Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thursday, March 10

10 more days to Spring! We've seen lots of Robins and Red-Wing Blackbirds already. And  the Tree Frogs are also sounding off! But the real goal is to see the return of the Turkey Vultures. Then we'll know spring is for sure here!

We had BOXES last night--much appreciation!
Zoolove/Pam--case of chicken baby food
MacnCheeseMom/Sue--beautiful cat watch for a raffle
FaithyMD--4 bags of CET dental chews
John Julianne E from PA--purple blankie, pink blankie, 2 boxes of exam gloves 
Susan345--6 of 16 oz. packages of Gerber Rice Cereal
Donna H--3 cat scratchers
Medi101--2 cases of Fancy Feast
Conii with Izabella & Elliott--4 cases of liquid KMR
Stinkypeep/Mimi--5 awesome trivel/wall hangers (2 bird, 1 dog, 2 kitty), 4 beautiful baby bankies (1 knitted/3 crocheted), 2 scarves
Tom W--donation to FFRC
Roberta L from OH--donation to FFRC

We had 3 cats at the vets office yesterday. Cutie had 7 teeth removed--2 incisors, 2 K9's & 3 pre-molars. Her physical was good. Cleo had her head/sinuses, etc checked.  We were told by the family member that brought her that she had been nasally and had nasal drainage her whole 9 years. She doesn't appear to have any polyps in her nasal passage. Her temp is good. She possibly might have a small polyp in her left ear. For right now, we will have her on 2 antibiotics and 1 anti-inflammatory. This possibly is something she will continue to have. But....she's happy, healthy and sweet!  Samson Wolf also had a visit. It is now believed he does NOT have megacolon. He does have a bit of stool in the intestinal track, but that is normal. His x-rays show an injury to the first vertebrae of his tail. This could have accounted for his initial full load of stool.  Time has passed and this has helped. He actually hasn't had any medication for 3 weeks! But this injury might have caused a bit of a neuro problem there initially. So far now, so good with Samson Wolf!

Phil had his surgery yesterday. His family says many thanks for prayers and good thoughts. He is now in ICU, off of sedation and is awake. 

You may notice that our sound is lower now than what it was for a couple weeks. It had unknowingly been raised. The reason it's turned down is that it's very hard to carry on a private conversation sometimes without going outside or to the mail room. This is not always feasible to do. So, the sound is back to where it had been. There are also times that the sound is turned off. But, have no worries---it doesn't last long. I'm sure you can all understand the need for some privacy at times. 

We've heard news about Dennison and Obadiah. They are doing wonderful and are such good cats! Apparently Dennison also loves the family's dog and they play together! 

Beamont was adopted on Tuesday. His new name is Sir Oric. He's found the bed much to his liking. He even has his own bench to help him get on the bed. And he so loves those face rubs still!

I was asked what would happen to my house cats should I not be able to take care of them anymore. Good question! I know my family would take care of them. But, what about your cats? Do you have provisions for your cats?  This is something that can be talked about with your family and lawyer. 

Good news! One of the volunteers just told me the Turkey Vultures are back to Defiance! Spring has sprung! And the flock of Turkey Vultures that we keep track of roost and home in our local cemetery! Yep--they call the cemetery trees their home! 

Tonight is our Raffle!  BOXES will be at 5:30 with the Raffle at 6:00! See you then!