack, Vaun the Mod, Janet Sch     Congrats! 

We also had BOXES last night! You all are appreciated!
FaityMD--For Catathon: LED cameleon flashlight, 2 thermo/ice bags, 4 outdoor plaques and one resin cat plaque
Justme--for the upcoming Operation: Feliz Navidad Raffle: Kindle!
Billie K--dream light-up resin rock for FFRC garden--has a bird at the top!
Anonymous friend--kitty t-shirt--cat on the front is designed from lots of little kitties! 

This blog's purpose is to give thanks to you all.  Surgeries are tomorrow! Keep us and all the cats in your prayers and good thoughts!  Have a great Friday!