Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tuesday, April 26

Guess who is in the window sill in the Kitty Kabana! It's Polly and she got there all by herself! Yesterday we had her up in the Main Area for most of the morning and afternoon. She still spends her night time in her pen where she can sleep soundly and undisturbed. She's a little shy but each day is better. I do believe she will fit into this cushie life very nicely! 

We had BOXES last night! I am just so grateful for your support.
Katie L from Canada--Catathon: a really cute cat hiney tote! What a great basket!
Tabbycat & Tween--Catathon: Mickey Mouse album with 36 page protectors
David & Sherry/neuromom--card and chicken $5 in memory of Bella
Donna B--variety of postage stamps
Susan G--box tops for Caryn and girls
Clark, Jesse & the rest--Happy BD card-Pania & chicken $5  (this was thought to be lost!)
Billie K--4 bags RC baby cat. Catathon: Easter 4 napkins, lantern for a votive light, 2 pretty orange containers & matching tray for bathroom, gold rim basket--beautiful
Mary S & Elsie--card with note. Catathon: hand stitched pillow humming bird & flowers, books, audio books, tapestry cat puzzle
Zoolove/Pam--Catathon: lots of great items: cat bed, 2 thermal pet beds, cat art book, cat throw pillow, cat fan, kitten eyeglass holder, butterflies & flower garage door magnet sets, pet cat throw quilt, cat welcome door mat, cat welcome garden lawn stake, Holiday cat garden stake, a cat/butterfly braided rug
Kelly L--donation to FFRC

The Operation Feliz Navidad Raffle is on! Check out the FFRCNation site, the FB pages or see the video on the cam (shown periodically each day). I am extra thankful for this raffle to help us replenish this special fund. It closes at 9 am on Thursday. The drawing will be sometime Saturday afternoon at the special event!

Where can you see 2-five foot cats, watch a neuter, get more cat facts, hear stories of long ago cats that needed the Feliz Fund, see some really neat parasite pics, witness a 6 inch tooth pulled from a cat--the list goes on and on! Just come and watch our cam at 2:00 on Saturday! It's all a part of having fun and to raise funds for our Feliz Navidad fund!

It has begun! The escaping of little kittens! The newest little black/white kitten that is a foster for Veronica has discovered it's great fun to climb out of his pool. Frequently the long hair grey/white kitten joins him! Mama picks them up and puts them back in the pool.  I still find it amazing to see all 3 mamas contentedly nursing their own kittens in their own pool. No fuss, no grumbling! Every once in a while, mama Poppy will lift a kitten out of her pool and place on the floor to nurse that one. This always results in an uproar of the other 4 kittens. Then Veronica has to come over. She just gazes at the squealing 4 kittens, looks at Poppy, then returns to her own pool! Mama Chloe is content to stay put in her pool almost the entire time!  Poppy's babies still appear to be all white. We'll see very soon what they will be.

Lucy Ann is here on my desk this morning enjoying head rub and ear scratches. Such a sweet girl. Mittens of course is looking for trouble again. He loves to shove his legs into the printer when it is working. I've pulled his legs out dozens of times. Coralie has enjoyed napping inside Tonio's cupboards int he mornings. She even shares with the kittens!

Helen and Kieffer and Dakota are zipping around like crazy. They have energy galore and are eating good. They are becoming wheel runners! Mama Shawnee sure enjoys her "out of room" time. They are out almost all day but still go back in their rooms for night time. 

We have the extra palm tree over by Alma's area. She so enjoys that there and will frequently scratch her claws on it all by herself! Yesterday she actually climbed up it. That girl amazes me. She never has a potty accident--she is 100% litterbox user. I'm sure she gives great  encouragement to the other CH cats! 

Elsie is still our climber girl. She truly has been everywhere, on everything! She and Tryphosa are good friends.

Take care, everyone. Have a great day. We had a terrific story during the early morning. The birds are singing and the grass is green!