Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday, March 6

Busy last few days. First though--the sun is shining, still cool but the sky holds some blueness.

We had a wonderful 2-cat adoption this morning! We have new friends--Cheri and Bob who are from Pennsylvania. They arrived yesterday morning with the intent of adopting Emily and Lena. After meeting all the cats in the Rescue Center, they still went with their first choice! This morning they returned and started their trip back home, complete with their two new cats. While we will miss these two very much, it's a wonderful thing for them to have this extra wonderful home. So happy for Emily and Lena. And yes, they know that Emily loves her coil toys and to "catch" syringes that are tossed into the sink! 

We had BOXES last night and Friday night. Many thanks to you all!
Char/At the Beach & Missy the kitty--donation for FFRC
Lostgirl--2 cases Juice for vols & 1000 plastic forks
Judy & Phil L--visited with family!  Bedding for kitties and a donation to FFRC
Pckrbckr--for Elsie, Jackson, Lena.  Snackers, snackers & more snackers!  Plus lots of Sheba Perfect Portion little tubs!
Donna B from GA for Coralie--snackers, Tail Chaser Toy, toys & sponsorship of Coralie
Sue/macncheesemom--donation for spay/neuter program in memory of Macaroni
Helen N from OH--donation for FFRC
Cheri & Bob from PA--chips, water, PT, Friskies, cookies, juice, natural cleaner, paper plates, trash bags, lysol, Iams dry food, candy, salmon, chicken canned, Sheba can & sponges

We also have paypal donations that we are thankful for:
Minnkitty/Kathy M--donation in honor of her Jersey to be used where needed most
Eartheyes--donation to be used where needed most
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
David D--donation to FFRC
Anita S from NY--donation for the spay/neuter program
Brendan D--donation to FFRC
Michael John W--donation to FFRC
Needtoretire--donation to help with Makalah Sue's vet bills

Here's a wonderful update! Do you remember Betz and Fawn, the two kittens that were adopted? Betz was adopted in May and Fawn in Oct.  They are adopted by the same family. The mom was here this past week. They are so very loved. She said they are good kitties, very friendly and much loved. Betz is called Lola and Fawn is called Miss Fluffyton. 

Last week we had a 24-hour power-surge of walking for ResQwalk! We had a cam friend who would donate $1 for each mile given to FFRC in that 24 hour period. This was specified for our spay/neuter program!  We walked 160 miles so that was $160. Then we had a donation from Gusti, Sweetp, Anita and Lostgirl. This bump up made for a total of $230 to be added to the spay/neuter fund! Big thanks!

We've had a couple newbies come to FFRC.  All have been tested, wormed, capstarred, vaccinated and bathed already.

Cookie, a beautiful beige cat has arrived. She will already be going to a home soon. She's about 6 months old. She appeared at a friends home, as a stray.  Her name is a Name a Cat name.

Tryphosa (try-fo-sa) is here! She's a beautiful grey/white kitten, also about 8 months old. Her birthday is 7/3/15. She has been hanging out at a school and made the dumpster site and playground her home all these months. She took refuge under the dumpster for the bad winter weather. The dumpster also provided her meals. A wonderful bus driver finally decided enough was enough and caught her and brought her to FFRC. What a sweetie kitty she is and a great purrer.  She was in need of a major bubble bath. She's doing real well and is a happy girl. Her name is a Name a Cat name.

Baby season has officially started. We took in a mama cat and her 3 babies yesterday. The babies were just a day old and born under a porch. A caring lady brought them in that night and then brought them to FFRC yesterday morning. Mama is now called Shawnee and is a pretty girl--long hair black. Her 3 kittens are also black--2 girls/1 boy.  The two girls are called Makennah (ma-ken-uh) and Malachi (mal-a-ki).  Little boy is called Dakota. These are all Name a Cat names. They are all snugged together and are content and appear healthy. 

Makalah Sue is doing wonderful. This little girl is starved for attention. She just wants lots and lots of holding. Such a sweetie. She is eating good and enjoys playing. 

We have a tentative hold on Rooney! This would be a great home for her.  Tuesday our Beaumont will be leaving and on Friday Emmitt will be leaving. Wonderful cats finding wonderful homes!

Tomorrow is our first Transport Spay/Neuter Day! I'm anxious and excited to get this first one under our belt. Check-ins start at 5:30 am. The return Transport Bus should be back around 5:30 pm or so to bring the cats back here to FFRC for their owners to pick up. Here's hoping for a wonderful day of spays and neuters!