Monday, April 4, 2016

Monday, April 4

Spay/neuter----we want to do more, more, more!  That is the real answer to the cat overpopulation problem. Today was our second Transport Spay/Neuter day. We sent up 36 cats to HumaneOhio! I'm thrilled and would love to do this more often. Out of those 36 cats, 34 were females and 2 were boys. Check ins took about 40 minutes. Right after the last cat arrived, we loaded up the bus. They will return about 5:30 - 5:45 this evening and then we will do check outs and explain their procedures, etc to each family. 

Here's the total picture so far:  As of today, we have helped with 158 spays/neuters!  The breakdown is 81 females and 77 males since 1/30/16.  This involves 3 FFRC surgery dates, 2 Transport events and 11 vouhers. Every cat that is spayed/neutered, WILL make a difference to that cat! 

You can help--simply reach out. Take a stray cat, ask a neighbor if they need a cat spayed or neutered, help finance a spay/neuter for someone who can't afford to have the surgery on their cat.  Help us. Help the cats. Be a part of the overpopulation problem--part of the solution. 

We had BOXES on Friday evening. Big thanks to each of you for your support!
Mary, vol, from Archbold--4 jugs handsoap, 8 washtowels, coupons
Linda S/mls--4 jugs handsoap
Lannml--Catathon-Stained Glass kitty light
Nuthatch--Catathon--Mickey Mouse Kettle Popcorn Maker
Anonymous for Janessa--box in a box, in a box, in a box, in a box! Fun & yes she chewed it! 
LJ323--2 memory bath mats, 2 blankies, 2 soft beds, 12 cans Chicken, 2 bags Fruit Gems
Sarah, Contessa's daughter--Easter card with photo of Sarah
Donna B from GA with Flash, Kitty, Jabby & Coralie, Tory--sponsorship for Coralie, 2 snackers and 4 catnip toys
Lostgirl--7 large jugs Mr. Clean--smell good kind!
Brenda from OH--visitor--paper towels, cat food, lysol wipes, snackers, canned cat food
Leslie from OH--visitor--card with donation
Insun S from S. Korea--donation to FFRC

It's been a hard couple days since the loss of Bella. She has been here for the majority of the years that FFRC has been opened. The next morning after Bella passed, I was rather down in the dumps. The reason is that it got me thinking of all the past cats that we have lost--many from the early times of FFRC. What a bummer. And then I walked out into the Rescue Center and there were so so many that I saw--Farrah, Trucker, Derecho, Sea Turtle, Jessie, Paddy Bros, Coralie, Asha, Pania, Alma, Joyful, Joline Merri, Walter--these are just a few. These will be "the next generation" of cat friends. Time does change things. We have lost awesome cats over the years. And still, we will continue on with our rescue work. To not continue on means no new cat friends and I sure don't want to do that. So.....let us continue, have peace with what happens and enjoy each and every cat that comes our way. Afterall, every cat DOES matter, here at FFRC.

We have much gratitude for the donations made in memory of Bella: Mrs.BoomerNC, Janet K from NY, Amy Coyl from IL, Oilsandsgirl, Cheryl B from AZ, Karl M from IA, David P from Netherlands, Gusti, Fergiesguardian, Christine C from GA, Eartheyes, Elliesue, Kaseyann, OldestManAlive, Minnkitty

Thanks to Gusti for her donation for Jessie Sr's happy birthday. Jessie is now 17 years old. She arrived here at age 15 years old. Jessie is a spry oldster. She loves her chin rubbed and the movement of the washer to take a nap!

Happy birthday too, to Merri. Merri is now 9 years old. She arrived here at age 6 yrs from Long Island NY. She is one of our CH cats. A beautiful girl! 

Saturday we had ice, snow, rain and big winds. Have no worries though--the Barnies, Porchies, Firecats and Covies are all snug. Lots of warm blankies and cuddle areas to stay warm. 

Shawnee has decided that it's time for Dakota to stop nursing. So, we are mixing up little bits of gruel for this tiny baby. It's so funny to see him standing in a plate with all 4 feet in it and him slurping up his meals! He has also found Bella's pink poof and climbs right in the middle of it and naps. He looks like a black speck in a pink mountain! He's growing and is strong.

Another Volunteer Profile! This one is on Pat C, our Thursday evening volunteer.  Thanks, Pat!
How long been at FFRC?  4-5 years
How many pets do you have at home?  5 cats
Do you have a hobby?  Crochet, cross stitch, reading
What are some of the best things you like about FFRC? Helping make things better for the cats
Name some of your favorite cats--Fatima, Camvie, Trucker, Joey, Merri, Asha
One of your favorite events from FFRC--adopting Fifi!