Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thursday, April 21

Hi folks! Twelve hours from now we should be back with Polly. She is in good hands. The group of volunteers that are sending her off are very experienced at working with cat travel! Steve will be going with me to Fort Wayne. All will be just fine!

We had BOXES last night. You all are appreciated!
Zoolove/Pam--an awesome laptop with a great warranty on it, for Operation Feliz Navidad
Beth/eaglewatcher--Catathon: Lodge Cast Iron--4 qt pot, 5qt pot, 10 1/2 pan, 10 1/2 skillet, 2 glass lids, Purple silicone hot handle holder
Billie K--Catathon: Bath & BOdy Works: 3 bottles spray body mist, 2 lg. candles, 2 infusers
JoAnn/JZ_NY--2 cases baby food
Pckrbckr--3 bottles detergent, 60 big plates, TP, 2 boxes q-tips, 12 lysol wipes, 20 Sheba, 
10 bags snackers.
Vicki B--6 bags of Royal Canin BabyCat dry
Joco--2 wonderful 30 x 60 faux sheep bed pads for mamas/babies, 4 bags Purina Pro Plan
Widdletigger--2 big bags Good Life dry cat
Judy & Phil--Catathon: yarn.  Also fleece for Warped
Donnajb--4 boxes 3 cc syringes, 8 boxes capstar, and Advantage Plus flea prevention
Vickie & Pat--Catathon: puzzle, Hello Kitty, Disney, Frozen, & a whole basket for Wizard of OZ.  Lg. Home Interior picture for flash sale
Eric W--day visitor--Friskies cans & kitty snackers
Lois/Lann--2 bags Purina One dry cat food
Deb11111--12 boxes appetizers

Many thanks too to Warped for providing us with items for our PawMart Store: 18 trivet mats, 8 walker totes, 24 zippered nip pads, 36 kickeroos, 18 water/soda holders, 8 awesome monkey in blankie, 18 pillowcases pairs. Plus she is donating 7 of her warped rugs for the Catathon.

More thanks to give!
Janet A--donation for the Feliz Navidad fund, in honor of Bella & in honor of Pania's birthday
Jane W from TN--donation, just to help!
Tracy L from OH--donation to FFRC

Oliver and Fabio got their summer groom yesterday. They are all fluffy and handsome! They still have their fur but their underbellies were shaved. Fabio was laying flat on his back and sunning his tummy yesterday! Sevaun ended up having to have her hiney shaved and her back end is now all combed. She didn't like it too well but we all think she is so pretty now. We have weekly been grooming many of the cats to remove their winter fur.

We have some dates for you! 
April 25-28--Operation: Feliz Navidad Raffle  (Kindle, iPad Air, Xbox One)
April 30th--Operation: Feliz Navidad, at 2:00   Fun times ahead!
June 12-15--Catathon Raffle We already know a few things that will be in the Raffle, which are:  50 inch Smart TV, iPad Air, Laptop, 2 afghans
June 19th--Catathon

The new 3 mamas and their 10 babies are all doing wonderful. Babies have nice, round tummies.  Mamas are all agreeable with each other and do not bother the babies that are not theirs.

Shawnee has been coming out more and more. Her kitten Dakota is a zoomer! And his two new friends, Helen and Kieffer are so sweet. They are quite the 3-some now. 

We had an adoption yesterday! Janessa went to her new home. She has her own mom now that has lots of time to pet and be with her. Her grandchildren already love Janessa and enjoyed playing with her here at FFRC. What a great cat!