Saturday, March 12, 2016

Saturday, March 12

Our Raffle was Thursday night! What a wonderful evening!  Here's the scoop:

Item A--cat carrier     87 tickets sold--$435, won by KosbyKat
Item B--Pat's afghan     34 tickets sold--$170, won by Newfiedogmom
Item C--Seymour's pic     16 tickets sold--$80, won by Lostgirl for Rita
Item D--Rosemary's afghan     39 tickets sold--$195, won by ScoobyUK
Item E--Magic's pic     30 tickets sold--$150, won by Brenda R
Item F--Jane's afghan     69 tickets sold--$345, won by Connie Sp
Item G--Larissa's artwork     138 tickets sold--$695, won by Ellisue
Item H--LJ's afghan     118 tickets sold--$590, won by Henry Tu

This made a total of $2,660!!!  

Then we had our wonderful "bumper-uppers". Big thanks to Keikokat, Needtoretire, Jo603, Nuthatches, Lannml, Pawlapurr, Daisyandsoleesdad, Eartheyes, Painteddaisy, Joco and Eaglewatcher.  Their bump-ups made a new total of:    $3,450!  

Next we had consolation prizes!  Those winners were: Peppicali, Eartheyes, Dawnstar for FFRC, Lostgirl, Norma Be, Christom, NYCkitty, JZNYC.

We have many thanks to give for this wonderful Raffle.  Many thanks to all those that participated and those that provided the items that we raffled. Pat P did every single ticket this time! Lynnette for packing and mailing out. Thanks to CantonCat and Yvette for helping to get the info out by facebook/FFRCNation page and to Dawnstar for the Raffle Video for the cam. And to the mods for reminding everyone it was Raffle Time. Also thanks to everyone for your support and good backing!

This March Raffle went to help us with our electric bill, our need for disinfectant, 3 different antibiotics, more distemper vaccines, 2 leukemia/fiv/heartworm test kits and a bit of repair for our dryer (this one was not under warranty).   Many many big thanks to you all! 

We also had BOXES right before the Raffle--you are appreciated!
David, Christine P & kitties Mayu, Yuki and Anya--36 spongie soccer ball toys, 9 cases Fancy Feast, 3 cases sardines, 2 tubs kitty snackers
Nona S--2 spin Mop kits
Pat Thuarsday Vol--handwarmers, kitty blankie & dental treats
Faye/Iona N--donation for her Feb. 27 birthday gift from Hubby!  Happy Birthday!
Trudy S from OH--donation
Simon S/Pemon!--card with a thank you note and a Chicken $5
Melissa L--NY--donation
Sweetp--card and donation
Medic 101--2 cases Fancy Feast
Lannml--donation for Tryphosa

We've heard from the family of Emily & Lena! Sounds like things are going great. Emily enjoys naps on the loveseat. Lena loves to be on the sofa with her mama!

A Phil Update:  Phil has moved from ICU to his own room. He's also been up walking around the halls. He's feeling better!  Phil---lots of love and hugs to you from all of us!

We had a busy adoption day yesterday! That is always a good day! 

First, Emmitt went to his new home with his new dad. Emmitt was truly ready to go with him--kept coming up to his new dad and would plop down! Then he laid so nicely and calmly in his carrier, waiting to go to his new home. We've already heard that things are going great.

Second to leave, was Kit. Remember Kit had come from a home where her elderly lady passed away. Her new owner is a grandma and has a lap to share! Kit definitely let it be known that she liked this lady! This will be a quiet home with lots of love for Kit.

Last to leave was Sooty. She was adopted by Annette, our Tuesday night volunteer. Annette is actually the one who brought Sooty to us with her injuries. I've already seen pictures and all looks well with Sooty in her new home! 

We took in a new cat a few days ago. She is a beautiful brown tiger whose name is Giavannie, but is called Gia. Gia actually has a young owner but due to housing difficulties, Gia needed a place to stay for a while. We are simply keeping Gia for a while until her mom gets settled and she can go back to her. In the meantime, Gia has been visited very often by her mom and friend. Such a very nice cat! She and Tryphosa are friends. 

We had another adoption this morning! That sweet, beautiful calico, Pellen went to her new home! She will be joining a home with another young cat to play with.  She also has a new mama that she really took to! 

I wanted to continue to do a Volunteer Profile! This one is on our Monday volunteer:  Ruth F.
How long have you been at FFRC?   9 1/2 years
How many pets do you have at home?  One 15 1/2 year old named Chaney who came from FFRC as a kitten and returned at 10 years of age with a brother/Edward.
What are your hobbies?  reacing, flower gardening, being outdoors, raising tomatoes
What are some of the best things you like about helping at FFRC? The people I work with, friends I've made. Seeing poor pathetic kitties come in and turn into healthy happy cats who find forever homes.
Can you name 4-5 of your very favorite cats at FFRC?  Cliff, Ceasar, Sergeant, Olaf, Sevaun
What is an experience you had here at FFRC that was funny or special?  The farm chickens had laid an egg in a cat bed in the sunporch. I brought it into the Rescue Center to show, tipped it and it went "splat" on the floor--scrambled egg!