Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thursday, March 31

This is simply a blog of updates and thanks: 

Vivienne--I've cancelled her surgery for tomorrow for her FHO.  I've grown quite concerned about her bladder. As you know last week we had an x-ray and ultrasound done on her. Nothing significant showed. She picked up her appetite and urinated a bit larger amounts. But, the last 2 days things are worrisome. Her quantity of urine has diminished greatly and she is showing alot of effort in urinating with not much production.Plus she is running a fever now. She's on the antibiotics prescribed by our vet but I feel we need more workup. So, she made a trip up to the vets today for more workup. We'll reschedule her FHO at a later date---this is an elective surgery, so there's no real hurry.

Bella--as you probably already know, we've been concerned about her only rear leg being so swollen. She's on the antibiotics prescribed by our vet.  She showed slight improvement but last night we noticed that her front paws are now puffy.  This is a major worry as it's a concern that her infection might be septic now. She is also up at the vets office. 

Sheldon--our little teenager boy has passed away. The past 24 hours has been a struggle. Such a very sad thing. His body just couldn't keep up. His diarrhea was uncontrollable--also means his already emaciated body wasn't taking in any of the nutrients. While we filled him with love, we could not fill his tummy properly. He passed away this morning. 

Such a bummer thing. These are the things that cause such stress on all of us. No one ever ever promised me 100% happy, healthy cat rescue days. These worries are all a part of cat rescue. So, we hope, we pray, we think good thoughts and encourage each other and love every single cat the best that we can while we have them. Thank you for being our FFRC friends. I will keep you all posted either myself or thru the mods. Thank you.

All the other cats are doing wonderful.   I would like to give my thanks for the BOXES last night.
Squeekymom--large bottle of Dawn dishwashing soap
Betz from PA--To be used as we need to: cat dish scrubber, cat bag clips, sticky memo stripes, kitty mug with spoon, 4 cases of Canidae for special breakfasts, case  of Friskies
Beth/eaglewatcher--For Shamballie & friends--4 bags of extra healthy snackers!
Sophieandlucysdad (day visitor)--24 bags of snackers, 163 cans of Fancy Feast/Sheba & 2 bags of Hershey candy, coupons
Pat L--Mike's mama from MI--kitty card with donation
Beadheadsdad--lots of leggydews from Leggygal to donate for adoptions from his cats!
Leggygal/Peggy--5 boxes!  lots of leggydews, biggiedews and fleece pillowcase sets  For Catathon: many items of Laurel Burch--tablet case, mug, scarf, socks, shoulder bag, umbrella, kitty carrier.  For the Baby Basket--2 baby girl and 2 baby boy clothing sets.