Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thursday, March 24

Elsie says the best way to nap is with a rat on the cushie! She's crazy about that rat! Everyone naps differently! Rooney and Cleo likes to cuddle together. Paddy Purr likes the desk. Jessie loves on top of the washer. Vernon is under any kind of cushie. Kiara is under all the warm laundry. 

We had BOXES last night. We are grateful for you!
Plee--7 cans Sheba, black feeding bowls
Diana C from OH--Gift Card for PetSmart and a nice note---a new viewer!
Sue--for Catathon--Vera Bradley Scarf, journal and matching hair clips
Vicki B--6 bags of BabyCat dry food--big thanks from Sea Turtle!
Patricia E/wildcat from IA--BD card!
Sherri/neuromom & David from NY--BD card with donation for spay/neuter program
Billie K--4 bags Baby Cat dry, 4 boxes appetizers
Hencass for Catathon--Amish Basket!!  lots of goodies for this basket! Pie fillings, fruit, poasta, sauerkraut, soups, jam, noodles, syrup, fruit butters, etc!
Doubleydibleydoo--BD card
Warpedinmn--4,000 of the 6 inch paper plates
TD--donation to FFRC
Elskates--donation in honor of my BD--thanks!
Schinn, our mod--donation for chicken $5
Rachael B/Izzy and Luci too, from TX--donation for FFRC

Many thanks to Arthur Phone Company for upgrading our upload speed for our internet. This will allow us to be able to do more things with our cam without the worry of dropping connection!

We took in a new cat two days ago. Her name is Vivienne (a Name a Cat name). It means alive.  She is about 11 months old. Her birthday is 4/9/15.  She was found on a road, left by herself. A wonderful lady drove by and saw her raise her head. So, she went to the next intersection, turned around and went back. When she approached Vivienne, she raised her head again and meowed.  She appears to have a fractured pelvis. She's doing very well. She's a Siamese with very pretty eyes. No microchip found. She's doing some pen-rest and is cooperating nicely! But she sure loves to be petted and held! 

Little KinneyKat is now out of her pen and is in the back Thumper's Room.  She's progressing nicely and is getting curious about her surroundings. She loves to have her chin rubbed! She's such a dainty little girl--only weighs 4.09.  She also sure likes her soft beds!

Makalah Sue goes tomorrow for her spay. We did her two surgeries (enucleation/spay) separately to give her time to get stronger. This past week she's doing so much better and is eating great! I believe she ate 3 breakfasts this morning! She is on hold!

Let's talk about our Catathon! Believe it or not, it's coming up!  This will be Catathon #6! The date is June 19, starting at 1:00. You'll be able to join the fun right there on our kittycam! The Catathon is designed to be a fundraiser for FFRC. It's very similar to a telethon! It's an auction with approximately 40-some Baskets and 40-some Big Ticket Items. We are very fortunate and blessed to have the help of our supporters to fill those Baskets and donate those Big Ticket Items.  YOU make a huge difference to FFRC and are definitely a part of making the Catathon be successful. 

I've been asked several times lately if we have a list of Baskets yet. We do! But, really, right now, any theme is good for us. It's fun to have new ones. Here are some suggestions:
Colors--the basket is designed with a particular color in mine
Girl Fun
Kitchen Items
Disney World
Baby Boy
Hello Kitty
Vera Bradley
Merle Norman
Laurel Burch
Boy Fun
Coffees, Teas, etc.
Bird Watching
Family Fun
Really, at this point, since we're just starting we can do anything! Put your thinking cap on!

Big Ticket Items are more like a single item that is enough to be up by itself. In the past, we've had things such as:  Playstation, Peace Pole, Rachel Ray Cookware, Ipad, Coach Purse & Wallet, anything electronics, special signed artwork---goodness, it could be anything!

Please know we are very grateful for any help we receive! Items can be sent in now!!!  Please, if you could, mark on the outside of the box CATATHON!!  That will help me.  

The Catathon is alot of fun. This fundraiser is used in many ways for FFRC. More on that later! 

Wow--what a great 24 hour ResQwalk results we had! Many thanks to Opus for issuing a challenge. For every person that walked 2 miles, she would donate a dollar. This came to  $27 dollars! Then we had a matching donation from that from JustMe--that brought us to $54.  Then we had TWO matching $54 donations--one from Joco and one from an Anonymous Friend. Our total came to $162. How wonderful and so appreciated.  Thanks everyone for doing miles for FFRC! The cats and I applaud you all. 

We have started to do some Spring work outside. Won't be long until we have the benches out for visitors, the Shelter House all cleaned up, Albert's Garden spruced up, windchimes hanging, sidewalks scrubbed, tables out for picnics--a wonderful time of the year!