Saturday, April 9, 2016

April 9, Saturday

Happy Birthday to Joyful! This sweet quiet girl arrived here 12/29/12. Her birthday is in 2002 so that makes her 14 years old today! She is our white Persian that loves the Welcome Room--her favorite spot is a fluff bed on the table or on the top tier of the Kuranda Tower where she can watch outdoors. Joyful came from a dreadful place---had been abused, neglected and made to endure a house of drugs. It took her a while to help gain her trust. She still isn't too keen on lots of people petting her but once she has accepted you, she will be your friend. 

In the last 2 days, we've had snow, rain, sleet, hail and big winds. I believe I can say with confidence, we are all ready for spring! The Covies, Barnies, Porchies and Firecats and the farm animals are doing just fine but they too are waiting for bright sunshine.

We had BOXES last night! So exciting and we are so thankful!
Shari L from CA--Royal River Gems custom made necklaces/bracelets--Flash Sale items!
Katie L from Canada: for Catathon--for kitty butt/hiney basket: welcome mat, pillow, kitty metal hanger with multiple cats on it.
Beth/eaglewatcher: for Catathon--for Camping Basket: bonfire camp latern, 3 adult sleeping bags, Coleman sundome tent, tent accessories kit, Coleman camp stove
Anonymous Friend--Catathon:  camp lantern, camping cookware mess kit, sundome tent
Cheri & Bob--visitors/adoptive family of Makalah Sue! LOTS and LOTS of items--many different kinds of cat food.  Center supplies such as trash bags, towels, dishcloths, bleach, vinegar, etc.  For the VOlunteers:  snackers, PB crackers, candy.  Catathon: many items, some for garden basket, bird basket, peacock basket, disney basket, adult coloring books/pencils,m DVDs for movie basket.  Thank you so so much!

Yesterday we had an adoption--sweet Clarissa left. She went to a lady who has lots of time, a lap and much love to give. Clarissa seemed to already know she was going---kept hanging around us during her adoption paperwork. So sweet! 

Caution, caution!  Here are a few plants that are toxic to cats and dogs.  Yew, Castor Bean, Peace Lilies, Lily of the Valley, Crocuses, Tulips, Daffodils and Hyacnths. Gotta keep our pets safe! 

We also had BOXES on Thursday evening! We give you lots of thanks!
Medic 101--2 cases Fancy Feast
Betz--case of Friskies
Judi Sp--3 bags of Precious Cat Litter
Cheryl L from WA--card in sympathy for Bella
Linda W from OH--family of Abe, Kit, Rooney & Cleo's mom--donation from her service
Nicolas from OH--coupons
Clark, Jessie & the rest--Happy 14th birthday to Mew with a chicken $5
Jan from HI--2 boxes tea, scrubbies, juice powder mixes. For Eldora: box of tea, hand towel & hard candies.  For Catathon: 3-D crystal kitty puzzle.  2 thermo bags, Hawaii Spirit tote
Katie L from Canada--Catathon items! HINEY BASKET--pencil sharpenter, 7 kitty key hanger, kitty hiney magnets, 2 books (about hiney/potty), kitty coin purse, wine stopper!
Adult coloring Basket--11 coloring books variety, color pencils, 2 blender pencils, pencil sharpener   For FFRC Kitties--15 mylar balls, Pet Fusion scratcher, critter toys, 4 big snackers.
Joanne P/joey3100--ream of copy paper, 3 boxes of 2 inch heavy duty packaging tape
Mich & Vern--Catathon: Frozen decals & movie snackers.  Also 6 Clorox wipes & coupons

Big thanks to Mich and Vern who did our Flash Sale on Thursday! I am so grateful. Also big thanks to the mods for their help, to each person who made/donated the items and to the viewers who participated in the sale. We made approx. $1,430.  These funds will go to much needed operational needs.  

We have a few other thanks too to give!
Mich & Vern--donation to be used where needed
Christine C from WV--donation to FFRC
Pat M/himmichigal--donation in memory of Bella
Thomas W--donation to FFRC

Happy Birthday to Mew--our handsome buff and white Porchie boy. He is now 14 yrs old. He arrived here at FFRC on 4/15/04 when he was 2 years old. He made his presence known by meowing, meowing and meowing---hense his name! He got a nice breakfast and much extra pets!

Catathon season is on!  Packages and Boxes are coming in! The excitement is building. Mark your calendar for June 19th! We have some Baskets already started (but we're always open to more/different ideas and items to top off the baskets!): Hello Kitty, Laurel Burch, Troyer Country Market, Camping Fun, Baby Girl, Baby Boy, Cat items for the Cat, Cat items for the Owner, Travel to FFRC!, Ferole Arts, Kitty Butt/Hiney, Adult Coloring & Accessories, Board Games, Disney items, Frozen items, Garden, Bird, Peacock, Movie Night, Crochet/Knitting, Puzzles, Sewing/Knitting/Crocheting, Spa & Relaxation, Doggie Items and Williams-Sonoma.   We are so thoroughly grateful for the help with Catathon--this is a tremendous event and possible by many who are willing to help! We normally have 40-some Baskets, 20-some Big Ticket Items. We will also have a Catathon Raffle in the week before the event with the winners being drawn during the Catathon. So far, for the Raffle we have a 50 inch smart TV and an iPadAir with 32 GB/silver!! 

Ever seen a 5 foot black/white cat?  How about a 5 foot tiger cat?  How about a physical being done on one of these big creatures? Well, hold on to your hats. We have an event coming up that should be fun and exciting for all to see! More as soon as details are "meowed-out"! 

Elsie is into investigating the top green cat walks. Somehow she knows they are there. Maybe she can hear the cats up there walking about. She will go as high as she can get and then sits and "looks" at those shelves. I just know that awesome brain of hers is thinking of how to achieve the next level up! Time will tell.  What is that slurping, slopping and very wet noise? It's Paddy Purr--daily he gives himself a bath right on my desk in front of one of the monitors. He sure enjoys it but he sure makes a lot of noise!

We've had another adoption too--Bruno, our orange/white cat. Late fall, Bruno had spent a couple months out on the farmyard. But he needed some medical help so he was brought inside and there he stayed. He's been in the Main Area for a few months. But it's become very obvious that he would be much happier back out in his big back farm yard. Bruno is now a Barnie and seemed to be much happier this morning! We'll keep an extra eye on him to make sure he's a happy boy.

Little Dakota is doing great. His mama, Shawnee is also doing good.  We have her and KinneyKat scheduled for their spays on 4/16--next Saturday. For this surgery date, we will be doing a few FFRC cats, some public cats and many physicals on our FFRC that need their spring check up.