Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday, April1

First, let's do the updates on Bella and Vivienne.

Bella:  When she arrived for Dr. Darcy to examine her, she was shaved on her upper, inner thigh where it was wet. (Bella started leaking fluid yesterday morning and her front paws also became swollen).  It's not a bite wound but several holes. This is because her skin was so tight with fluid, that the skin had to "give". Fluid was taken and examined under the microscope. Dr. Darcy saw a lot of fluid filled tissue/cells. She then did an ultrasound. It showed a much inflamed area. Her diagnosis is Panniculitis. It's a condition where the layer of fat just under the cat's skin becomes inflamed. This fatty tissue then concentrates and turns into a nodule. That's why her leg got so big and hard. The inflamed tissue can break through the upper layers of the skin. Sometimes a secondary infection can set in. The areas involved may be sensitive, especially after rupturing. There's no bacteria with this alone, but because she now has several open areas for drainage, we have her on antibiotics to prevent a secondary infection. The treatment of choice is an anti-inflammatory--a steroid. Her treatment includes that and the antibiotic.

Vivienne:  As you know her FHO was cancelled due to her more pressing urinary problems and her running a fever. An ulstrasound (Afast 4-point) was done on Vivienne, where all 4 quads of the kidneys are checked. The diagnois is Polycystic kidney disease. Also known as PKD1. It's the most common inherited renal disease of cats.  It progresses as portions of the kidneys are replaced by cysts. These cysts then compress the function of the kidney, thereby decreasing the kidney function. Cysts numbers and rate of growth are high variable.

Polycystic disease affects approximtely 6% of cats. It may affect up to 37-50% of Persians, Himalyayans and some believe Siamese also. Many times breeders do genetic tests to determine if the parents may be carriers before breeding.  It can affect any breed though. They generally don't live a full life. There's no definitive cure, condition is inherited and it's irreversible and progressive.  Vivienne's kidneys hae the appearance of swiss cheese.  Her bladder is good but possibly have nerve damage from the accident. This nerve damage is what is causing the present urinary problems we are having with her. We have TWO conditions with her--the polycystic and the nerve damage. We are hoping the bladder will start functioning normally.  In the meantime, her bladder will be expressed twice daily to relief her of that desire to urinate without results. That will also give her bladder time to rest and heal. Her urinalysis was good other than it showed the urine was not concentrated. This is an early sign of kidney failure.

Vivienne may live years, may not. Yes, this is caught early. No, we do not know what her future will be. In the meantime, we have her on antibiotics. Her FHO surgery repair is secondary now. She can actually live her entire life without this surgery. But, we would still like to do it when we get her more stable. The reason is that, hopefully, it'll make that hip/femur area more comfortable.

We have past adoption updates too!
Bobbi--remember our sweet Bobbi girl? Her new mom says--she is such a love. She loves the piano and sits on the bench when the piano is being played. She also is good friends with their puppy. The puppy washes Bobbi's ears and she enjoys it!

Bender and Bam. Bam is now called Kenda. The new mom says--Both are an absolute joy and they bring much happiness to the family. They are perfect and best friends!

Many thanks to our FFRCfriends:
Billie K from TX--donation to FFRC for Vivienne and Bella and in memory of Sheldon
Sylvia D from UK--donation to use where needed
Gusti--for the meds we used for Sheldon

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Today is April Fools Day. And I've been tricked a whole bunch already!!  First thing this morning, I went to go into the Purple Office and practically bounced off a big strip of tape blocking the doorway. At first I thought---what is that there for????  So, I took it down. But then I realized there was more!  The middle cabinet was tied shut. The second and third cabinets were all switched around as were the drawers--completely in reverse.  When I opened the first cabinet, a string dropped down with a big big plastic spider on it (I'm saving that for Elizabeth!). Then I went to open the refrigerator--almost pulled my shoulder out of was taped shut!!!  In the middle drawer was a big April Fools sign! As you may guess, this produced much giggles and laughter from me---I enjoyed it. After breakfast, I sat down at my desk--couldn't find the keyboard---it was under a big sheet of contact paper, taped down on each end! Magic helped me find the keyboard! Oh---and most disturbing. You all know how I HAVE to have my green/blue bowl for breakfast--it wasn't to be found at first---it was covered in contact paper. What a great morning. And now, waiting for Lynnette to come---I noticed things are "different" in the PawMart store! hee-hee   Not from me---from the April Fools Prankster(s).  Okay---so who did it all? I won't tell anyone if you tell me!!  lol