Thursday, April 7, 2016

Thursday, April 7

This afternoon at 2:00 ish will be a Flash Sale! Mich and Vern are coming back to help us with another sale! So appreciative of them. Lots of items including leggydews and biggydews! Come, enjoy and have fun. 

We have several adoptions coming up. Today at about 12:45, Clarissa will be adopted! Yes, our Clarissa girl! I do believe she picked this new person. The lady that is adopting her has a lap all for Clarissa! We are going to send her beloved fish bed with her and will replace it. 

Bob and Cheri will arrive tomorrow morning. They will be coming from Pennsylvania and last month adopted Emily and Lena. They love little Makalah Sue and have waited this whole time for her to be spayed, to recover from her eye enucleation and to get healthy. We are now at that point and she is more than ready to be adopted! An extra sweetie girl. They will leave on Sunday.

On Saturday, the lady who has been here several times to visit with Rooney will be coming about 5:30 in the afternoon to adopt this beautiful cat. Rooney will do just fine and has come a long way since her arrival. Love her long fur and how she sits so proud and pretty!

On the 16th, we have two things going on. That is our FFRC surgery day. In addition to having surgeries, we have a lot of physicals that need done. These physicals take time and so will have to watch how many surgeries we take.  We also have Pat and Vicki visiting for the weekend. The big project is the dog's pen! We will be adding the fence bend bars to the top of their pen. This is the same set up that we have for the LJ Playground. Once this is done, we can let the resident cats out in that area to enjoy themselves. 

We had BOXES Weds. evening. We give you our thanks for your generosity!
Katie L from Canada. All for Catathon:  many items for a great Kitty theme office items--magnets, tape dispensers, pens, picture hanger, journal, kaddy kitty with paperlcips, sticky mems, mousepad, magnetic note pads, smart phne holder, stapler.  Also a kitty earring tree and a Crazy Cat Lady Board Game for other baskets.
Widdletigger--box of 2" scotch tape, 4 cases babyfood
Lostgirl--4 cleaners for variety of surfaces.  For Catathon: camping basket--storm proof matches, scissors, LED flashlight, box of kindling for starting fires
Mary vol from Archbold--20 pks Fancy Feast Broth for Jolene
Betz from PA--2 cases Friskies
Helen N from OH--donation to FFRC
Clark, Jessie & the rest--Happy 12th BD Joline and chicken $5, Happy 14th birthday to Joyful & chicken $5.
Pat/bedheadsdad--donation to cover lots of leggydews for cats/kittens being adopted
KellyR/littleonemine--4 bags snackers, case of Purrfectly Fish, 6 cans sardines, 2 lg. cans tuna, case of Meow Mix cups, coupons
Mary R/prisotis--In memory of Bella--beautiful windchime for outside. Catathon--another beautiful windchime
Karla C/beachkatz--note & donation of a beautiful kitty stone for Bella in the Angel Garden.
David H/wolfpatch--poof pink plaque saying Bella Is Out to hang above her doggie door with her collar and tag attached.
Eugene & Lillian H from FL--donation in memory of Blanche M. She &daughter visited FFRC
Judi C from OH/Bams other mom--a thank you note and donation
Plee--for Catathon: a beautiful cross stitched and framed picture "Window of Kitties".
Susan M/macncheesemom--donation for spay/neuter program in memory of Macaroni
Trudy S from OH--donation to FFRC

Many thanks too, to the following:
Brendan D--donation to FFRC
Sean & Kelly I from TX--donation to FFRC
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
Shannon & Donavon S from IL--donation for Victor, Leonard & Jackson & all their friends
David D--donation to FFRC
Michael JW--donation to FFRC

So much love and caring pouring out for the loss of our Bella. She is sorely missed and most certainly was A Big Deal.  Many thanks to the following for making a memorial donation for Bella.
Kittiesmom, Judeanlee & Phil, KimKost, Lucy/Lu-Little & Benny, Saqueekymom (flowers), Mary Ann B, Vaun S, Lynda S, Jakesmeowmy, Knittinkitten, Geremy & Gloria K.    Also many thanks to Wolfpatch for the purchase of a special sign for Bella.  It says" Bella is Out" and mimics the sign we put on the dog's door so we all knew if Bella was inside or outside. It's on a poof pink color and also has her Big Deal tag attached to it. So very nice. 

Shawnee and Dakota are doing great. Shawnee arrived here with an upper respiratory infection which is probably why her babies passed away. She is now much better. Dakota continues to grow and become more active. He sure is a good slurper of his food! Such a little baby with a big personality already.

That Franklin Tommie--what a special boy he is. He loves action, loves to play and can go from morning to night at high speed. Vivienne is doing great. We still have not had to express her bladder as she is urinating quite nicely on her own. It appears her bladder is healing! We still have to contend with her kidney issues but for right now, that is doing ok. Her fractured femoral head still needs attention. We have her scheduled for her FHO (femoral head osteotomy on May 11th. 

KinneyKat is out and about part time! Yesterday she decided she would like to venture out and explore. What a wonderful thing to watch. We do put her back in Cat's Corner Room for short times to make sure she is eating. This little girl is a talker! You can carry on a conversation with her--she'll talk to you when you talk to her! Such a really nice cat.