Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tuesday, April 19

Our new mamas have arrived. And they are extra sweet cats. Never have we been able to have 3 mamas that have never seen each other before, be comfortable in the same room together. Not only that, they each have their own swimming pools on the floor and can be out and about in the room! Their new names are from the Name a Cat list! They are homed in the Back Thumper's Room for now.  A new nickname for them: SOS (Southern Ohio Squad)! 

Here's the new mamas and babies:
Chloe, formally known as Curly. She has a nasty kinked up tail--poor baby. The injury to her tail must've been an awful thing to deal with. She's a short hair black/white girl. She ended up having to have a c-section and was spayed at the same time. She has 2 babies that were born on 4/13: a grey female and a black male. She's a nice girl and very contented with her little ones.

Veronica, formally known as the Jessie L cat. She had given birth in a random garage. The owner was going to put her on FB but the Rescue took her in. She is a beautiful medium-long black/white girl. She has 3 kittens that were born on 4/6. She has a grey tiger female, a grey/white male (who has a white stripe on the tail) and a brown tiger/wh, ASH that is a male. 

Poppy is the Lynx point siamese. Someone found her on a farm that really did not want any of the upcoming kittens, as she was obviously pregnant. The Rescue took her in on 4/8 and on 4/11 she gave birth to 5 kittens. These kittens are thought to be all siameses, but time will tell!  Poppy has 3 girls and 2 boys.

Siamese kittens are born totally white in color. This color change is caused by a genetic abnormality that is related to albinism. While a siamese litter remains in mama's womb, it remains warm, hence the lighter fur color. Once the kittens are born, they slowly but surely start to develop color.  After a siamese kitten is born, they tend to stay pure white for a few weeks.  The only thing that makes me wonder if they are for sure siamese babies is because of a few suspicious dark grey marks on the top of the foreheads, which so many white cats  have-- bits and pieces of grey on their foreheads. Whatever they are---we know two things--time will tell and whatever they end up being, they are already well loved! 

It's done!  Thanks to Pat/bedheadsdad. He and Vicki spent the weekend with us helping us in many different ways. Pat has the protective, strong bottom wire on the dog's outside kennel. It goes up on the fence about 20 inches and then about 15 inches under the stone and cement pavers---no digging out! The new strong gate is also in place---no more doggies getting thru the old gate. He also put up the hinged arms at the top of the fence with the Purrfect Fence. It's all done and ready. We will be selective as to which cats can go outside--we really don't want any cats going outside that are up for adoption. Magic and Trucker have already declared it to be a really fun place! The new name for the dog's kennel will be Bella's Place. The new plaque is already ordered.

Shawnee and Dakota are now in the Cat's Corner Room. So are Dakota's new friends Kiefer and Helen. We've been opening the door some during the day for them to be out and about. They are so fun to watch--their energy level is high!

We had BOXES last night! We are blessed to have such a wonderful support system as you all.
Tabbycatkid and Tween--Catathon: Great Wolf Lodge awesome gift card--an indoor waterpark
Anita/anitabs1--card,  lots of note cards and stickers & pom poms for Magic
Katie L Canada--Catathon: kitty hiney necklace & kitty coin purse both for Hiney Basket!
Whobe, Cita's Poppy, Amber & her Skye in memory of Bella--case of Fancy Feast
Maureen C from WA--art cards, bookmarks, Book Watership Down, licorice treats, tuna, green T-shirt with "I See You". For Catathon: cat cookie cutters, comfort carrier.
Sally M/eaglespirti--donation for 1 outdoor & 2 indoor spays/neuters/1 nail trim & 1 vacc!
Macncheesemom--card with donation
Pauline/deptford--lg glass yellow ducky for Jacci, 4 small duckies for PawMart
Mike from CA---article from the ASPCA
Donnajb--5 more cases FF kitten, 2 bags Royal Canin BabyCat
Nona--donation for our Spay/Neuter program
Little Kat & Elaine & Alan--3 great photos, card with note from Little Kat & her allowance!
Donna R from TX--bag of feathers for the cats. Catathon: 2 kitty Christmas pins, 1 kitty Christmas earrings, a beautiful cross stitch afghan with snowflakes--all different! A cross stitch pillow that is so colorful called Midnight Cats.

Big thanks to Diana S from Columbia--she got together with many of you and put together a wonderful book of our chatter's cats watching the FFRC cam. I love it! 

Our Mods............I am so grateful. At Boxes, a portrait of Bella in 3 different poses was given to FFRC from the Mods. This portrait was done by our friend Wanda who does such beautiful work. This portrait is superb and she has totally captured Bella's look.  Also included is another picture of Bella donated by Wanda herself. I just would like to say a special thanks---these pictures truly touched my heart. I grieve for each cat and kitten that we lose, but Bella was an extra tough one. Thank you Mods and Wanda.My brother in law, Dave will put these in beautiful frames and then they will be hung on the ceiling in Kitty Kabana.  I think so highly of our mods--they make a huge difference to FFRC and are also such good friends to me and FFRC.